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I have been on Hive for almost 5 years now and I went through most important phases with the rest of the community.

  1. Weaning off founder control.
  2. Bot exploitation crack down.
  3. Hive independence phase.

All those 3 phases were really tough but lead us to an establishment of core principles and philosophy. Many left, many of those that stayed that were not important players in the ecosystem clarified themselves as just that.
We are now at a point in time where uncertainty in Hive future, price speculation aside, is basically nonexistent.
Hive has hit a maturity phase that only Bitcoin and very few others can claim.

I have always been a proponent of the claim that the community determines the future of a platform. That its power can exceed the hold of whales on a platform.
During early Steem days the value of your account determined your say in important issues. Today, the value of your account exceeds only its monetary value.

You, as a brand in the "Hive nation" will always remain the X factor.

@theycallmedan called this "social capital". This is something I found extremely compelling years ago in one of his video monologues and is one of the topics we cover in the "Freechain" documentary. It was one of the question we asked all the individuals interviewed and even those that might not have thought about it before, gave really interesting answers. Many of them, at the point of answering, realizing the truth of its presence on Hive. Its probably the favorite question I wrote.

Your engagement, the support you can muster, the respect you can claim for yourself on this platform creates a paradigm where your human value can rival monetary fact in many ways.

If we observe Hive as a society of people and accept that an attack on a society (a nation) is what builds patriotism and unity then we can say that we went through that event with the Steem/Hive split. Just like the Russian war of conquest is in a way a further nation building event for Ukraine, we can claim the similar happened for Hive.
This only as a metaphor. I dont want to diminish in any way the absolute tragedy of the ongoing war or claim there is any equivalence in gravity whatsoever between these two events.

Imagine some examples like LUNA or XRP. Founders exercise near absolute control over those chains and once they are under attack, the whole platform is vulnerable.
Imagine what happens to TRON if Justin Sun leaves or gets prosecuted?
Do you think the platform lives on in prosperity? Or does it crumble when investors that put all hopes in one man, his "expertise" and reputation, finally realize that a chain cant live off of a cult of personality.
Hive survived because for a long time Ned Scott, in his lack of commitment, unintentionally, forced the community to take over.

A child that has its hand held too long, takes much longer to learn how to walk.

In his negligence Ned actually helped us. Not because he was thinking about our wellbeing, he was rather an equivalent of a shitty father.

@arcange had a great closing remark during #Hivefest. If I tried to quote him id probably butcher his words.
But it basically touched upon the fact that the attendees went from viewing Hive (Steem at the time) on first Hivefest from a investment perspective. Then that evolved into observing it from a feature perspective. Ending it in Amsterdam from a unity perspective.
He called Hive "Family".
I would use a broader word. "Society".
A society thats united through a sense of belonging, ideologically in tune and with an almost collective understanding of where its going.


Excellent overview. Over the years we have been very proud of the plethora of changes that have taken place here in the community. We saw the potential all the way back in 2017 when we made our first post. Despite the upvote bots and illusion of decentralization, it was obvious that there was a community forming here that dared to dream of a different future.
"A society thats united through a sense of belonging, ideologically in tune and with an almost collective understanding of where its going." This is what has persevered through all of the turbulence of the past years. I've had moments where I'm extremely active, and others where I disappear for a while (nature of a touring musician), but I piece of my heart is invested in this community and I'm very proud to see it grow. #hiveisalive

Oh youre the guys with the violin. I remember some of your videos in the past. Really amazing. My wife is a concert master violinist and we would comment on the cool idea you guys had.
Nice you dropped into the comments.

Thanks! Appreciate your words.

it has been a stunning journey to witness! And its exciting to feel the hivian society maturing year by year.
Interesting topic about social capital.... I guess it is the development of trust alongside the trustlessness that eventually forms a stable web3 society. And each individual account has the sovereign task of generating that trust through their words and actions on chain. I just edited the word account in there, because of course, an individual person could easily operate a trustworthy account with a high reputation alongside many bad acting accounts if they chose to do so.... but its the actions of that single account that become a trustworthy ledger as opposed to the human being (or bot) behind it. Its like having a business front that you feel you can trust except that all of their transactions can be traced and so there is less chance of fraudulent or underhand activity going unnoticed.
This eventually forms a 'high street' of trustworthy brands that act as our 'town center'. But the commodity that is being peddled is so much richer and more complex than what you might receive in a high street shop because it is a constantly evolving ideological trajectory shared by both parties via this mutually supportive trustless trust relationship.
I never thought I would be part of such a peculiar revolution!

Its the social aspect tied into everything we do that in a way adds another layer of security that might not be programmed into the platform directly but grew from its features.

I came on the Hive scene only recently (just over a year ago), and pretty much from my first day here I recognized just how special and amazing it was, and I was blown away by the potential. I've been all in ever since. I am so grateful to have found Hive. I'm here for the long haul! Thank you for this post. I really appreciate hearing about Hive and its for runner from someone who has been here for so long and has gotten to see and experience these various significant phases of its evolution. 🙏 💚

Stick to it. It gets even more rewarding the more you commit. ;)

Thank you for that. That's been my feeling and observation in my time here so far, so it's great to get more confirmation from someone who has been in it for so long. I'm excited! 🙏 💚 ⚡ 💥 🔥 👣 🌱

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I almost started to cry with these touching words 😅

I also feel that Hive is family/society; we have been through thick and think (is that an English idiom?); these experiences have really set us aside from most chains. Let's continue building :)

Yeah there were a few moments like that on Hivefest. The poetry in the end as well really made some people tear up. Shame, i dont think anyone recorded it.

He called Hive "Family".
I would use a broader word. "Society".

Yeah, it feels great when you get here. Especially when you come to create and be part of a meaningful community!

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Hive is still evolving.

Its really good to be a part of this society. I'm sure there's still a lot to learn as many terms still confuse my thoughts. Staying strong with Hive for almost five years is superb. I haven't used 5 weeks but already exhausted at how big this platform is.

It gets bigger 🙂

Beautiful post. I experienced a little Steem and Steemit and the beginning of Hive, after a break due to the commitments of life I returned precisely because I love the atmosphere that exists, of community and family; I love to write and share ideas and moments of my life and I believe there is no better place than Hive

Thank you for this detailed information! I look forward to building on this blockchain for years to come! Followed!

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He called Hive "Family".
I would use a broader word. "Society".

I don't know, at this stage family seems more appropriate. Everyone who is active daily pretty much knows and is involved with each other :) ...


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