Hack/Fishing Hive Withdraw Routes

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Since I can remember there have always been hackers and Hive is not an exception!

Yesterday I was alerted to a new attack and I'm posting now an advice.

Withdraw Routes

When you want to Unstake/Powerdown, this is a feature that enables you to withdraw $hive to someone else in percentage.

Let's say you Withdraw Routes to user01 with 20%, it means everytime you Powerdown, 80% of $hive goes to you 20% goes to user01.
Even if you cancel Powerdown the Withdraw Routes will remain and be active on next Powerdown if you don't change it.

As far as I know this can be made by code or in Ecency Wallet website version.

These last attacks are also using Withdraw Routes to get your money!!!

What you can do to keep safe

In addition to all the recommendations with your Hive Keys, go to https://hiveblocks.com/@"youraccount" and look at Withdraw Routes.


If it says "1" you might be in troubles!


  • Go to Hive Power/Withdraw Routes and remove all users you don't know or that you didn't route



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When will this vulnerability be patched?

Thank you for finding this issue.

This is not a vulnerability, just keep your keys secure and you are ok

Great information. This would be good to share in the Ecency discord help.

Feel free to share if you want 👍


hello hive friends, I may ask, the problem is I have a problem transferring hive to the @indodaxoffical address which doesn't work on the account, the point is we can return my hive back

Did you contact them?

no, the @indodaxoffical account is no longer active, how can it be returned

If anyone knows how to do it, can you help me?

saya tidak tau menghubungi

gimana caranya saya bisa menghubungi nya @indodaxoffical

Everyone should be aware of this!
It happened to my account on Steemit. I was unaware until I powered down for the first time to move to Hive and lost my first power down total to an account that I had never heard of. With help, I was able to determine what was going on and was able to fix it. I have never powered down on Hive, but now I know to check power down routes first.

@melinda010100 but how can someone able to edit the withdraw route of your account?

And if he able to do it why he is not able to do other activities to steal your funds
Like powering down your account or transferring HBD or hive coin to his wallet?

I mean is it possible someone to change or edit withdraw routes without having access to your account?

No. Not possible. I had my account phished shortly after I joined, before we had all the safe guards we have now. I regained control of my account, but had no knowledge of withdraw routes and didn't realize they had set one up. Anyone who has ever had their account compromised needs to be aware!

Thanks I understand the point

But @doze said after checking your account on https://hiveblocks.com/@zaibkang

Anyone should be get alert if withdraw routes is not zero

Mine is not zero also its one, but there is not any account to remove when I checked on ecency.com, I have only my own account @zaibkang with 100% power down receiveing option

If so you don't have to worry about, just make sure that account is yours, exactly with same letters at same place. Anyway you don't need to have withdraw routes activated to be able to Powerdown

That's it! 💪

Thanks it's very useful information

I think we should discuss more about hive Account security as a community

Thanks for passing by 👍

Don't worry I will return after my duty finished

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Thanks for this information, it really came at the right time. I really appreciate it

No problem 👍

Thanks for this information brother, it shows one has to be more extra careful

You're most welcome!

@doze Sr. I just checked my account and it's Withdraw routes is 1 not zero

Please can you tell me is it my account is compromised or someone have access to my account

I mean how it's possible for someone to change or edit withdraw routes to his desird account?

Please reply I am feeling frustrated and worried ☹️

Once they get your keys they can silently routes your withdraw, don't do anything else and just wait to your Powerdown.

I just checked my account on https://hiveblocks.com/@zaibkang my withdraw routes is 1

But when trying to change it on @ecency ecency.com I noticed their is a only one account and that is my own account @zaibkang

Please can you check it to make things more clear for everyone 🙏

Already answered ;)

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Thank you guys for the remind.
Happy Holidays!

Thank you @doze. Happy Holidays to you too.

This is more than helpful. I recently got my account compromised and thanks to @guiltyparties for helping me to do away with the withdrawal routes.

Glad to know that you able to fix it!

I didn't know about this until now. Great to always stay a step closer or ahead of the scammer. Thanks, man:)

No problem! Happy Holidays!

Thanks for information... It will be helpful for us.

Thanks for informing.

No problem 👍

The more we know ... I have never powered down, but I was glad to know about this for whenever I am ready...

Happy Holidays!

nice info, very useful

Thanks 👍


You're most welcome!

Developers need to do something about it urgently

halo teman-teman hive,saya boleh bertanya, soalnya saya masalah transfer hive ke alamat @indodaxoffical yang tidak berfungsi di akun nya,intinya bisa kita kembali kan hive saya kembali

hello hive friends, I may ask, the problem is I have a problem transferring hive to the @indodaxoffical address which doesn't work on the account, the point is we can return my hive back

So basically the problem is solved?

I'm still confused about what to do, because I sent the wrong @indodaxoffical which is no longer active

gimana caranya saya bisa menghubungi nya

Oh, i'm glad everything was settled then

Developers need to do what exactly?

Remarkable, not something I was aware of existed! Thanks for that!

No problem!
Happy Holidays!