I have increased hive power by 14500HP

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Hello everyone. Today I decided to turn on part of my hive and increased the power of my voice . Now I have 14,500 HP and 20,000 hive coins that I don 't dare to turn on yet . After almost 2 years of investing in the hive with the hope that it will rise to $ 5 and I will sell it and be in a good profile, I decided to stay and be a full-fledged user of our community. To be honest, I haven't really delved into how it all works, so it will still need to be sorted out, for example, what exactly will give me my voice amplification except 3% per year. If someone writes to me in the comments how to work better and more correctly here, I will be very grateful. All the best)



Congratulations @evgen-xx!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from February day 11
Valentine's day challenge - Give a badge to your beloved!
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Welcome to Hive my friend ❣️ and congratulations on going from minnow to dolphin in one day, this took me almost a year and a half 😂. There are many ways to build relationships here on Hive, mainly interacting with other users and making friends. Let's not forget that this is a social network. To become visible, you must invest time in participating in the communities that interest you. But I guess you'll soon find out what you like, whether it's writing posts, commenting or just curation. Everyone chooses their own path!

If you need any help you can ask me and I will gladly guide you in what I know ❣️. Greetings from Argentina and I wish You success with your blog ❤️.

Hello. Thank you very much for the answer. I don't know of course what the dolphin will give me, but I'm already very interested 😂 I'm now a little sorry that I kept my hive on my wallet for almost 2 years just like that without such fun that happens here) I think to turn on another 20000hp

Wow! In just one day, from a Minnow to a Dolphin! Congrats!

For five months, I was clueless how Hive works, not until I stumbled with helpful tools last month such as HiveStats, HiveBuzz, and HiveNow.

hello. thank you very much for the answer and your congratulations and recommendations. Can you explain to me what will give me the status of a dolphin?)

HiveBuzz has 5 fish classifications of Hivers depending on their achievement on the blockchain. Several factors are considered such as posts, comments, upvotes, etc. . . but I think the most important of all is your Hive Power. So a Hiver will start as a Red Fish, then a Minnow, a Dolphin, and Orca, and ultimately a Whale depending on the size of his stakes. Many took several months to transform into a Minnow, but in your case because of your purchasing power, you are able to transform into a Dolphin in just one day. Check this link and try it: https://hivebuzz.me/

You can enter your user name in the search bar and then another page will appear. Just click that Crown icon on the top right side of the page and then input again your user name and you will see your rank.

thank you very much for the answer. but I just got a dolphin in 1 day , but so far I'm not very clear what to do with it and how it works that I'm already a dolphin 🐬

By becoming a Dolphin, you now have a bigger "voice" when it comes to both your author and curation rewards. Take my case as an example. I only have 137 HP as a Red Fish and my 100% upvote is worth $0.01. A Minnow who has 1,200 HP has an 100% upvote worth $0.06. In your case, since you are already a Dolphin, your 100% upvote is worth $0.24 because you have 14,500 + HP. Meaning as you grow into a bigger fish, both your author and curation or voting power also increase. Of course, this is just for the sake of illustration because even among different classifications, their Hive Power varies. I think other Hivers can explain it better.

thank you very much for the explanation, I will deal with this further, if anything, I will definitely turn to you for help 👍

My pleasure to be of help. I wish you blessings and success on Hive!


You are actually a Dolphin now. Your next goal is to transform into an Orca and that's where the hard work, capital, and staking count.

we will strive for a killer whale if of course it is so important)

Well, that's the ultimate goal. Since it just took you one day to change into a Dolphin while others are taking more than a year or two, I think you can do it. Even among whales, their stakes differ in size. But I think more than the rewards, the most important core value of Hive is the community. Get to know other Dolphins, Orcas, and Whales out there, follow them and learn from them. I hope you won't take for granted small fish like me. 😅 !gif LOL

thanks. I wish you to swim to the dolphin faster 😉👌

May you have lips of an angel. Thanks for that! I still have three sons to support and my goal is to transform into a Minnow by the end of the year. Dolphin will be the next target.

thanks. I wish you to swim to the dolphin faster 😉👌

Check also your Voting Power Bar. As you vote, your power bar will decrease. I was just informed last week by a friend @savvyplayer that the ideal % to maintain is 80%, and then wait for some time to recharge before voting again. Grateful for your upvotes!

!gif thanks

hey @evgen-xx welcome on Hive as an active member
I'm a member of Discovery-it team.
We support users and run a witness node.
Want to know more about what we do?
Check this out

hi, thank you very much. I will definitely check it out as I am interested in it and even yesterday I was thinking and looking for information on how to become a hive witness

I wish I could be in your place and have your hive size.

hello. I hope you will succeed , the main thing is to work , believe and go forward

Hey @evgen-xx,

I noticed you just followed me so here I am responding to this post. First, congratulations, you took a big leap investing that kind of money in HIVE. I assume you know what you are doing so I am going to point you to @aggroed and his projects, Splinterlands, Hive-Engine.com and Diesel Pools on TribalDex.com. You should be able to get good returns on the amount of liquid HIVE you have invested.

The other way of course is to join communities, like Leo finance to post to and support. Good luck and welcome.

hello. thank you very much for your guidance and recommendations . I will definitely study what you advised me and try to figure it out.👌

Hi Evgeniy, thanks for following me. I'm new here to Hive, and use it for my creative writing and short stories, but I'm loving it so far.

I think I will be investing more in it the longer I'm here, and especially as I understand better how it all works.

I hope to see more of your blogs and comments going forward. :)


Hello. thank you very much, glad to meet you) I would like to write a lot of articles , but it takes a lot of time to live offline . I will be happy to write my articles as much as I have free time and I will be glad if you are interested in it 👌
Good luck with everything ✌️

Wow this is quite impressive!

thanks. I will strive to do more and curate more)

Very good job vro. That's cool.

I'd say there is no one "right" way to do things. I use the blockchain as a social network, so I'm posting what I hope is high quality original content, commenting on other's posts, and curating their content with my votes. I think as long as you're asking value with whatever you're commenting/creating, you're "doing it right". Welcome to Hive!

Hi! Thank you very much for the answer. It's good that I'm doing the right thing, since it's very important for the user who got here for the first time to quickly learn everything and figure everything out in order to leave forever.)

Wow, that's quite the achievement! Congrats!!

I personally wouldn't bet on Hive only, you already decided to delegate tokens to the curation cartel that's great! Passive income :)

If I'd had this amount to spread, I'd keep part in Hive & in HBD, HBD gives you 12% APR in savings! I'm aiming on collecting 2500 of them by the end of the year in savings, for nice passive income.

I'm not 100% sure if Hive has the savings option as well, though. If my HBD order comes through I will have some hive and then I can see if the option is there. Or you can see for yourself in the wallet by the options under HIVE tokens.

Also consider investing into BRO tokens on HE: Daily dividends are paid out (100%) amongst the holders! You don't even have to stake them!

and I can ask you about delegation. I understand that it turns out that, for example, I delegate 10000hp to someone I haven't chosen yet and just get a dohol from their work?
when can I get the delegated tokens back ? how does it even work ? or maybe there is some information where you can read it ?

Delegations of Hive Power can be done to someone you think has great judgement in voting, so the power will be used for curating good content, and therefore great curation. But in this case, the person voting with it is getting the curation rewards. People with a big stake sometimes delegate this (for example for a month or few months) to help someone build their account up a bit. You can always take it back in a few clicks, it will be back in your account in 5 days from when you do that.

You can also agree on a delegation for part of the curation rewards each week/month. Or for a certain payment. Many options here. It's up to you.

I also found this btw


I mentioned it above, that you get 12% on your HBD savings, I think for hive it's the same (but to be sure ask some others too lol, I have only powered up my Hive and even that earns you 2% or a little more just without doing anything) Savings take 3 days to get back btw. So when you need it back, make sure you request it in time.

understood. and another question, for example, is the fact that I vote for comments
left in my post or in other posts, is this not high-quality content? accordingly , the rewards will not be high ?

You also receive curation rewards for comments. It's hard to tell how much it is. Most people lower the percentage of votes on comments. F.e. to 1-5 % depending on how much you can spare lol

And the real content (posts) higher like 25-100%

If you keep track of your earnings on Hivestats.io/@evgen-xxx
you will see what happens and what works, what gets good returns what not.
It's not something that is the same for everyone, you'll discover the best way to use your votes/earn curation!

ok. thank you very much for your answers and help. very time to meet you 👍

Very welcome, glad I could help.
Hive is such a big learning curve, but you are very motivated and I bet you will learn a lot in no time!

I see you just followed me greetings from Indonesia. I'm very happy to see your jumps in a day directly to the dolphins, friends, good luck always. You can learn in the hive learner community while creating interesting content or posts. Congratulations, keep going, friendssucces

hello. thank you for the greeting ) every day I delve and swim like a dolphin in search of information and it takes my breath away)

Congratulations @evgen-xx!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from February day 11
Valentine's day challenge - Give a badge to your beloved!
Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

Hi evgen-xx, I saw you started following me and so checked your blog. Nice that you are a invester turned Hiver. Building your account can happen in several ways. You could follow one of the curation trails and use your vote to reward others while also rewarding yourself. Curation rewards is a great way to increase your Hive.
Keeping some HBD in savings will generate about 12% Apr.
Check out Peakd as a frontend for Hive as I believe it gives you the best information on your account.
Hope this helps and see you around.

thank you very much for the warm welcome. I think it will take time to figure it out, but this is not the most difficult, but rather a pleasant hassle)
I have a question, if I reward someone, then it turns out that I also earn or only the one I rewarded earns? I will be grateful for the answer)

A post is split 50/ 50 between the author and the curators. If you vote within 24hrs of it being released your curation rewards are higher and you will receive 50% of your votes worth back. After 7 days you will receive payout.
It is all a bit complicated, stick with it and slowly but surely the whole hive ecosystem will start to make sense.

I got the gist. let's see what happens in a week )

Wow. I hope to be like you someday! Congrats to you on your dolphin status.

Thank you very much! Good luck to you, in your goals! The main thing is to work and go to your goal)

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I shall endeavor to chase my goals with all I've got.
And you're welcome.😌
Thanks for the upvote on my post to.

everything will work out !
no problem 😉👌


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Please vote for pizza.witness!

This shows how much you believe in Hive and how long you intend to stay for the community and help to raise the value of Hive. Well done @evgen-xx

Thanks bro! I have really big and long-term plans for Hive

wow... what a nice initiative on your part. the hive community can be very welcoming, I hope you have fun as you engage the platform.

thank you very much. I 'm already having fun , that 's why I 'm here )