Grooming Talk : Bathing and Proper Food

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Bathing a cat is a thing that I need to know more about. I actually forgot to ask this to the vet last time but before I make some impulsive decision, I would love to know,


How often do you bathe your cat?

In the past, with our cats, we usually bathed them once every two weeks which I think was sort of OK but but apparently, there is a suggestion that you can bathe your cat every 4-6 weeks and that it also depends on whether they are indoor/outdoor cats. At the same time, I think 4-6 weeks are a bit too long considering that Shiro gets dirty pretty easily. As a background though, He’s an indoor cat but sometimes he goes out with me for a short walk. Even when I did not take him out for a walk, his fur looks a bit more greasy. The only time that it doesn’t look that way is certainly after his bath.


So, I’ve been wondering if that also has to do with his food rather than how many times he bathes. I read that unbalanced nutrition can also be the cause, which is something that I’ve been researching now. In the past, my mom just buys whatever food is available as long as it looks and smells good.


I think that price does not necessarily mean that it has balanced nutrition. So, that's why I told her to also read the ingredients instead buying from cat food like you see above as it doesn't contain any information. She doesn’t really read the packaging nor understand the ingredients. I think when it comes to the freelance cat that we have, that’s sort of OK but for Shiro, it seems like he needs proper care so that his fur stays healthy.

I also give him a small amount of extra wet food. As you see below, this packaging would last me 3 days and I plan on giving it a bit more variety next time.


I also realized that some brands have more water content than the other which is another consideration that I am currently making moving forwards. I was reading through this blog and it has some amazing information that I needed Cat Food to Consider When You’re Shoppingand perhaps you can learn from it too. Dry food certainly is our #1 go-to choice as it’s pretty affordable and nutrient dense but I think that I want to give my cat a bit more nutrition and also, make it a treat especially when I am on the familiarizing stage with him.


Shiro has been good lately and is now more responsive than before. He would come to any of us if we called by his name, would start sleeping on the couch and enter the room and sleep on the floor. He’s also fine with being touched unlike before and the first time I saw him. He is also less agitated and less howling especially during the night. My mom also said that he looks better and is much friendlier towards us. But my mom is still a bit traumatic to hold him though she tries her best to slowly pet him once in a while.


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Usually you don't have to bathe cats, unless they get into something icky or they have a condition like maybe your kitty has oily skin or something like that (hairless cats I think have to be bathed regularly, though). I agree that it's a good idea to look at what food he is eating to see if that's the cause. With Yuan because he has allergies, anything with fish makes him sick (he barfs and has diarrhea if he eats it), but there is something else that I haven't figured out exactly what it is that causes him to be itchy, and he starts scratching a lot and biting on and pulling out his fur and has watery eyes. So maybe your cat also has an allergy that makes his skin extra oily or something?
Does your kitty drink enough water? A lot of cats don't drink enough by themselves and so people either get them fountains (because that encourages some cats to drink more, like they like drinking out of the sink faucet), or they feed more wet food for the water content. That might be a reason too perhaps? Yuan drinks a lot and always has so it isn't a problem for him, but we live in a very dry climate so it probably makes him thirsty enough to drink.
Good luck to you and your kitty! He's very cute. <3

there is something else that I haven't figured out exactly what it is that causes him to be itchy, and he starts scratching a lot and biting on and pulling out his fur and has watery eyes.

OMG I noticed that my cat has that too sometimes. Maybe it's the food that makes him so? but it could be chicken stuff because when we give him fish he's not doing that bad. My cat drinks a lot as well and thankfully, he does it himself and I am not too worried on that front. Also same here, it's not dry over here but hot enough that one time, he got a heatstroke, which wasn't fun to deal with. Thanks for this comment and all these possible reason that potentially causing his fur to be that way.

The vet told me that chicken and fish are very common allergies for cats, and of course that's what most cat foods are made of! At first we thought Yuan might be allergic to both, but thankfully it turns out he can eat chicken, it's just fish that makes him sick. So it could be that maybe your kitty is the other way around!

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Hi @macchiata, in my home we bathe our two cats every month, this using a foam to give them a "dry" bath. Every two months we bathe them with warm water and shampoo.
Now, the feeding has improved a lot the aspect of our cats, at the beginning we gave them commercial food, nowadays, we use premium food. We have not yet reached the superpremium, but we are considering it. We give them half a can of wet food every other day.
In the food, try to buy those that have a higher percentage of protein and that it is not made of cereals or flours. If it is wet food, make sure that the first ingredient is real protein.
If you are interested in a balanced diet, you can opt for BARF, but it requires a certain investment.

Meet Persian

Meet Mati


Mati looks like my old cat except mine was full brown. I actually send the cat to vet and the grooming place so I think once in a month makes sense as he gets the monthly check-up and I can save cost to go in one go😅

In the food, try to buy those that have a higher percentage of protein and that it is not made of cereals or flours. If it is wet food, make sure that the first ingredient is real protein.

Thanks for that helpful information, today I bought the dry food and also I prefer whiskas for his wet food. I am not sure if you have that brand over there. I also give plan to give it twice a day now. I found out about small sausages today and I was getting him some. 🤣 safe to say, Shiro eats better than I do haha

Whiskas does exist here in Mexico, unfortunately it is one of the worst supermarket brands. It generates crystals in your urine :( I don't know how it is in your country, but at least in mine, it's a resounding no.

Oh wow!! good to know that, here's it's one of the most expensive here. But will check if other wet food is better than that one.

As of now, we only have one cat and we have been thinking how many times in a month do we have to bathe her. I also read about every 4-6 weeks, but we bathe her every 3 weeks. Maybe we're going to try it.

hmmm interesting! maybe I'll try something like yours, every 3 weeks don't seem that bad since my cat likes to explore the dusty part of our home too and hides there.

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