Some thoughts on POSH and lightning network

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A thought came to mind some time ago, may have been during the Hivefest presentation by @brianoflondon discussing v4v and the connection he's set up with Hive and Bitcoin's lightning network.

While we have been claiming account credits with @poshtoken thanks to the delegations by users to it and have been considering doing a "get a free hive account by authorizing with your Twitter and have us approve you for one after manually checking your account's history/activity". Another great way that users could prove themselves would be to register only the Twitter authentication and as long as they'd POSH "properly", i.e. include the #hive tag and a link from one of our front-ends, they'd still be able to earn POSH.


Since they won't have a hive account yet by then and we wouldn't want to force them to get one just yet, since we'd already love it if more people outside the ecosystem would share hive links to their followers to begin with for the possibly small but real rewards they could earn through POSH, we were instead thinking of enabling the withdrawal of their rewards into a currency of their own choosing. This is where @v4vapp by @brianoflondom would be of use. If you've followed what he's been doing, and the ease of exchanging your Hive and HBD from one feeless network to another "almost (I think)" feeless network, it's quite cool the possibilities it opens for payments and connections to other things which Hive directly doesn't have access to.

With that in mind, we could make it possible for "web2" accounts to still earn POSH, accumulate til they have enough to make it worth the withdrawal, and us being in charge of making sure it gets traded for Hive, then sent through v4v to their Bitcoin Lightning Wallet address. This is something that could easily spread and become popular because we all know how little utility and ways to earn Bitcoin there are out there. While this would entail sell pressure on POSH, keep in mind that our main focus is to bring more traffic to our ecosystem and strengthen our presence on web2, currently just Twitter.

Why stop there? If we can allow for Bitcoin Lightning Network withdrawals, surely we could also start allowing other currencies with nowadays small fees, either through hive-engine and their output gateways or maybe even @leofinance's bridges (bhive, phive, etc).

Anyway, mainly posting this to hear your thoughts on the idea and to point out how quickly something like this could avalanche into something much bigger over time. As an example, if we were to get a few bigger Twitter influencers with 10-50k followers who'd start POSH'ing, earning a great deal of the daily POSH issuance which they can turn into Hive or their currency of choice while at the same time directing a lot of attention towards our front-ends, it could catch on and start interesting more and more users and Hive's ecosystem would benefit from it quite a lot. In the meantime we'd continue using our Hive earnings on the account to provide liquidity and buy pressure towards the initiative.

Another thing many may not think of at first is that POSH could be a good first step to get people to finally "bother" to create their own Hive account, learn how Hive works and start posting their own content they'd get to share on their Twitter if they can't seem to find content they'd wanna share at the time. Once they do that we could also "force" them to accept and learn how to trade POSH themselves rather by advertising it as it'll include less fees that way and they'd realize the world they've been missing out on on our layer two/s.

Anyway x2, there's a lot of ideas, additions and things we're going to be throwing at POSH in the near future, our dev/s may soon also have more time to continue developing everything that fills my head that I think would make POSH better so I'm looking forward to see what works, what doesn't and how this all will grow and the effects it'll have on Hive and all our dapps and front-ends as a whole.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of this web2 signup earning for your Tweets idea.



I think it is a great way to get the tentacles of Hive spreading. It is fun to watch how the infrastructure that is being built is adding to the innovation others are applying.

Anything to reach out further and make people aware of what is possible with the Hive ecosystem is a big step forward. I like the creativity and ingenuity applied.

Using v4v could be a great way to get to those who might be interested in participating but are not well versed in Hive. Paying over lightning is tapping into something that is more well known.

To me, this seems worthy of pursuing further.

Really interesting idea. Would you let POSHers decide which coins/tokens to receive their rewards in?

There are some fees for using the Lightning bridge, but it might still be very compelling for folks to earn some Sats from POSHing.

Also, how do I create a Lightning wallet for my Twitter profile to receive Sats as tips? I thought that was already a thing.

I think this feature will be something we'll put a fee on, and say the fees would either burn the tokens or send them to our buyback wallet @poshtoken.wallet. So allowing anyone to choose a different form of payment would be unnecessary if they already have hive accounts.

Yeah even with the fees on both ends it's still something compared to nothing anywhere else. :D

Not sure about the last one, haven't looked into it much, maybe @brianoflondon can help you there.

This is such an excellent idea! BTC lightning Network withdrawals for web 2 accounts. You made a really good case for this!

The other day we gave a Hive workshop with the @swisshive community. While explaining the steps to one of the guys, I noticed how tedious the process could be for someone who isn't that brisk or tech adroit.

I'm super excited about the coming months and how this blockchain will further evolve to become more user-friendly.

Anything to bridge the gap and bring people to Hive is awesome.

It sounds pretty good. I agree with @derangedvisions on this. If this will attract people to the Hive, why is that bad? I'm all for any idea that will grow our ecosystem, as long as it's not too ridiculous.

I think this is a great idea. Not much people know about Hive and the rewards it entails. This would be a great way to get word out @acidyo

I think those are very nice ideas to attract more people to our ecosystem, or at least to shed some light on it. As already mentioned by @derangedvisions, anything is good with this respect. Therefore, I am all for it!

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Do we want to make it easier for them to earn bitcoin? It's a hard choice between traffic and then not paying in POSH.

Posh would still get used, cause trading volume, etc, so it's not a big L for POSH but could be a big W for Hive.

If it's a big win for Hive, then it sounds good.

Cross chain interaction is always going to bring in more eyes.

This idea is very attractive to me, that in the web.2 see that a benefit is generated by placing the word posh and wonder where it is generated, to learn that it is through web 3.0 generating original quality content, would generate a lot of curiosity and genuine interest, I support the idea!

The initiative looks really great, twitter is a famous social network, with many users and really influential people, if more people win tokens thanks to Hive, now on twitter, surely these people want to try Hive, this would definitely make the network grow .

Although it looks somewhat complicated in certain parts, for many people the lightning network is still complicated to use, many people do not even know what to do with their sats there.

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