Announcing a mini-documentary about the Hive Rally Team// UPDATE 1

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@valueplan has hired my team thats working on the „Freechain“ documentary to make a mini documentary film about the Hive rally team. For those that are out of the loop ValuePlan has recently sponsored a rally car and wrapped it in Hive colors. The car will represent Hive on all the big WRC races. The first one coming up is the „Croatia Rally“ in April.
Making a dedicated video about the team and the car is just another additional step in promoting this partnership and Hive as a whole.
The idea behind the video is to create a mini documentary that will both showcase the car as well as the experience of the driver (@ssekulji) who is a long time Hiver. The documentary will be a combination of driving highlights on a test track in Zagreb as well as a showcase of how Hive and crypto can affect lives of its users.
In a way this video will share the same general approach as Freechain. Focusing on the people and what this all means to them, how it changes their lives. Going further than the monetary and speculative aspect of the space many are familiar with.
Crypto exists in the mind of the public as something almost ethereal existing somewhere on the internet where those that „know computers“ buy and sell it. Meeting the real people, the „little guy“ that has crypto, Hive, as an important part of their life will help bring the whole space much closer to the general public.

We will be shooting with multiple Go-Pro cameras, a drone and a regular camera for wider ground shots. We are expecting the video to be 5-6 minutes long.
The date isnt set yet since the rally team needs to arrange everything with the local government and close off a part of the local roads for the road test. The plan for the shoot is end of February but is subject to change. Ill be present on location as well as the camera crew and the video director.
The payment received is 6500 HBD as can be seen in my wallet and the payment will be sent via my personal bank account. I will be signing the contract under my name. All taxes paid in Serbia according to the CRO-SRB taxation agreement..

We have already had multiple calls to arrange everything and will possibly have 1 more once the interview questions are written. For now, that is all the infomation I have to share, the next: „UPDATE 2“, will be after the shoot, late February, early March.
The work to be done till then is writing the interview questions and preparing a storyboard.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.


That's one nice-looking rear end.

Thank you....

Oh you meant the car. Whoops. :D

I like looking at that backend on this frontend


Wow, thats great! I'm excited to see the video :)

That's so cool, I love the car wrap. Can't wait to see the doccy and the rally team in action 😁

Crimsonclad did an amazing job on the design.

Soon. :)

Wow, so cool!

I saw the car posted before. This film will be a cool thing to share around and a lot of race fans will hear about Hive anyway. Good luck to the race team and the film team.


This is great news, it just makes me proud of being part of the Hive community. Well done to the team behind this and good luck delivering.

Nice! Looking forward on that documentary and awesome drive by @ssekulji

Looking forward to see the effects of this endeavor to the Hive image as a crypto brand.

My hopes are high.

"Hello Google, can I have sex with a sexy car?"

Heres a tutorial. 😂

Wow this is something extraordinary that has been done by Hive to promote Hive in a world class motosport event, this will definitely make the platform more known in the eyes of the world and will have a very positive impact on the future of Hive.

Absolutely agree.

Hey @lordbutterfly. Are you interested in making Hive the sponsor of our local football team? It wouldn't cost that much, which will only range $100+ for a good quality of around 25 shirts.

That could be a good idea. Contact @guiltyparties on Discord. He covers that stuff right now.

I already sent him a message in Discord. I guess he might not notice it. Would you mind pinging him atleast? That will be of great help.

That's awesome! What kind of car are you rallying? Can't wait to see some action.

Looks like a Renault Clio RS Line.

We don't have those. I thought it kind of looked like a Ford or VW rear. Oops

Im not the driver. But I think its a Clio.

I wish we had those over here. Always liked the look of them. Can't wait to see the videos!

This will by something WOW. The idea is great. And the car looks nice.

Car looks amazing. We will do our best to make it stand out even more.

So it is real, just not in Monaco!
Wow! Great work!

Monaco is just one race. Unfortunately the race organizers messed up and it fell through. But theres like 15 races every year I think so theres more opportunity for promotion.

man this is awesome, hive to the world

wow, this is incredible, it looks good.

Wow this is awesome

I’m already visualizing it, it’s goona be spectacular if you ask me. If only the preparation for it sounds so cool I can’t imagine what the documentary would look like.

Goodluck @lordbutterfly

Its going to be cool. :)

lets goooo

This is amazing. Can't wait to see the whole plan take effect. This will be one interesting project to work on.

Wah! Next level! Love it!

Cool tuning

I still hope there is an announcement of the full following of the entire season!!!

Please let this motorhead see the entire season!!!

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I’m ready! I just saw the full wrap of the car on the drivers page and the care looks cool af!

I'm curious how it will turn out.