Number Of Custom JSON Operation On HIVE In 2022 | A sharp drop in June! Why?

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Who is behind most of the custom json operations on Hive?
Splinterlands of course!

What happen to Splinterlands at the beginning of June 2022?
A new reward system was introduced. Ergo a lot of bots stopped playing/farming, and the number of accounts making custom json operations on chain dropped from 350k to 150k. A 57% drop.



What are the chances that all bots got booted with this update? Would be nice to believe that most Splinterlands players are still authentic human beings.

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Could not really tell, but what has happen for sure is that a lot of bot accounts (200k) were made not profitable ... these are mostly accounts with no card owned, only the starter pack.

Now for sure there are bots left, but those do acctualy own cards/assets and someone is managing them closely.

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I noticed one such bot farm started upvoting instead. I don't understand why he votes with hundreds of accounts with a 0.000 HIVE vote value each, they don't receive any curation rewards.

Not even sure how he can make operation if it has 0 hive

It has 25 HP delegated to each account. You can check my upvotes on recent posts. Lots of 0 upvotes at the end. I figured out it must be an inactive bot farm when I saw who delegates to them.