Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #230

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Hive Pets Daily Curation: Issue #230

Welcome to @hivepets #230 Issue !

Today we want to share 5 (five) posts of great pets, which has been posted into our community. We hope to continue finding exceptional pets stories from all of you.

When curating posts, we focus on creativity as well as the quality of the content. We do not consider a single photograph of your pets eligible to receive our vote nor we accept any type of spam. The post has to be free of plagiarism and mainly written in English. So, please read the rules before posting into our community.

Today's Curation Selections


The first selected pet comes from @ruffatotmeee


Last Picture of You


The second selected pet comes from @sofiaquino98

Community Service!! | San Benito's Farm


The third selected pet comes from @rebolegi

Igloo The Rottweiler


The fourth selected pet comes from @carmary

My cat Bengi is finally a mother [ Esp/Eng]


The fifth selected pet comes from @pcojines

🇬🇧|🇪🇸 Panther on his first visit to the supermarket

These publications represent a small selection of curated content. Congratulations to all those who share in Hive Pets. Keep posting and engaging, if you're lucky, one of our curators will find you and your lovely pet. We appreciate the support of @OCD and its incubation project.

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OMG thank you 🥺🥰.

Oh Wow! What a lovely surprise! Igloo The Rottweiler has been selected. Thank you and also congrats to the other selected pets!❤️

Great posts! Thank you for the support :)

Congratulations to the users who received support in this edition.