Captain Hive is an Orca

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Hi Hivers and Hivians,


Captain Hive is now an Orca. This account has been powered up from powered down Steem. It is sad to leave Steem behind but Hive now has far more to offer. I believe investing in Hive has the potential to offer great returns. At the same time, we can use our investment to help talented content creators. Earning money and helping others at the same time, sounds like a great win-win.

With great power comes great responsibility


An orca is the second highest rank of investor behind whale, which is only 10 times greater (approximately 500,000 HP or 1 Billion Vests). Therefore, curating content is important. Currently, my full upvote is worth approximately $1. The lucky person I upvote will get half of that (i.e. $0.50). I get 10 full upvotes a day, so I am distributing about $5 a day to content creators. If the price of Hive increases to about $2.50, I’ll be distributing $50 a day. If the price of Hive exceeds Steem’s all-time high, I could be distributing almost $200 a day. Someone had better give the bulls a call because they need to start running.

When will I become a whale?


Captain Hive would love to become a whale. I am afraid that is a path I am unlikely to take. This account is only being funded by powered down Steem. My reserves of Steem in my Steem Wallet are depleting rapidly. I have converted some Steem into Bitcoin but that won’t get me far either. I can hope Steem climbs to the moon in the next week or two but I doubt we have that many stupid investors out there. I could hope Bitcoin climbs to over $100,000 and Hive remains at the same price. I would rather Bitcoin climbs to $100,000 and Hive climbs to $5 but that won’t make me a whale. However, it would make me quite wealthy, which is one of the reasons I am here in the first place.


I think I would rather sell my Bitcoin and buy some great stuff such as a great new house, a fancy car, and of course a custom-made wrestling belt.

Oh wait; I’m actually not an Orca after all


I just checked Hive Buzz. I’m still a dolphin. I have over 50,000 HP but less than 100 M Vests. My calculations must have been wrong; I needed to power up more Hive. You have my deepest apologies for this premature celebration. You have my permission to downvote this post.


Future of Social Media


Captain Hive is here


Remember to catch me on Spectrumecons, click link below.



I'm still a small minnow :D
I had an account on steem which I made around 2017, which I used for sometime. (Having around 500 Steem, currently powering it down, to move it here to Hive slowly)

It feels good to have many people on the same page who are powering down from Steem, and are powering up to Hive, as it will help grow the community together, overall.
Though I really didnt like what Justin Sun id there :(

I'm new to hive, its been only 2 weeks for me, and I started liking this community already.
Gave you a follow here. :)
(Do curate some of my content to motivate me in creating better content gradually, if you feel they are relevant and are worth upvoting :D)

Thanks for stopping by @beehivetrader. Hive has a brighter future than Steem. What's the point of posting on a centralised blockchain. Hive will give you far more freedom. We have an exciting journey ahead.

Of course :)
This is one reason I got interested to start my account here once again.
I also see a far less number of Upvote bots here.
Previously steem was flooded with upvote bots, having a huge amount of steem power, which discouraged me to post articles :D

Loving Hive So far! Just trying to get the traction I used to have on Steem. Seems like Steem had a better food community

Wow! It took me very long to become a Dolphin and right now I have the goal to reach Orca, but I'm not sure when I will be able to achieve that.


I was lucky because I had a lot of Steem. I didn't need to add any extra money.

Keep going now is the time to accumulate.

Congratulations on being Orca, oh never mind :) Dolphin, A dolphin is not to be sneezed at :)
you will be a very supportive member to the HIVE community


In this age of COVID19, nothing is to be sneezed at!

You make a great point. I have allergies but I have quit sneezing for the greater good.

Well Orca is just one vest away. That is like 1 cm away from the top of a mountain.

Man, I am still swimming around in the water like a little shrimp... really looking forward to reaching 5000 Hive (first goal)! :) Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Any form of progress is great. Keep it up.

Congratulations and thanks for your support 🥳

No problem, your content is more original than most.

Congratulations anyhow -- it's all right to celebrate in advance!

Well maybe it is worth celebrating being the biggest dolphin.

That too -- enjoy it all!

Congratulations @captainhive!
You raised your level and are now an Orca!

Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

All in good time the world will wake up again...well let's hope so if it doesn't it's up to you Captain Hive to bring it alive again 🤣

You will do great 👍! Thank you for supporting good content creators !

I really appreciate your support on my blog my friend @captainhive


know is 3 months too late but wanted to extend my thanks for supporting my blog, it means a lot, have been feeling like about to take a bit of a break then all this good stuff from good peeps comes in so <3 ty


Thank you for the upvote on my post.

Hello Captain.
Would you curate my posts also, from time to time?

Will you also be posting again?


@captainhive, what can I do so you can curate me more?

Thank you, @CaptainHive, for supporting my post 🙏🏽✨

Just getting to see your post now it's really awesome didn't even exitate to follow you..

Unsure if you support a particular witness.
The only one I see represented is 3speak.
Do you have an alternative witness I might share a witness vote to?

This great Orca or let me say Captainhive right now you should be a whale, I appreciate the fact that you share the true content about the hive social media thanks so much Captain .
Hive to the rescue with my captain 😁


fat dolphin good one! I can only dream for now, to reach orca, but late congrats to you! :)

my goal is dolphin. one of these days.. :P

Yes, I definitely agree on this sir. I am also investing in HBD in savings here and also holding Hive tokens. Hoping that it will go up again with its value.

Your post is so interesting to read and I learned something new as well. very informative for a newbie like me who knew just a tenth of a spec about the cryptoverse.
It is an honor to have your presence on my post. Thank you for the upvote kind Orca and now a dolphin but no worries you will one day become a megalodon while me still a caterpillar not even a pupa yet.
I am just enjoying and loving my evolution here on hive.
I have a steemit account as well but is now inactive because for me a newbie it's hard creating and thinking about what to write about even gave me some eye bugs because I can only do my write ups late at night when I am done with all the works for the day and yet I don't get to have visitors on my posts which kinda makes me sad, no support from my other fellow steemians so for now I lay dormant there.😊

Oh my, my comment is already long. Just happy for you kind sir dropping by my post and left some upvotes!
May the force be with you! Future Megalodon!😉👍😍

Though the time has passed, but I just wanted to commend yourself for your approach as a curator, the way you perceive the duty that comes with high power here. Would be nice if you recover your blogger side as well. Best regards.

Thanks for the tip. Nice to see what others are doing.

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