Hive x PeerPlays Collaboration

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Hive continues to find synergies within the DPoS and Web 3 space and form strong relationships with other decentralized technologies.

The leadership and community at PeerPlays has always supported Hive through the course of our inception. It is a long relationship that is built on like-minded vision and a firm belief in transparency and freedom. Our technology is also complementary in respect to its current key capabilities. Overall, it's a great match.

The SPK Connection

You've probably seen the SPK DHF proposal which makes use of layered technology to create a chain-compatible token creation and decentralized exchange (DEX) system. It leverages Hive's content and community features in conjunctions with PeerPlays' Sidechain Operating Nodes (SONs) technology.

The SPK initiative is the first ever cross-chain bridge of its kind between two Graphene blockchains. It is as groundbreaking as it is innovative.

Open collaboration for building open source tools that people can use worldwide unlocks a lot of potential for Web 3 — Bridging together, not apart, working on a common goal that moves the open Web 3 movements further. Community-driven collaboration paves the way for a new paradigm that encourages innovation at the core.

Between the Hive x PeerPlays ecosystems, the development talent is vast. Some of the most experienced blockchain developers are working together and moving this amazing technology full speed ahead.

Fast, feeless, and scalable is the future of Web 3, and we are now one step closer to achieving it together.

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Lots of good things happening. Hopefully the ongoing discussions with Telos about a collaboration are progressing well.

These collaborations can really take the entire DPoS space to a new level. A lot of talented developers throughout.

Hive is moving well and building solid links with other blockchains to bridge with the outside world, which should gain more exposure for this ecosystem. With current projects hitting it big and others to come or in progress, we grow organically and conquer the world one step at a time. The right place to be as we had a full year of consolidation and proving our worth!

Sir. Plz. Wen Podcast?

Nice to see this announcement on the official Hive account as well. It's great that we are building bridges. That's the only way forward.

Collaboration to expand HIVE and Peerplay visibility. Excellent move.

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Thanks for writing this update. I have been following hiveio since the first time I stumble with it. I keep visiting your posts almost on daily basis just to read any update, and I am glad that my expectation has been met today.

Reading Peerplays’ Litepaper is very educative. I find many core values there that I personally treasure and aspire to see its implementation in the real world. How I wish that with Web 3.0, the favor this time will go to the pro-choice and freedom loving people, instead of the minority elite. I really resented being treated like a machine and just recently after two months of engagement, I disconnected myself from one influential social media for flagging all my contents as spam. Their bots could not even recognize the difference between a genuine interaction from a spam. That’s frustrating! Without a prior notice explaining my violation, they just “banned” me from their site. The only possible violation I know is writing an article sharing my negative experience with them, but that’s my personal opinion, and they have no right to censor that. Not sure if they realize the disconnect between their crypto and defi advocacies and their actions. Too controlling, censorious, and centralized!

Very exciting times ahead ! Fully behind you guys ! Let's continue to BUIDL the future

Could you provide a little bit more clarification on what exactly the Collab will be like ? Will this be a bridge to connect both Hive and Peerplays ? Or will both teams be working together to make something else ?

PS: Would this mean a three way collab between Hive, Telos and Peerplays

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