Cat Rescue Project goes live testing

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This is is the beginning of our first Livestream on feeding stray cats using Hive blockchain.

This is just a test and we might encounter some unexpected problems, I need your help to test this Arduino Cat feeder.

How will this works?

Simply send 0.1 Hive or 0.1 HBD to @give-cat-food and wait for a few seconds for the cat food to drop in front of the camera.

There are times that you can't see any cats on the camera but trust me if you send some cat food, there is a higher chance that the cats will appear because of the sound of dropping cats food

My future plans...

I am thinking of expanding this not only on feeding the cats but also interacting by playing using the Arduino robot itself, I am thinking about what games are useful for the stray cats

I am also planning of making our own community and tokens for the cat lovers

This is only the beginning and we have many plans ahead, if you are interested to collaborate with us or share to us your thought, I will be open to that guys

If you like this project, we will be happy to welcome you to our own Discord group


You are also free to check our Frequently Asked Question about Cat Rescue Project

May God help us


I just tried it with .1HBD but I didn't see it drop. This post said HBD or Hive but maybe does it only work with Hive?

Hello, sorry to hear that you haven't seen it drop, I just figured out that the cat food has been stuck on the tube, by the way, I refunded the 0.1 HBD you sent which you can try again some other time if you wish to :))

Thanks for being an early adopter ^_^

Oh, no worries, I'm happy to contribute. I'll try again!

Hooray, it works! And there was a calico there waiting so they ate it right away. :)

Wow, thank you! We appreciate you being here

Very good idea. Keep it up. I think it can work out in a long run and get a decent community on twitch. Just saw you fixing it right now. Feel free to ask if you need coding tips.

Yeah, I was online when I saw you testing it out and notice that the servo was stuck on the wheels. I refunded the HBD you sent which you can use again to test it again if you wish to. Thanks for checking out buddy, really appreciate your attention

Jezz, love it!!

Thank you for testing this, everything is still under construction but I am happy that you love it. We will be happy to talk more about it on our Discord :)

Wow, that's such an interesting project! Keep it up!

Hope the community will love it <3

Oh now this is immediate gratification. Lol. Didn't know Twitch feeds can be embedded here too. Nice.

Glad you have made aware of it LOL

PS> Sorry for long late reply LOL