End of the Month, Challenges (Partially) Met.

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Well, today is February 28th. That means the second month of the year is coming to an end. As some of you might know, my goal for February was to accumulate another monthly author badge and a power-up month badge.

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While I started off strong on the daily posts, I did indeed miss a few days. Other than January, I found it quite a bit harder to find inspiration. And unfortunately, over one of the February weekends while on a bachelor's party, I missed my daily posts. Right now, I still don't have so much inspiration. And that's fine! It's better to write when inspired rather than writing because of the writing. It is certainly good for the platform in any case ;p

I did luckily not forget to power up daily during February. Meaning that I made it through the hive power-up month! It's kind of a fun little challenge that doesn't cost too much effort. It's just very easy to forget the power up ;p

I know getting through #hivepum will get you a badge. There are also other prices as far as I understand. Not a 100% sure though, let's see!

For the coming month, I plan to redo both challenges. I think it will be fun to try again through March. I have two weeks of holiday ahead of me, I hope I can keep it up during this time :-)

For sure I will do the Hive power-up day again tomorrow!

How was your February on Hive?


I tried PUM also. I wanted the badge and half way through, I missed posting. I will try again in March also. I don't know if it will help, but a group I am in started a weekly contest that gives you a Tag word to consider as posting. Here's a link https://peakd.com/hive-150329/@methodofmad/play-tug-a-war-with-hive-tags-a-new-contest-and-blog-impetus-feb-25-2022-chicken-versus-duck

Ah too bad! Perhaps this month it will work out :-) I'll check the link thanks!

Glad to read that you are happy despite of having missed your goal by a little. What is important is to have fun. The rest... baah... it does not matter that much.

To answer your question: my February was similar to my January and my December. I know, this is a nice way to elude the question ;)

Exactly, this is not a chore, this is fun. I see what you did there with your question ;-)

I am indeed kind of constant and predictable ;)

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