Big Shot Eh?

in #hive3 years ago

If you leech more value than you create here, that entitles you to bupkis, and that makes you a parasite. I don't care who you are, or more more importantly, who you think you are.



Wait... 🤔 🤔 ummm

I'm just a no-name scumbag :)

You are one of those too? Thank God I am not alone. 😜😜

I know how to breathe. Can I get my money?

I'm sorry, you don't have enough fake followers...


How much delegation you paying for Holmes???

What’s with the flags. ? We are all stuck on Steemit for another 12 weeks. There are giant massive whales still posting on Steem.... you go after the little guys.
I will stop posting over there. But come on man.

What, who cares if you post on steem? I think you found yourself some sweet autovotes on Hive and some of your stuff is getting over-rewarded and you are now posting more frequently to grab them. Nothing personal, but a few shots and a 140 words is over-rewarded compared to similar posts.. Post on steem all you want from my perspective, I only care about the reward pool on hive.

Ok. Got it. I won’t post often and will add more words.

Could you remove all your flags if I go back and improve my posts ?

Why obsess over it? They are a part of finding value in the system. You have been doing quite well recently despite it.

Because I have been caught in the cross fire of several Flag wars and lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. More this week.... I am exhausted and Burnt out. I am not a whale. I am barely a Dolphin after 3 years in. Posting every single day. Powering nothing down. Drawing and painting and writing and trying to bring value with Original content. I try to be entertaining.... and obviously cross too many lines.