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Hello Hivers,


I hope everyone is well. It has been two weeks since my first post with this account. I have been quite busy with my @spectrumecons account. I have been posting about Covid-19. These posts have focused on the economic implications of the pandemic. I aim for my @captainhive posts to explore some of the pictures and graphics used or linked to my @spectrumecons posts. As the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious topic, I have limited my pictures to figures and tables. I have created several original thumbnails for these posts that I will share them in this post. See below.

Covid-19 Parts 1 and 2


Covid-19 Parts 3 and 4


Covid-19 Parts 5 and 6


Covid-19 Parts 7 and 8


In addition to these thumbnails. I have another thumbnail that I will be using for a recap/summary post of the 8 posts in the series. See below.


Hive could offer a helping hand


The Covid-19 induced economic crisis is hitting many people hard all across the world. For people that are out of work, Hive could be an ideal opportunity to earn a little income. This could be especially true if the price of Hive continues to increase.


So, if this lockdown gives you a little more time on your hands, I suggest that you head over to PeakD or Hive Blog. You could look for some great content to upvote and maybe pump out a few posts of your own. You could also give some of the other DApps a try, the choice is growing.


Few more pictures for the fun of it


I have added a few more PNGs to my collection. I have taken some screenshots from Fallout 4. Some of the characters wear hazmat suits, which is close to appropriate considering the requirements for personal protective equipment. The game also contains some hospital equipment that I have included in some of the Covid-19 post thumbnails. The game has several robots; I have turned a First Aid robot into a PNG.

Choice of stay home and get fat or pay a visit to the Ventilator Bot


I have gone back to WWE 2K19 and added some weight and facial hair to Captain Hive. I wanted to give him a post-lockdown look after spending weeks, maybe months stuck at home.

Before and After Captain Hive


I have also downloaded a WWE 2K19 community made Mandalorian character, which I have altered to create a Hivelorian. This doesn’t have anything directly to do with Covid-19 but I have recently subscribed to Disney Plus. The Mandalorian series is really interesting. I have two more episodes to watch in season one.


That’s all I have to share in regards to Covid-19. I wish eeryone all the best during the lockdown. Try to make the most of the time that you have at home. Opportunities can be found even from just sitting in front of your computer or even in front of your PlayStation 4.

Future of Social Media


Captain Hive is here


Remember to catch me on Spectrumecons, click link below.



🤣😂 Oh nooo. Whatever you do, please, not the after captain!! Wanna Join my daily skipping challenge? Just wondering how you manage to do all the artwork, write 1000's of words blogs and operate 2 accounts!I can barely keep up with one :D

I prefer this account better, I like lighter content :)


The Captain needs plenty of space for exercise. Good luck with the challenge. I think I might skip it for now.

😂 Alrighty.

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10 comments. Looks like I need to make more effort.

Hey @captainhive, here @lizanomadsoul from HiveBuzz team 🙂

Every start is hard! I love your name and picture! Seems like we have a real hero here on Hive! - We are already looking forward to see you around collecting even more new badges soon! 😉

That classic Audi Quattro :)

It's a reliable car for all terrain.

Ha Ha Ha
I enjoyed this light hearted look at Covid-19
It has been a tough 2 years, but hopefully.