Voting Service BACK AGAIN | Better, fairer in general - but especially for CCCEO supporter

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Authored by @PowerPaul


The CryptoCompany Voting Service is back again! After it shut down for 3 days after overwhelming usage I had to include some new features. Let's walk thru and profit from it as an early user.

By the way...

The Discord members were informed about the re-opening of the voter 24 hours ago and were able to use the service again. Kind of "Yeah, great to follow CryptoCompany on Discord, too!" The activity on the CryptoCompany Discord is actually a little low. So I assume to initiate more special actions there. Join there to benefit from all awesome things (and as early as possible)!


Back to the topic:

Situation until 3 days ago & my goals during optimization:

Small recap: Because of the rising popularity of the Voting Service the moments of low mana came more often and I had to pause the service more often, because I did not wanted to give you votes with a lower mana than 80 or 70 percent. The good ratio between investment and return is very important for me (and I assume for you, too ;-)). But when I reopened the service some users pushed a lot of unvoted articles into the voter what forced the voter to pause again. So the situation was "who was the fastest, won". I had to encounter this, to make the voter available to as many Hivians as possible - but in the same time to fase and reward supporters of CryptoCompany.

Most important for me: to keep this pretty lucrative ratio for you, between your investment and return, and I am glad that I am able to maintain it.

I think I met this field of tension (between voting many Hivians and be thankful for supporters) in a for all users welcoming way and assume that this changings, which I explain in the following sentences, will fit the service needs - and most important your needs. I know that the popularity of the voting service will increase and I encountered/planned the upcoming steps already. So I assume the actual model can hold up a relevant amount of time + I am prepared for the next steps as soon as the service should be overwhelmed again.


On the service site I made you a special offer. And I would be happy if you, as early bird, use this offer. This offer is limited in his amount and will disappear as soon as the the available amount is full / the service comes to his full capacity utilisation again. Because you are the honored supporters of the CCCEO Voting Service I would be happy for you, if you use this offer and secure yourself the highest benefits from the voter.


Minor change first - but very important for some users...

I made little changings to the page layout to accommodate users on mobile devices. This fits to the general re-work I do step by step in the last time to optimize for mobile users. This means the "order a vote process" is more clear and obvious.

Major changes:

I implemented two things:

First: I adapted the available amount of votes per user. The range differs between one vote in 24 hours and 12 hours - depending on if you have staked CCD and/or how many CCD you have staked.

Second: I adapted the vote weight, depending on your CCD stake. As always; Without a stake you can receive a 50 percent vote as always. If you stake CCD, you can get up to 100 percent votes.

Short explaining (and repeating my words): So you can use this service, no matter what. But if you support CCCEO your reward is secured in form of more and higher votes. But unrelated if you support CCCEO via staking CCD: All in all the votes are more fair distributed.


100,000 CCD or more = up to a 60% vote every 20 hours.
200,000 CCD or more = up to a 70% vote every 16 hours.
300,000 CCD or more = up to a 80% vote every 12 hours.
400,000 CCD or more = up to a 90% vote every 12 hours.
500,000 CCD or more = up to a 100% vote every 12 hours.


With staked CCDollar you not only unlock functions in your CryptoCompany, but also collect CCPower. CCPower gives you a whole bunch of advantages! I'm pretty sure you'll want to find out all your (official / public known) CCPower your benefits!


Without a CCD stake or less than 100,000 CCD staked you can receive a vote value up to 50% every 24 hours. PLEASE BE AWARE: The CCPower overview still shows the CCPower for liquid CCD, instead of staked CCD - I am right now on this task to correct the display; this is a relict from the past and needs to be changed. So don't worry, if there is the "wrong" value for staked CCD. Everything is calculated/registered correctly in the background.

Yes, I was a little scared about to introduce the new features, but the feedback was pretty positive so far and has confirmed my thinking of "how to maintain the most lucrative voting service on the Hive Blockchain and being fair to supporters". Thank you for the feedback so far! But if you have a critical meaning about that, please don't hold back! Because my goal is to provide the best service to you - your satisfaction and growing this incredible nice community is my aim!


As a secret special: How I said, the actual offer on the website, to increase your votes and their weight via CCD, is limited. And there is more! I can't tell you what the secret/hidden special is, if you use this offer and when I close this opportunity, because calling it out would spoiler you and undermine the honest loyalty of the loved supporters of CryptoCompany. But I am pretty sure that you will not regret to use this offer. Why, you will understand as soon as the actual capacity of the service is reached again. Because I like you, I really like to engage you: secure your benefits as long as the possibility to secure them is open!

Any questions? If so, please write me a comment.

Now it only remains for me to say... Enjoy your day
& thank you for being here. You are the selected one!
See you later in the comments!

Make the best out of the your day!

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Finally, @powerpaul I've seen a post from Crypto company.... Tomorrow being Sunday hope I'll be less busy so I can take my time and be a part of this great project..... I'm super super impressed and I mean why wouldn't I be... We've got Power Paul as manager 🥰🥰

today in Sunday... or didn't I thought so? Now I am really confused... Maybe I need more sleep... (My feeling for the day/night cycle is really messed up... lol. I wondered for a moment why my backend acted like it did... Now everything is clear...)[@PowerPaul:] Oh... I think the whole day

Thank you for the kind words, buddy! (But I have my/enough weak points, too... but:) At least I try as best as I can, I mean to myself... (But maybe that's a lie and I should exhaust myself MOOOOOOOORE! [ I am always critical about that... I am kind of ill, yes.]).


However... A joy for me to serve you and our beloved blockchain! Stay groovy!



Being self critical is a sign of an artist... You're doing very well Paul..
And as always more Power To Paul

Thank you buddy... <3. Still critical about if I really do well - or at least acceptable; but yes, you seem to be right with "Being self critical is a sign of an artist"... Let's hope my artist--like behavior is not in the way where it should be better being a little less "artistic"... (Damn... in reflection of my last few comments i wrote in the last minutes today, the self-criticism kicked in +200% today... lol)

Hive a great day & enjoy him!


Thanks for the update

Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH(1/5)@cryptocompany! (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @servelle.

you for your support![@PowerPaul:] You are highly welcome! Thank

Enjoy your day!



I'm glad it's now more fairer than ever. I also want to know about the secret special for the CPP. I'm excited to know what is that..

[@PowerPaul:] Of course I hoped that I can make you curious! ;-) I can't give to many hints, but what I can tell you + sending a picture: when I see your staked CCD, I see you are going into the right direction! ;-) You are doing well!

Hive a great start into the new week!



thanks for the update.


you! And do you know what? Isn't the world and all the nice dudes on it awesome? Let me share my vibe with you! You earned it! Thank you for being part of the community! Right now I have a little spare mana... Let me visit your blog... Votes incoming...[@PowerPaul:] Buddy! Thank

Hive a great start into the new week!



You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ imfarhad. (1/30)@cryptocompany!

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe
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Hello @powerpaul, it is always good to read an update for this project and I am glad that would be another usecase for CCD and people looking to buy more! 😇

Keep up the good work and 'HIVE' a lovely day! 😉


[@PowerPaul:] Total! Yeeaaaah! Buy buy buy buy buy - was my thought too, lol.

I left you something in your blog... 😘

But not that we get used to it! 😅

Buddy, Hive a lovely day, too! You are awesome!

(P.S.: Yeeeeeah, the first time I read somebody adapted the have/Hive-changing stuff! lol)



I always !LUV to see your replies, because it makes me smile all the time! 😊

Thank you so much for your support under my blogs and I hope a lot of people will come when the game goes to public and they quickly sweep up the remainder CCD until your price of 0.001, which is not that big of a gap! 🤑

In the mean time I will keep buying CCD and stake it to further help you reach your goals and to make this project big. 😉

'HIVE' (I noticed quite some time ago and decided to try it out! Looks cool!) a lovely day my friend and do not forget to rest as well apart from working all the time! 😇

[@PowerPaul:] Great! Let me support that smile! Awesome for me, too!

Oh, yes, may the force be with us... but in every case I am confident that we will have a comfy lounge to be within! Last time we have good developments within the stuff behind the scene - so I am confident & looking forward to what CCCEO will grow one day.

Baba Buddy, you are awesome! All the time... So happy about to have you in our all community. People like you make it to what it is.

You too, bro. You too. Hive a great time & thank you for being here from the bottom of my heart!



Sharing on Twitter.

[@PowerPaul:] DJ, you are awesome! Daaammmnnn! Thank you hundet times for your support!



Welcome back.

[@PowerPaul:] I wish I would have a recorded scratch sample for you which sounds like "W W W Welcommmme BACK!"... lol

(I made a few scratch samples last week... This AI stuff is soooo cool to generate own voice samples to scratch them... You tried them? "Do Do Do you believe there is a a any Paul? A A Any DJ? T T T There is only one Pow Pow PowerPaaaaaaul! There is only [Okay, now it gets ridiculous...] La la ladies & G G Gentlemen, H H heree iiiiis... and so on..." Oh my god... Yes, it's wild here sometimes...)



Glad most things are going well!
So, you're saying that I should stake my CCD instead of leaving it liquid? Right now it shows that I have great CCP but when I staked my CCD , my CCP didn't go up.


[@PowerPaul:] Absolutely! Totally! As much as you can. Yes, the display is still showing CCP the liquid CCD - the display still needs to be corrected. I assume this will be done within next days.

I absolutely recommend staking CCD. Not only for the voter, but because the Access Code for new functions and all the other benefits showed in the overview table.

Thank you for your comment! I am here for all exchange and all questions! Glad to serve you!



You must be killin' it out here!
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You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


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[@PowerPaul:] Lee, you are awesome! Thank you so much for your steady support! Exciting! Like you are!




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