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All the rewards from this post goes directly to @aliento.vault, the piggy bank of Eddie (@eddiespino) and Gris (@grisvisa)


Few days ago I've made a Quote Tweet on a Gris's Tweet asking why she received 250 $HBD from DHF funds to make some Xmas Stickers and at same time made a post about the same Xmas Stickers that have 96 $hive rewards.

After @eddiespino reply, some talk with him in the replys of that Quote Tweet and in DM's, I decided to not continue arguing in Twitter about a Hive related subject.

Today I got a reply from @theycallmedan, "...The amount of work Eddie and Gris do for Hive without getting paid for it is enormous.", kind of saying they don't worth enough on Hive for what they do for Hive.
Reply link:

@theycallmedan made me waste some time on Blockchain but I went there to see if Dan is right about Eddie and Gris not being well paid for what they do for Hive.

Of course, for reasons you should understand, I don't want to continue this talk in Twitter and I'm posting here my reply to Dan and to all of you that might want to read.

The Numbers from Blockchain of last 3 months

  • Eddie
    _ Transfers from Dan or Dan's DApps to Eddie - +- 8037 $hive
    _ Transfers from DHF fund to Eddie - 1400 $HBD
  • Gris
    _ Transfers from DHF fund to Gris - 730 $HBD
Total earned by Eddie and Gris (transfers only, last 3 months)
  • 8037 $hive + 2130 $HBD

Approximate conversion in $USDollars for the last 3 months, $hive $0.44 (max $0.6 min $0.28)

  • $3536

Total earned in $USDollar by Eddie and Gris (transfers only)

  • $5666

Total transfered to Exchanges from Eddie and Gris Piggy Bank (@aliento.vault)

  • 25769 $hive or $11338 UsDollar

Mexican Money Context (source:

Mexican minimum wage per month (2022) - $250 USDollar

Percentage of Mexican workers earning the minimum wage - 62%

Total earned per month by Eddie and Gris (each one), based on transfers to Exchanges

  • $1889 USDollar

Almost 8x the Mexican's minimum wage, not bad at all!

💪 Well done Eddie and Gris!


Because Dan think it's not enough, here is my little contribution, 100% of the rewards from this post

My last words are to Dan (@theycallmedan)

I really appreciate your personal effort to fight against JS on steem and honestly sorry all the money you lost there, your entrepreneur behavior on Hive and the people you personally help.
Nothing moves me against you (or any other user on Hive, as far as I know I don't have enemies)
Please, just don't try to reply me like I was stupid!
I don't live in Narnia World or any other parallel universe.


I usually take time to respond when someone has a real concern or question. When you went on about the DHF and how 3 accounts boosted a proposal, yet you fail to mention those same accounts also voted the HBD stabilizer, thus off setting their votes, either shows your lack of understand how the DHF works or you're being disingenuous but leaving the fact out.

Now you are attacking Eddie, and you're doing so in a way that makes you look very bad. First lesson, reach out before making such claims, if you had, you would know all the hive from my account and most from the alt accounts go to Eddie and he pays bills for us. Eddie also helps me pay other employees of mine, he has been doing so for the last two years. To assume all that money is his just because it was sent to him is again ignorant. I ask in the future, do some due diligence before you attack someones creditability, because the only thing you did here was hurt your own rep.


Hello @theycallmedan

I asked Eddie on Twitter and he decided not to answer me:

~~~ embed:1596711092486651904?s=20&t=pm19LlwI9u90EmN35TRuMg twitter metadata:RW1ldmVsZV98fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vRW1ldmVsZV8vc3RhdHVzLzE1OTY3MTEwOTI0ODY2NTE5MDQ/cz0yMCZ0PXBtMTlMbHdJOXU5MEVtTjM1VFJ1TWd8 ~~~

So I ask you the same question:

Is this the same for everyone who wants to create graphics for Hive? The thing about getting paid outside the posts for jobs like making designs for Hive.

Because I'm quite interested, I could quit my job and dedicate myself to developing good things for Hive.

I have many ideas for this and I put them aside because as you say, I invested too much time in posts and they were not valued in almost nothing 🤔.

Wow, that is more than my salary here in Portugal per month... Only for stickers??? Wowow. Get me right, they earn it for sure. All of us earn so much more... Bit damn, for that amount i have to work more than 40 hours a week... Pheeew...

It's almost 3x the Portuguese minimum wage.

Pode Siiim.. Uuuf... Inacreditável.

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Because Dan think it's not enough, here is my little contribution, 100% of the rewards from this post

😜💪 This is a very strong move, my friend! I like you more and more!

Thanks for your contribution ✌️


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I was just going to downvote this post as I absolutely feel it deserves to be less than zero, but I have a trail that follows me and it wouldn't be fair to them. Consider this comment to be my verbal downvote.

Asking questions and opening a dialog (as you initially did with ValuePlan) is an excellent thing to do. If there's then evidence of wrongdoing, holding people accountable for their actions is a perfectly acceptable course of action.

Posting speculations and targeting people who've done nothing wrong (in fact, quite the opposite) because you have an apparent chip on your shoulder is beyond disappointing. I thought you were better than this, @doze. Sadly I appear to be wrong.

I'm posting Blockchain data in reply to this: "The amount of work Eddie and Gris do for Hive without getting paid for it is enormous", if you agree with the phrase, it's ok. I got these Blockchain data and I'm not sure if there are that enormous amount of work without getting played.
And hey! I'm not even saying that all work for Hive should be payed or not (this is another talk), I'm just showing with Blockchain data that the phrase is not quiet accurate, in my opinion of course!

If you think it is speculation, I do not agree but respect, it's your opinion, I also have one.
About downvote, be my guest, the mouse is yours, I don't even have to say it feel free to do whatever you think is right.

To finish let me remind you, this post is a reply to a reply where I ask why valueplan is paying to a user for stickers and the same stickers got post rewards when for example that rewards could beneficiate valueplan. It was not me that talk about Eddie, not even understood why Dan add Eddie to the reply but he should have his own reasons.

Now... Because I believe you are not speculating, I will try to find that "chip on your shoulder"
See you! 👋👋👋

"The amount of work Eddie and Gris do for Hive without getting paid for it is enormous"

Sorry to butt in. Where I come from, this line you seem to be fixated on in the post and comments, when put back into context reads more like a figure of speech and translates to something like: "Those people are eager to get things done." Reads more like a compliment.

In the exchange you come across looking/sounding arrogant and cocky, suggesting or making it seem like something is undeserved, while making it clear to some you're not seeing or offering the entire picture. And in response someone basically told you they do deserve it and are also willing to go above and beyond, while you're not seeing the entire picture.

From my perspective, the point was misconstrued, and you're digging a hole.

 last year (edited) 

Don't sorry! Thanks for your comment.
Something we hide behind a three to not see the forest, been there did that.
Not saying it's your case but let's contextualize.
All this start with me saying:
"Gris was payed (250HBD) by DHF to made some Xmas Stickers, at same time she posted the same stickers and was rewarded with more +- 93 Hive."
It is ok? Could she redirect the post rewards to DHF instead of self worth it?

Can you start to comment this, please? ☝️

I didn't even ask,

  • Who ask for the stickers? (That are beautiful! No doubt about that)
  • Who payed the stickers?
  • What is the propose of the stickers?
    I didn't ask but since this is about DHF funds, don't you think we should know?

To finish and hope you read and at same time everyone knows before trying to interpret my doubts.

Nothing moves me against Gris, Eddie, you, Dan or someone else. My doubts are about how valueplan decide to invest 400k from DHF without any kind of opinion from community. This is not about 250HBD, it's 400K HBD, so far.

I'm talking about that line I mentioned. Nothing else. I don't feel like talking about your problems or getting involved in your problems.

Based on my observations and in general after watching you attempt to handle these matters for quite some time, I'd say you seem to be having trouble communicating, and are unwillingly to accept the answers and explanations you've been given.

I don't know those people or their work, I do not have all the details, so therefore I'm in no position to comment. If I was to answer your questions with guesses, that wouldn't be helpful. I'm also not going to spend my time finding answers for your investigation. That's your responsibility.

Thanks for taking your time to reply me. 👍

Just know, somewhere inside what I've said, is advice, and it's coming from a good place.