Days of Fantasy II: Revenge of Sethdore - Chapter IV

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Chapter IV

After about a day I couldn't wait any longer. I was going to get out of there. The old man didn't take my sword, so I had that at least, but that wasn't going to help me escape. There was no door or lock on the bars, so there had to be some secret passage out of there. I started to feel along the wall for some sort of hidden button or something.

After I had been looking for a few minutes, I felt some carvings. I couldn't see them because the candles had gone out a few hours before. I tried to feel what the carvings said by tracing my hand over them. I could only determine that they said താഴെ വലത് ണിലാണ് which I had no idea what it meant. So I just kept on feeling around the wall.

Finally I felt another strange thing, but this time it was a button like thing on the bottom right corner. I pressed it and there was some cranking sound and the whole wall slid to the side, leading into a passage way. Without thinking twice I ran down the passage way.

OK so running down the passage way was a very bad idea. It turned out that the passage way was full of traps. At first, everything was normal, then in the dim light I saw the wall covered in spikes farther down the passage. When I tried to stop I couldn't. The ground was covered in slippery slime stuff and I shot down the passage. I thought I was a goner for sure, but as I got closer I saw an opening on the left of the passage. At the last second I jumped for the opening. I didn't go very far because the ground was slippery, but I grabbed the edge of the opening just in time. I pulled myself up and into the opening.

"That was close," I told myself. I began going down a tunnel that went deep into the mountain. This time I was keeping an eye out for any more traps. As I walked down I saw some more writing on the wall - ഇടത്തേക്ക് പോ - which I had no idea what this meant either. After a few more minutes, I came to a fork in the tunnel. I decided to go right because I was right handed and I thought, "what could go wrong?"

That was the wrong decision, and I found that out as soon as I stepped on a rock and it sunk into the floor. After that happened, I heard a click above me. I looked up in time to see the falling sword blade. I dodged but it still sliced my face. It hurt, but I had no time to stop because more blades were falling. I ran back the way I came, dodging the blades as they fell. Then I finally made it back to the fork where the blades couldn't fall.

"That was super close," I said. I didn't get seriously hurt but I had to be careful from now on. I took the the other way and hoped that I didn't run into any thing else.

I surprisingly didn't run into anything else as I went through the tunnels and passages. When I suddenly heard a loud boom I stopped and listened. Then I headed toward the sound. I turned a corner and there was another boom, and I saw a glow at the end of the tunnel. I ran over to it not knowing what I would find, but when I got there, there was nothing.

I looked around and I saw a ladder and a passage to the right. There was another boom and light came from both of the ways I could go. It came out brighter from the ladder passage though. So that is the way I took.

When I emerged from the hole that the ladder was in, I saw a shocking sight. I saw my friends trapped in a cell like the one I was in, and they were watching Sethdore and the old man battling.

Suddenly one of them threw a bomb, and it exploded. The force of it made me lose my grip and fall. I hit the ground hard on my right arm. Pain exploded through my arm. I growled and stood up. I thought that maybe if I went up the other passage, I would make it to the back of the cell holding my friends. I walked over and looked down it. It looked dangerous. I thought about my friends trapped in the cell.

"Come on, Cloud, you can do it," I told myself. Then I took a deep breath and started up the passage.

(photo of Cloud in the cell)

If you want you can go to goggle translate and see what the strange words say. (The words translate from Malayalam to English).

Minor editing done by my mom @apanamamama


Oh man! That Cloud character sure is brave!!

Yay! 🤗
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