Delegation Dynasty 2 Report #1 | The Dynasties Are Growing

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Authored by @PowerPaul


I actually wanted to start this new series of articles last weekend, but somehow something came up (and luckily down again [or vice versa?])...

In the future, I would like to keep you informed about movements in Delegation Dynasty 2. Not out of self-interest, of course, but because I received the question when I reported the current status to a Hive user: "Why didn't you tell me this earlier? If I had known, then...” Then you could always make sure to get the top APR and thus keep your revenue at the best level.

So in the future I would like to keep you informed about developments and movements in Delegation Dynasty 2. You could also look directly on the site, but I would be happy to create a service post here from time to time. After all, we all benefit from it.

Therefore: If there are some relevant movements, I will publish a small report. So let's get started!

As I said: I actually wanted to start at the weekend, because there was quite a lot of movement in the rankings and you might want to see if you still get the top APR and possibly add to it...

But before I present actual developments:

I would like to say a word of thanks. Delegation Dynasty 2 is very well appreciated by you, your use of it is great and your CryptoCompany also benefits greatly from it. Your CryptoCompany and the entire community are now benefiting from almost 76,000.000 delegated HP! My thanks to all players and participiants from the bottom of my heart!

I am very happy about that! But most of all I am happy for the clever Hivians who invest the CCD earned for the voting service and thus generate an income that is probably unique on the Hive Blockchain. Nowhere is it easier and more convenient to get CCD than with Delegation Dynasty 2 and nowhere is it more profitable to convert it into votes via your CryptoCompany Voting Service. Many users have already recognized this link and are obviously very happy with it. But the joy and gratitude on my part is probably even greater! It is truly a pleasure for me to have created such a good mechanism for you. Thank you for celebrating and using it the way you do!


Now to the current report. In the last 10 days...

There were a few movements that I would like to report on briefly. Not only to honor the respective delegators. Also to give a little hint to Hivians who may have slipped out of the gold, silver or bronze range. But the whole movement is very exciting to read! See yourself and read through!

Not only @belhaven14 has started to build up her wealth and is now in 50th place (with 25.0176 HP). @flamo has also been added today and has reached 32nd place with 137.908 HP - but is just 15 HP below the bronze level, which earns 14% APR. Currently, 153.393 HP are required to reach the bronze level. However, 13% APR (all accounts under bronze) is also very impressive!

@cantfoldaces (currently in 19th place with 250.186 HP) and, a few days earlier, @cryptounicorn420 (currently in 17th place with 380.717 HP) got off to a flying start. Both are currently in the silver range of the rankings and receive 15% APR. Congratulations!

A lot has also happened in the gold sector with 16% APR! @hive-140084 (the community of #FreeCompliments - currently 1000.66 HP) actually entered the gold range a few days ago, but was pushed back to 11th place by @ironshield (with 1010.1 HP in 9th place). To reach the gold range, 1003.39 HP are currently required - a small battle could almost break out here - as we have seen in the past when the HP gaps are so small.

Another new addition is the @freecompliments account. This account has already been topped up several times and has currently secured 5th place with a solid 2901.59 HP delegation.

Now there are only winners and never losers in Delegation Dynasty 2. Despite this, however, I would still like to notify 2 or 3 accounts that may have slipped out of an area due to recent movements... You may want to correct your ranking in order to get the best possible APR again.

@irisworld, slipped from gold to silver because of the entering of @freecompliments and @hive-140084. Whereby @hive-140084 himself has already been pushed out of the gold range by @ironshield.

As a result of all the new additions, @fredfettmeister, @successchar and @braaiboy were also pushed from silver to bronze. Things could get particularly tense here, as the HP range between 19th place (260.186 HP) and 24th place (250.065) is very small. So whoever makes only a slight improvement here will be back at the top. @arpuch (currently in 24th place) has already made a big improvement in the last few days and was in 30th place 4 days ago (with 151.148 HP).

So it will be very exciting to see how the race for the best APR develops over the next few days!

Due to the 4 newcomers in the upper table area, @kei2, @high8125theta, @valdiva and @karizma also slipped out of bronze. Funnily enough, @kei2 would only need to add a single HP and would be back in bronze (ranks 21 to 30) - but that would push @ravenmus1c down to 31st place. So it could also make sense for @ravenmus1c to add a little more to avoid being on the verge of bronze - just as a small hint... ;-)

But even @hive-140084 would only need 2.5 HP more to get back into gold.

Last but not least, I would like to honor our 3 top placements:

Rank 1: @forykw (actually with 36,311.9 HP)

Rank 2: @balte (actually with 10,226.2 HP)

Rank 3: @treasure.hoard (actually with 6,059.33 HP)

Once again my word of thanks!

So you can see: No matter where in the ranking, it is and remains very exciting - and to be honest, I'm happy if I was able to trigger a few impulses among the participants of Delegation Dynasty 2.

I'm excited to see what will be reported in the next report!

(And somehow Delegation Dynasty 2 seems better to me than any Kinder Surprise - with even more games, fun and excitement. 😉 And daily payout!)

Game, info, fun and excitement (+ overview table) here:

Now it only remains for me to say...

See you later in the comments & the rankings!

Make the best out of the your day!


The "Comment & Win" function with !PGM function... Yes, the PGM bot is down since a few days weeks, but I still refuse to exclude it from the banner. I think we all have the hope (& should motivate @zottone) to hold up the project.

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Nice to see the ranking and movement of the delegations. It looks like a football match with the players moving up and down when I read your summary! !LOLZ 😅

Have a lovely day Paul! 😉

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[@PowerPaul:] Oh yes, I totally agree! I was really a lot of joy to write this. Exciting!

Thank you bro for your wishes! Maybe the most joyful thing in my day is to read from you and the whole community. This really brings my heart to shine!

Lord, thank you so much! For everything! This makes my day...

You too buddy, you too...



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@lorddiablo, I sent you an

Thanks for the report, 76k hp from dynasty 2 is really a blessing for your community.

Your community. ;-) Thank you for being a part of it![@PowerPaul:]

Be blessed buddy!



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Excellent update. Thanks for creating such a wonderful system.

you for being part of this wonderful community![@PowerPaul:] Thank




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but was pushed back to 11th place by @ironshield

Oh boy, competition! :-)

[@PowerPaul:] lol Great answer! This is how it goes!



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