From behind the clouds, a tinge

Say silence

Letters that will last forever
Remember you, in poetry

Even so mortal
Everything you thought would be immortal

Digital painting by:

Dari balik awan, semburat
Cahaya bulan

Kabarkan kesunyian

Huruf huruf yang hendak abadi
Mengenangmu, dalam puisi

Walau demikian fana
Segala yang kau kira akan baka


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hi there. I saw you spotlighted in Scholar and Scribe. Well done, that's awesome. I noted in one of your comment replies that you said you used google translate. Might I suggest using Deepl instead. i think it will capture the essence of your poetry better... her is an example of Monnlight using Deepl:

"From behind the clouds, a tinge

Illuminate the silence

Letters of letters that would be eternal
Remembering you, in poetry

However ephemeral
Everything you thought would be eternal"

Just a thought. I hope it helps! I know it must be hard to get the beauty of your poetry from your home language into English and achieve the same sense of beauty.


Ok. Thank you
I Will try to use deepl



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