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I just wanted to update you guys on the film and the stage we are currently in since the information has been scarce a bit from my side for the last few months.

Right now, the first 20-25 minutes of the script is done. A few days ago me and the team went through it and I approved it for further work.
In the last few days all of the narrator parts have been recorded by our voice actor.

My personal, subjective opinion is that its pretty great what we have so far. Its fun, its unique, its special for many reasons. No documentary about crypto can compare with the approach we are taking. We wanted to make this documentary as something that would keep you engaged, on your toes and keep you interested in hearing more. I think our writer/director achieved that really well.
Most crypto documentaries I cant stand watching more than 10 minutes as they bore you with unnecessary information and require an already established, at least, basic knowledge of what crypto is about. From the interview questions we wrote to the approach we are taking this film was made to be followed by the most layman or layman.

All my criticism over the bad user experience on Hive or crypto in general has spilled over into the films creative process. Focusing on viewer experience entirely.
This film is for everyone and not gated behind previously required understanding. It teaches you and it incites you to learn more through the fun and interesting journey it takes you on.

I expect the rest of the script to be written in the next couple months. After that we will focus on finishing the first 1/3 of the film and I will start reaching out to those we need to reach out to. You can guess what I mean by this. We need connections, external support, eyes on the content and find where we might end up. We have a few festivals we want to enter but that is a given for a film of this type.


Thanks for the update. I can't wait until this comes out and I'm glad you're making it understandable in layman's terms.

I wrote a short poem during the time this was going on and wanted to let you know that you are free to use it in the film if you want. Here's a link if you want to check it out. I won't feel bad if you don't use it, but I thought it would good to use some quotes posted from the community during that time. Anyway, you have my expressed written permission to use it.

At the end of the film we will have members of the community record a short video and talk a few seconds each about crypto and Hive. What it means to them. So for sure we will have community input.

Oh, I'd love to be a part of this.

We will be adding short clips made by the community in the end. So everyone will have a chance to say a few words that wants to be in it.

late 2023 realease date ? The hype is reaaaaal. This project is the only thing about Hive that can get me excited at the moment

A lot of things will be happening much sooner than the release. Im fairly sure it should be finished some time in Q2. But dont hold me on that.

Sounds great...
Really looking forward to this 😊

Ni siquiera he visto bien de qué se trata pero ya quiero ver! Les deseo muchos éxitos para este proyecto!

Looking forward to it! :)

I saw this, it's powerful it's fresh really exciting, I hope it have subtitles and translations available.



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This is so exciting, congratulations 🙌 It'll be awesome to see this advertised in the theaters!!!

I'm glad you are taking the slow and steady approach :)


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