New Dog and Cats NOT happy

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We had planned on getting a dog next year, after we had settled into the house a bit more. Well as things tend to work, a breeder my wife had contacted called us unexpectedly. She said that one of her pups placed from a recent litter had some family issues arise and the original planned owner was cancelling, did we want a look? Well of course we said yes, and ended up bringing home our new family member a year early.


The cats were/are NOT happy about the new addition yet. You can see the initial reaction with arched back and hissing. Not a happy Caturday for them! It hasn't improved much in a day. The cats are sneaking around for looks, but mostly staying on the other floor of the house.


We've done many rescue's in the past, but this one is a purebred from a well-known and respected breeder.


Say Hello to Betty. Betty is an 8 week old Bernese Mountain Dog. According to AKC, Bernese Mountain dogs are large, hard workers, that can stand over 27 inches at the shoulder. They have a tri-colored coat with distinctive markings. They have a thick coat and thrive in cold weather. They were originally used on the farms and pastures of Switzerland. They are generally good with children (our are grown, but grandkids may visit).


This will also be good fit for our yard so that we can be out working and not be surprised by bears, wolves, lions, or other wildlife in the area. Not to mention strangers tend be intimidated as well.


This is her puppy daddy, Buster. Buster is over 135lbs (61 kilos). We got to meet him in person, and he is definitely a big boy, a little heavier than this picture. I was amazed how light on his feet and agile he still was for his size. We're guessing Betty will end up around 100-120 lbs (45-54 kilos) or so like her mother. (Photo courtesy of our breeder).

We're off to a good start on housetraining so far, but she did wake us up at 2am last night with a howl that sounded like there was a wolf in the room with us. I guess she was lonely, or didn't like waking up in her cage alone. (Cage in the bedroom to assist with the housetraining). Either way, it was more voice than we expected and got her a spot next to the bed for rest of the night. lol.


I missed this and seems like I don't see any notifications from you. :( Bernese Mountain Dog is the exact breed my kids always wanted. We have Dalmations. I love them, but, realize my days of wanting to train a hyper dog are over!

Betty is truly a beauty, and, I love her markings. She will definitely be a big girl, but, that is perfect! Best of luck with her and training!

We also did rescues. Housetraining is the most fun! 😜

Yes, we are having the housetraining fun now. Pretty good with only a couple accidents so far. We are good about keeping her on the leash and with us so we can catch her before/as they happen. I used to train dogs in a past life... Obedience, agility, Shutzhund, police dogs, drug dogs, hearing dogs, pretty much you name it.

Bernie's are a solid, generally calm breed. We're not into the hyper any more either. I had a Belgian Malinois in the past, was a great dog, but named Ricochet for a reason, lol. Back then I had the energy to keep up, but nowadays we're happy to have one more content to lie around with us. This one definitely going to be a chewer though, working on redirection to proper toys there as well.

I only get time to post about once a week right now, so not a lot of volume to catch, but hopefully work will quiet down in another month as I get some new folks trained up and hand some work off.

Best of luck with your new puppy. Handsome breed. 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Dios mio, que perrito tan lindo! cuidalo mucho!

¡Gracias, la amaremos mucho!

Betty is a beautiful puppy and the pictures turned out great. Sometimes things don't go as planned, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy it too. I'm glad to hear that Betty has a new home and we hope she can get along with the cats in the house. By the way, Buster looks amazing too.

Thanks, pleasant surprises are always nice! Some unexpected trips to the store for puppy stuff, but we're all good now.

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Wow, new dog. Betty is gorgeous. 😀

Yes, thanks. Cats are still under heavy protest. Not making friends yet at all. Not interested. Get that thing away from us! lol.

Hahaha, cats got their own way to express their protest. LOL


Love my doggies, and soon my pack will TRIPLE 😱
Just from one to three, however 😅
Moving in to help mother on a full time basis, and she has 2 hooligans that already see me as their pack leader.

It's been over a week, I bet we're close to a BETTY UPDATE?

lol, not wanting to flood with pet pics, even though they are cute. Betty did join me while filming my other post today though, and began her gunfire acclimation training. Today was .357 (9mm) pcp airgun training. Not a flinch from her while shooting it or while running the compressor next to her. Today was also first day running around outside without her leash on. What a good girl! Have some editing to do on the pics and vid, but will post later, some 100 and 150 yard gong shooting while filming with the drone. Excited to see how it came out.

Have you thought how a cat will meet a dog? The only way is an arched back. A stranger came to her territory, and even a dog.
Do you want to keep a dog in the house? It seems to me that it will be better for her to live in the yard, in her kennel

Ha, nope We've got three cats indoors, and the dog will be mama's baby in the house as well. The cats will adjust eventually. They are already starting to get curious and back to walking around the room with the dog, just not wanting to puppy play yet.

I think that such a dog will be hot in the house. It is adapted for outdoor living.

Great pics and as you commented on my post, you are right, your puppy is already bigger than ours will ever get. I do like the bermese as well. Nice