What do your Twitter impressions look like?

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As @poshtoken is rolling on while we're working on more additions, some refinements and other features I figured it'd be a good time to see how people are doing with their reach on #web2.

Since these stats aren't public and the authentication that hiveposh.com requires is minimal and doesn't check more data (our own choice for now as to not risk user's data), figured I'd check if you all would be interested to share your stats with us here. If you aren't aware of where you can find them, it's basically here:


and then you click on Analytics and it'll load a different page showing you your 28 day summary and your tweet's performance in the next tab. Here's some screenshots of mine:



Needless to be said we're still in the beginning stages of POSH and over time we're definitely going to consider making the equations towards the token distribution more deserving depending on actual impressions and reach but for now this is a good start. There's plenty of other things to be working on to add towards the posh ecosystem to grow its demand and utility and I can't wait to start having these released over time and see what you all think about it.

While I can't say too much about an idea we're going to reward our top POSH'ers with, if you're clever enough and follow @rishi556's activity you may figure out what it's about. ;)

Either way, tagging some of the top POSH earners here to grab their attention to this post, if you hate the tags please let me know in the comment section so I won't tag you in the future in case I do these impression checkup posts again!

@madushanka @jlufer @taskmaster4450le @anggreklestari @hafiz34 @hive-data @cetb2008 @daltono @felixgarciap @traciyork @kawsar8035 @papilloncharity @belemo @eddiespino @lisbethseijas @imfarhad @tattoodjay @visualblock @fermionico @zullyscott @daveks @equipodelta @photofeed @marybellrg @oscarps @jongolson @elizabeths14 @edwing357 @kemmyb @ervin-lemark @priyanarc @aplusd @universoperdido @firayumni @alberto0607 @joheredia21 @baibuaza @ilazramusic @seckorama @gaboamc2393 @polish.hive @thisismylife @theycallmedan @mariale07 @soyunasantacruz @wiseagent @wbrandt @numa26 @hive-blockchain @thisisawesome @nahupuku @xoxois @readthisplease @kadoshmenorah @joanstewart @storiesoferne @soehada @jcrodriguez @sugarelys @akukamaruzzaman @gr33nm4ster

Half of the rewards on this post going to @poshtoken which as all rewards it does receive go back towards token buy back or development!

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Hello @acidyo good afternoon
These are my statistics, there are some indexes that I must improve
Have a beautiful afternoon

vestadistica tw.jpg

Hey! That are so impressive stats, you are doing a great work in the posh development and Hive engagement on Twitter. I hope to integrate the TOP POSH earners some day.

These are my stats, I need to improve it hahaha:

Bro you've been killing it!

~~~ embed:1572670756408168449 twitter metadata:d2hlZWxseV9kb3BlfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL3doZWVsbHlfZG9wZS9zdGF0dXMvMTU3MjY3MDc1NjQwODE2ODQ0OXw= ~~~

~~~ embed:1572755248808361985 twitter metadata:QW5hNzg0NzI3NzB8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vQW5hNzg0NzI3NzAvc3RhdHVzLzE1NzI3NTUyNDg4MDgzNjE5ODV8 ~~~

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @shiftrox, @mcoinz79, @crazyphantombr, @awildovasquez ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Rough go for me lately, need to get back on my Twitter game!



this quite good. 19.9k visit is great.

Not bad!

These impressions are terrible. I guess I have been listed to some shadowban/bot list. Many of my tweets aren't visible to my followers. I also have been banned for some time without any explanation

For comparision
2 years ago

7 months ago

Awesome stats from your end. I could only hit 2.8k impressions with my 450 followers.


That's a decent ratio!

Hi 👋, this is my report. Thank you for your work!!

Thanks for the tag, @acidyo. Here's the stats of my tweet's performance.

Lately when I tweet, I don't get the usual posh comment on posts anymore. Is this a bot thing?

Better late than never.

I been slacking.


Maybe promo will get u back up to speed. :p

Nice stats! Haven't been Tweeting as much the last month, but I only have 165 followers xD


those are great considering your followers

The engagement on Twitter is horrible though, so that ratio is... quite frightening lmao :D

This is what you call no effort twittering LOL



I just joined Twitter recently for Posh. I know am very much on the low in
No idea where others here get there screen shot

I mentioned in the post where you can find the stats!

I guess it was too early for me to focus. Thanks for reminder
my disability does help am so ashame, Ok I don't see more on the app. Maybe next time

It's good to see statistics from Twitter accounts, I just found out about them, but unfortunately I can't see them, because I'm using a mobile phone, I'll see when using a computer.

Mine. xD


how does DocumentingHive account compare?

My stats are here, definitely want to grow my account and have some great ideas for this.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 1.21.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 1.22.20 PM.png

Looks like you had a couple great tweets those few days. :D

Whenever impressions jump up like that for me, it is almost always because I got retweeted by somebody with a lot of followers. A lot of music artists are more than happy to retweet something promoting their work.

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 1.34.06 PM.png

That's a great example of how to get a nice reach and traffic towards our front-ends, wouldn't need many to actually check the link out and sign up for it to start escalating!

Here are my stats:


dear @acidyo it is my report ,, not handsome but hope in future will grow more

Really curious! I saw my analytics and they are pretty bad. I use mostly my twitter to share my post on hive.
I need to improve how I manage my social medias.

Hi!!! thanks for the mention, here I leave my stats, I have not had the best numbers, I have not been very active last week, check in August and I was doing very well, but for now I am like this:

Nothing too crazy, but I did just make this account about 6-7 weeks ago and I've only got 32 tweets including replies. So, not tooooo bad.

Here is mine. Thanks for information


Well, I think we have improved a bit since the last time I read the statistics...to tell you the truth, if you didn't make this call to action, I wouldn't have noticed how far we have come. Thanks for mention.

Screenshot 2022-09-21 203308.jpg

Screenshot 2022-09-21 203709.jpg

awsome project hope this helps!

Screenshot (217).png

Screenshot (216).png

Here are my analytics.

We are working day by day to get more people to #Hive

Sin título.png

Ehm, what? Those stats are surprisingly weirdly high.

They are my statesmen, a work of days and a lot of effort

No problems, I've been at this for a long time, since I started years ago in Fotolia, now Adobe Photoshop and google plus, I had a bit of an abandoned twitter until a few months ago. @acidyo

Oh, must've been a bug on the first image then or a translation error when it said "mil" I assumed it was millions. This explains it.

Would you mind sharing the "tweets" tab as well? Just curious what that may look like

Very good statistics

Thanks @alberto0607 , I try to show high quality work to my followers on twitter, letting see that hive is a great place to blog.

took a break off twitter for a while, but here is mine. i need to get my twitter hive game back soon.

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 5.39.32 PM.png

Mine's horrible! I probably should create another one that's exclusive for Hive. I tweet shit.

But the point is to get your regular followers to join Hive too. :P

My followers are mostly my friends and majority of them are already on Hive. Those left are too stubborn to join.

I would love to be tagged as being one the top Posh earners :D

Here are the twitter statistics from Visualblock

I used to be active on Twitter a lot but later fleeing from the war, I reduced my activity. But I think I should be back in the race...


A glance on my Twitter stats. Hope to level up with better scores. 😊

storiesoferne - twitter stats.jpg

These are my stats:


Super interesting. Here's mine. How do I get in on this @poshtoken business?

Twitter Analytics.png

My stats are embarassing. It looks like I need to pay more attention to my Twitter presence...


We're trying to incentivize that activity a bit nowadays to hopefully bring more traffic towards our ecosystem. :)

I really need to become more active, will not share my poor stats but it's all in the green, but still room for improvement!

Hi @acidyo, I think I'm not doing as well as I would like, I need to improve a lot of things, it's hard for me to express myself with so little 😂 but I'm not that bad.


Here are my statistics @acidyo



I'm only a drop in the ocean... but at least I'm there 🙂


I guess my stats aren't that bad.

Pretty decent considering the amount of followers!

Thanks! I'm always trying to spread the word about hive and everything that happens in it as much as possible!

I have really bad stats LOL

:D at least it's going up!

lol, you are right🤣

I am here working and doing my best to promote valuable people. Hopefully someday I will be able to belong to the above mentioned group. I will keep working for it. Thank you for this post and all your hard work....

I leave you my humble statistics.


Here's my Twitter stats. Still needs improvement...

aplusd - twitter stats.jpg

Always a pleasure to assist where able, unfortunately I have not been online much of late between rolling blackouts our country is suffering along with some personal affairs being attended to at the home, better stats are achievable than the previous month.... !LOLZ

Hope this helps toward what you working with.

Your figures are amazing congratulations, I'll be watching you to learn 😊.

Share when finding great content, always add your own tags, be consistent and thanks for kind words.

What good advice, thank you very much

Have fun growing your web, wishing you a wonderful day.

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These are great!

👍 have a great day, thanks for all you do for Hive.

I have lowered my activity in my personal account a bit to dedicate more time to the project account, but here are my statistics

Screenshot 2022-09-21 181744.png

I only recently started to use Twitter again. Starting from a totally fresh account. Not too bad so far!

I am promoting Hive through web 2.0


I don't spend a lot of time on social media so my stats won't look as impressive as yours.

We all doing our part, mine weren't that big a couple years ago neither and I just started using twitter in an attempt to promote Hive. :)

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