Does the Hivewatchers-Helper comment pictured below fall within the scope of the project and is it appropriate commentary for the project's professional accounts?


The full context of the comment is in HiveWatcher's discord server, on the off-topic channel:

  • I propose that a fair reading of that comment strongly suggests a personal bias regarding the entitlement and privilege of persons with a national origin in western countries.

  • Should the project's accounts even be engaging in "off-topic" activity if, per the policy addendum, "they are to focus on their respective scopes and do not deviate from said scopes?"


@guiltyparties... are you the man in charge of the @spaminator account?

I believe I vote for your witness... do I not?

Sir... there is a serious problem with how both the @hivewatcher’s & @spaminator accounts are being operated.

If you want to earn the trust of the Hive community you have some serious explaining to do.


That was resolved already a while ago but I'll hit you up on Telegram if you got something. I don't know otherwise and I don't know who votes for me. Spaminator synced up last night after node issues so everything should be ok on that side.

It’s been downvoting (automatically?) me and many others for the last 2 days. Trust is a fragile thing. Please account for your actions.

I see. You got to jump on a chat.

I’m on vacation. I’m not able to for about a week. It’s already been quite enough dealing with this as is. As well... I’m not the only one that’s being affected. This is very unfriendly for Hive and doesn’t help with our reputation within the crypto community.

So what happened with you is you've been reported by several members of the community for comment farming, which is posting comments solely for the purpose of voting for them. I'm not going to go into detail here since this affects other accounts and projects. I'll pause the bot on the account and we can talk on the Hivewatchers discord when you're back.