The overdramatic cat

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Her name is Terena. She's one of my 2 calicos, the other one is Keanu, as you might get confused. XD She's a very shy cat who hides whenever I have visitors. In fact, @jude.villarta and @spintwister thought I only had 2 cats because she was always hiding when they're around. Jude only knew I had 3 cats when she started living in the house temporarily when I traveled months ago.

She's a sweet and playful cat. She's not very social to other people as she gets scared easily so she only interacts with us. She is okay with being touched but she's like a ticking time bomb cos she can just get mad/annoyed with touches depending on her mood. Sometimes I can pet her for 2 minutes and sometimes only 1. Are you about to get murdered with her claws right now? What about in a few seconds? We will never know.


She's the more introvert than Keanu and feistier than Taba. When she gets annoyed, her first warning sign is her meow... Followed by her "I'm gonna fucking bite you if you don't stop" head movements. Then she proceeds to scratch you. Unlike Taba who only punches you most of the time, Terena uses her claws to actually scratch which obviously meant you're violating her space lol but I don't think she realizes how that actually hurts you for real. I'm not a noob so I can dodge her attacks pretty easily so I get to annoy her more. Her final move is to just run away from me and give me that stare.


She's not a devil tho, I'm just really annoying. XD I just have to respect her pet-time which is literally unpredictable.


You know I said she's very shy? She only trusted 1 person (which is obviously me) and that meant she could come to me on her own and also comes when called. When she met my friends, I think she only trusts @jude.villarta among them, and then later my boyfriend when she met him.

She doesn't trust men but for whatever reason she instantly became obsessed with my boyfriend.???? I first witnessed this when my boyfriend gets up from his chair and out of the room, she would jump and steal his chair, sniffs the seat, and just lays on there. When the time comes that my boyfriend would take back his throne, she would just sit there and hold on for dear life even though we would already be shaking her off the chair. She'd done this repeatedly in the next weeks as well until she just got over it. I think she likes his smell very much. :P


In connection to what I just said, she would also sleep on his side of the bed, beside his feet. She had NEVER done that in my life ever, but for whatever reason she started doing it to my man??


Sometimes she would meow at the bedroom door when we're about to sleep just so she could come in and be on the bed to sleep with us. The reason why I described her as the overdramatic cat is because her meows sound like she's in danger or needs help ASAP, when all she wanted was to get in the room.

Whenever I pick her up as well, she would give me a big meooww that sounds like "ahhh i'm dying???" like fucking chill dude I'm just picking you up.

Also never touch that belly even though it's very tempting. I mean, only if you want to risk it. I do touch her belly regularly but I have to do it with caution. :D


Of course she hates Ethan. The only boy in her life is my boyfriend and not some random ass dog.


She likes to sleep and hide in some random places. One time I was in the bedroom and I thought I was alone... until I saw her come out from the closet and started stretching her body like nothing happened??? Like you just slept there the whole time and didn't even inform me??

I don't know why she likes her head like that, like I said she's overdramatic and probably just wants us to think she's dead. lol


She's a kind fella who cuddles on her own terms. Her vibe is always just sweet and light compared to my other cats. She's the most vocal of them all, but she also holds the record for the most stealth she could be on Mission Impossible. :D

I think she's just a scared cat and her defense mechanism is flight. Her "overdramatic" meows might be saying she's scared that I would just disappear randomly, or leave her, or something. She doesn't have to worry about that tho cos we love her and we will never leave her, and the other pets as well. :p


The reason why I described her as the overdramatic cat is because her meows sound like she's in danger or needs help ASAP, when all she wanted was to get in the room.

i really understand that hahaha my female cat does the same!! when she catches me off guard I have to run to check if she's okay, I always think something has happened to her...

It's crazy how you get to know your cat kids haha and they really all have their own personalities... they're sooo different from dogs, they're more like humans in terms of personality haha

Lmao yeah they want us to have a heart attack. 🤣 But this is better than something actually happens to them :x

I agree with the more human qualities, it's almost insane. The way you talk to them and they stare at you with judgmental eyes... you really feel they are judging you hahah

Pets are indeed funny 🤣
I'm a dog person and I had 4 dogs(excluding the puppies) till the eldest passed on last month....
All of them had different, sometimes amusing other times straight up weird personalities.

The mother, before she gave birth, used to sleep like someone who had a stroke🤣🤣💔
She would just lay on her back... Feet apart... And off to Dreamland 😂😂

The other female typically hates her cage, once she notices we want to put her in she'll run and go hide under a car or something 😂😂

Then once she's finally been locked up...
She'll howl like you killed her love in front of her eyes😂😂😂💔

Oh no run free the eldest.

Lol what, she sleeps on her back?? So goofy hahah I've never seen dogs sleep like that.

Hahah smart one. Maybe next time she'll find a way to avoid the cage. Like pretending to be sick or something 🤣

Now she's sleeping normal...
Maybe when the pups have all been sold, she'll go back to her old ways...
I'll take a pic then😂😂

Oh right she must have found sleeping on her side annoying cos she's lactating? Dunno just my guess hahah.


Wait is this her? I forgot to reply on this one.
So cute hahah for sure she finds the puppies annoying. Is she a Doberman? They do have a scary yet majestic-looking body. I find Rottweiler breed the scariest looking dog tho hahah even though they are sweet dogs, it's just their color looks like they're always mad. 🤣

She's a rottweiler.
To be honest, I don't know why most people find them scary though...
I think maybe it's because of their hyper activeness 😂😂

The male is a complete sweet heart😭😭

Oh my bad lol

To me it’s just their “eyebrows” that make them look intimidating hahah. Not their behavior or something, that always depend on their owners. Although their strength can be pretty scary too!

But I'm not hyperactive 😭😭
It doesn't always depend though😂😂
Some dogs are just naturally hyper😗

omg, I've fallen in love with Terena the drama queen cat, I'm also very annoyed with my cat, so I get your point!

That's cute that she likes your boyfriend, being a tough cat, maybe her vibe generates quite a bit of trust and that's a good sign...idk, don't pay attention to me hahaha

btw, the pics you took of her are beautiful, I hope to see more, I love her little collar! <3

Yeah I've read that they know if someone's a good or bad person through their smell or energy or something. My boyfriend's pretty much have the calm and pet lover energy so that's probably why. :D

Thank you!

The reason why I described her as the overdramatic cat is because her meows sound like she's in danger or needs help ASAP,

Oh... if I didn't read this, I thought she had a gentle soft, non-disturbing, perfect kitten type of meow that all cats have said no one ever. The sound of cats meowing is the most annoying thing there is, it's also the reason why I turned off sounds in Minecraft. But I assume this meow is like waking you up real fast as well.

She does look like an attention seeker though. The other one, really does look like a devil lol! I guess Keanu is the most normal one of the three (didn't read that post, just screened the pictures :D)?

Lol. This dog... smh xDDDD

Even her gentle meows have the overdramatic sound, her "meow" is "heooww??" sometimes. XD Really you find meows annoying? I find them cute except when she's being very needy (like when she wants me to open the door). I find dog barks very very annoying tho. Good thing my dog doesn't bark like other dogs. He's very silent most of the time and only barks and whines when he needs something.

Yeah Keanu seemed more normal and she's the silent cute with gentle meows one.

Hahahah cats are unpredictable creatures and this is true for every action. You don't know why she lies like that, you don't know why she hides. They just do it.

Yeah. Sometimes I think "ah maybe she likes it being warm there" but then I would also find her in a room that's so cold with AC? I thought they like warmth but maybe not hahah

Ka guapa man ani niya! 😻😻😻

😂 terena crushing on acid HAHAHAHA so cute!

😆 She's such a queen among keanu and taba, send my regards to thy majesty terena hahaha i miss those beautiful eyes of hers..

Hahah I guess cos she's the oldest of all, she thinks she's queen. :D I'm pretty sure they miss you as well! :D

She clearly wants to steal your man 🥱

Me to her 🤣


Aww she's so adorable

She is! Thank you :D

She's such a slut

Tru dat

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I missed this story. So busy at work lol but she's so cute even she hates me hahaa 😆