I created some promotional materials for the Monte Carlo rally race.

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As some of you might know Hive has recently sponsored a rally car that will be wrapped in Hive colors and going forward represent our brand. I consider this a huge deal for Hive as it opens many doors and creates opportunities to explore. I will always support outside the box ideas and this is definitely one.

As it stands now Ill be representing Hive during the rally which is why I printed out these brochures/press kits and business cards in the Hive colors. Theres a 100 of each which I hope to give out to other teams that Im hoping to talk to in Monaco.

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I added some basic information, some easily understood data that wouldnt overburden someone reading about crypto for the first time. Thx to @arcange for helping pull some numbers.

I know everyone has their own aesthetic preferences but I really like how it turned out.


@crimsonclad is currently working on the car wrap design and I cant wait to see how it turns out. Should be fun to watch even though no one is actually allowed on the hill where theyre driving but rather we will be down in the box. When its our cars turn ill stand there with a prideful tear in my eye. hehe.

Screenshot (668).png

Ill be taking my car there. First of all, I hate flying. I always have some terrible experience when ever I fly and if I could avoid it entirely I would. I still looked at some flights for those dates and there are some crazy layover times and it would take probably longer to get there by plane then by car. I know it says "12h drive" on the map but I can probably cover that distance in 9-10 hours easily if the roads are clean.
When ever I travel and I dont have my car with me I just feel barefoot. During Hive fest I spent more money on Uber in those 3 days than is the cost of gas for the whole trip driving from Split to Monaco.

And I honestly want a few days alone every once in a while and what better way to get that than cruising down the highway.


I hope somebody is making livestreaming/recording arrangements, if we all have to pay for it we should all be able to watch it online, imo.
I'd vote the proposal.

Its a live race. There should be tv coverage.

Lol, yes, not widespread, I'd guess.
I'd prefer a more hive centered type of video, surely there is somebody that does video capable of memorializing the initial hive rally.
All we really need is somebody with a camera and vimm.tv.

Ill record a few things, im bringing a camera along. There will be race coverage and im sure we will get the video of our cars race. No one is actually present on the track thats in the hills. We are all watching it on a screen ourselves in the box.

Great, I think the better the archives we keep the more valuable the platform.
Is there a link available to the race's page?

Yeah, I guess course shots are not very attractive, other than seeing the field pass a certain spot there wouldn't be much to see.
Maybe with a drone course hotspots could be watched, but might not be worth the expense of an extra crew member.
Probably better to spend that money on a good editor of the pit and car cams.

Just upvoting this comment because I missed the post. This is awesome! Great work.

Wow, this is cool. It is fun and as well a way of promoting the platform.

Wishing you a safe trip all through, looking forward to see more updates about the Rally.

this looks great!!! it would be also useful if you pass or give the possibility to acquire the model, many want to promote hive but don't have a material as good as this one

Those look amazing man! Very well done!


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The brochures and flyers look great bro...
Really hope on seeing the rally car colours too.
I do wonder...
Maybe we might win😍

Oh my fuckin gawd man! You do so much freakin work for us!

What does the under-side of the card look like / what information does it display?

If your able to, and up to it.. I'd like to have you get some more of the cards made, and send them to me.. or give me the info so I can order some myself. I havnt been on hive a whole lot this year, so I'm not sure if anyone has started making stickers yet.. but I think that stickers that say hive-blockchain and send people to Peakd.com

I've seen stickers before.. but all they were was of the hive logo.. which I thought was pretty ineffective, and not much of a conversation starter.

Its just a common business card with basic contact information. I added stars because my phone number is on there.

This is a wonderful idea. I think it is exciting to see the increase in #hive visibility.

Yoo when did we sponsor a rally car, I definitely missed that post haha. That is really dope. Good work on the brochures. 🔥🔥🔥

Nice work man! Looking good. Seems I'll be missing out on some more... :P

You can always drop down to France and keep me company. :D

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