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There is another scam circulating on Hive right now. The comment below is showing up on new posts. There are several accounts posting these scam comments including Mohandes and were likely stolen from the true owners.


If you click the link in the comment, you will be prompted to enter your Master keys or password in an official looking Hivesigner site. It is a fake. They will then steal your account.

Do NOT give them your keys or password!


I just seen that comment on my most recent post.

Hopefully no-one gives them their keys.

I just saw the same scam comment is now being posted from a second (third?) account. I guess once they burn through the RC of one they move to the next.

Good looking out...thanks.




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Oh man the Lion is so handsome and endearing - I'd hand Leo my keys!
THANK YOU for the warning!

If you did click on it change you keys immediately.

If you did click on it change you keys immediately.