Shiro's Grooming Day - It's Night And Day!

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Today it’s time for Shiro to get a proper grooming. @Kryptik.tigrrr3d mentioned the other day shiro looks like he needs a bath and that’s true! It has been 3 weeks and he looks even dirty because he likes to run around and play under the table. You can see Shiro’s before grooming picture here and above is his newest, slick and clean version of him. When I went to the place, it was difficult to get him into the carrier but eventually with some treats, I was able to bring him to the vet for grooming. In that place, they are not only cleaning pets but also checking up the pets and providing hospital service for cats.

After cleaning him we decided to have a walk and he looks really dashing. I also asked the staff to clean his fur and properly cut it. Now, he can regrow the fur healthy and I can only hope, some of the lice and nits were taken away during that process. I ended up spending the day cuddling him and playing with him because he smells good and was really fun to play with. Some of his poses are also memeable and that’s what's funny about that. I certainly will miss him when I am away from home in a few weeks.

That's why for now, I am spending time with him as much as I can before leaving him for a few months. It's going to be sad and at least by having pictures uploaded here, I can still see him often.

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Bathing a cat has to be one of the most difficult task in the world. 😂😂

Do you know cats are by nature hydrophobic because they clean themselves day and night and don't require much human intervention. This is a reason why, comparatively stray cats are always way too clean than the pet cats. Even I have cats and it's such a hassle to bath them. But if we don't clean house cats they'll probably be infected with lice, but we hardly see any lice on stray cats. That's due to a couple of reasons. Stray cats have access to sunlight whenever they want. They clean themselves alot more than the house cats. You see, nature is beautiful, if humans don't intervene...

Bathing cat is difficult that's why I bring him to grooming place 😂. It's worth the hassle and saves me and my mom from being scratched again. I notice that about stray cats and I guess I should take him outside even more. Thanks for checking him out!

Aww. You might feel the separation anxiety after leaving. Anyway, it's really good to cuddle pets who just got groomed! 🥺♥️

🙁 I hope not since I am mostly away half of the year from my family and I've grown attached to him.

Hi @macchiata! Shiro looked great, I love it. 😻

thank you for checking him out @tiaene !

At your command @macchiata! Through your posts I am very fond of Shiro, he makes me smile every time I see his pictures, he is a very special cat.

He is totally adorable, ready to get a girlfriend, he will miss you for sure, it is very sad to have to leave them.

😂 maybe it's time to find him girlfriend! but I doubt my mom would like another cats and kitten. One is enough for her for now. We also have freelancer cats a.k.a stray cats that comes to our house to eat.

Shiro is a beautiful cat!, he reminds me of my cat Mau in the colors. 😻

I love that you take him out for walks and it's a great idea to upload pictures of him so you can always see him even when you're not there.💕

@valeriavalentina He is! have you ever written about Mau? I'd love to see it. Do you also take Mau for walks ?

have you ever written about Mau? I'd love to see it.

Yes, I've written about her and my other cats a lot around here. 😻

Here's a post and and two photos of Mau:

As you can see she looks a bit like Shiro in her fur colors!

Do you also take Mau for walks ?

Mau is an indoor cat, so she is calm inside, but for a while I lived in a house and I used to take her out in the garden, which was quite big. 🐱

As I said on Twitter, this cat is so cute! I want to pinch his cheeks, he looks so alive and beautiful after a bath.

@incublus haha I'd pinch his cheeks for you. He's that cute and now, I am just getting even more attached to him!

This cat is very cute, I like it.

@ottomu thank you!! I loved your post as well and will be checking them out often.