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RE: The Hivewatchers & Spaminator Operational Proposal

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I want to know who are the members of the HW team and their clearly defined roles in the operation.

Edit: turns out even @guiltyparties doesn't know who this new member will appear under for their Discord handle.

You call this a team operation? Perhaps Guiltiesparties himself should stop “dabbling” in multiple projects on the chain and excel in none of them. He’d be much more effective if he focuses on a few things he’s actually good at.


The third is an enigma

It's not an enigma. He knows very well who it is as the user has been working with us for a few weeks already. I have no idea why you think that @guiltyparties does not know.
The user wants to stay anonymous.

Oh? Someone I have no clue that you said I already know? Go pound sand with your lies.

Like I've said and as you know, there is a great deal of personal risk that HW members accept. Where a member is at higher risk, we don't disclose their identity so they can stay physically safe.

I don't disagree that I've got a lot on my plate.

Nobody gives a damn about the identify.

I asked you what exactly is their role and what Discord handle should we expect them to operate under.

Take your "but criminals and risk" bs and shove it.

The role is a Hivewatchers team member who normally deals with plagiarism, investigations, normal type of thing in scope such as verifications and ID theft. The only deviation in activity is the phishing-specific work that I do. You'll see our HW accounts in Discord marked in green, same as always.


@Logic should not be interacting with people and stick to his investigation role. And that’s just an example of your understaffed operation.

Your proposal doesn’t address any of the recurring problems within your minuscule ranks.

I can't force more people to want to do a very thankless job with high risk, high burnout, and long hours.

Thankless job that you’ve been paid for since the @adm voting days.

If you took no pay for those times, then that’s your problem.

I don't know what's going on with you today but let's talk another time.

I’m speaking what everyone else is thinking, “Mr. Overextended and get nothing done correctly.”

The 3rd member's Discord handle is "Nuttin".
This HW member's role is to perform specific investigations that I assigned.

Still a garbage set up as long as you are chatting to people in appeals.