Guests with Hera

in Hive Pets11 months ago

Hello everyone, nice and sunny day wish you...
Today we were at my parents' house visiting With my friend and Our Pet...


It was very warm but we didn't miss the desire to play...


He's waiting for the ball, and he's waiting for the ball, and he can't wait anymore...


Where do I know I didn't see her here somewhere...
She's sick for a ball... He doesn't want anything else, is there a ball involved...




I want her... She doesn't take a look at what she wants most after the food... 😁


And jump for the ball the most desirable thing from Hera...
Thank you for your time a nice and successful day for everyone... 🌄🙂🙏


Hello Hera! Such a nice Dog 🐕

Thank you! 🙏🙂🌄

She reminds me so much of Scooby doo because of her color and her collar haha

Haha to have something true... 😁😂

Yay! 🤗
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Мьлката принцеса Хера която има сърце по - голямо от нея самата ❤️❤️