My Boys Made Pretzels! Home Economics Lesson

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The other day my boys wanted to have pretzels for snack. I've made them before, but I wasn't really wanting to make them that day, so I told them to look up a recipe and try it themselves. The end result was amazing and totally tasty!

My 9 year old really likes to help out in the kitchen, but I was surprised when my 12 year old decided to join him this time as well! They first found a recipe that said it was easy and would take less than an hour.

Next they mixed all the ingredients in the bowl. They tried kneading it there, but it wasn't easy.


We dumped the dough out on the counter and I showed them how to knead it. They did a great job of adding more flour as needed to keep it from getting sticky. It had to rise for 30 minutes in a warm spot, so we figure out where that could be as well.

While they waited for the dough to rise, they kept track of the time and looked at the recipe some more. They wanted to make sure they followed all the steps exactly.

When it was done rising, they took it out and cut it into 12 pieces. Some of them were a little bigger than the others, so they also got cut in half. It worked out perfectly for our size family. I think pretty much everyone got 2 pretzels!

Time to roll them out and shape them like pretzels! I showed them once or twice how to do it and they were off, looking like pros on their first try!

A 30 second baking soda bath was the next step. They counted for each one. They also applied an egg wash and salt after the pretzels came out of the bath.

The finishing touch for each pretzel was brushing it with butter. This gave it some great flavor and finished it off perfectly!

What they learned from this process is Mom doesn't always have to do all of the cooking! If they want to make something, they're totally capable of following all the steps and making an amazing finished product! I love how they turned out and the confidence they gained. Everyone complimented them and their amazing pretzels!

If your kids need more kitchen skills, check out this page or this post about home economics for guys from Plain and Not So Plain.

There is also this course about home economics and personal skills.

These are both items I plan to integrate into our lessons.


Awesome work, boys! The pretzels came out wonderfully, it's like I can taste them from here. <3

The only bad thing about them was there weren't more. Ha! They were really tasty! I'm glad to know I can rely on them to do something like that again in the future!

How wonderful that your two boys enjoy spending some fun time cooking. The results look so professional too, kudos to them.

They did a great job and didn't need a lot of help. It was nice! One of them likes to help every day, so I was surprised when the other joined in as well.

Wow, it looks so delicious! The boys surely enjoys making it.

They did love making it! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

WOW Good job!!!

Thanks! It was great to know they could do it!!

Great job boys! They look amazing and tasty!!

They were super yummy! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi, @apanamamana! I think you're a good mom because you taught your boys they're able to do wonderful things and also you're creating an unforgettable experience and good values in them!❤️👏👏🥨🥨
I loved the Mario Bros apron!🥰

Thanks! They had fun doing it and it's great for them to know how to do something in the kitchen. Ha! One of them really loves to help cook and I try to turn over various parts of each meal to him - he scrambles the eggs every morning and helps with most dinners. The Mario Bros is his tshirt, but it would be a great idea to make an apron for them to wear when helping!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

Definitively, you're doing a great job!👏👏👏👏🥰
OMG! I thought It was an apron! 😱

What a delicious way to share I love pretzels and your recipe is so simple. Thank you for sharing

Waoo what an easy and delicious recipe. Excellent demonstration.

But how delicious it looks what you have prepared.


Thanks! It was delicious!

Nice job, when they grow up they will remember this and pass it on to their children.

I certainly hope so! They tasted great.

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Thank you @ackhoo and @qurator! I appreciate it!