Keanu the cat

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We have 3 cats in the house and all of them have different personalities. One is sweet and doesn't complain much, one meows like she needs help but is actually okay (just exaggerating her meow), and one is pretty much the devil.


This is Keanu. I named her after the movie Keanu which was about a kitten named Keanu who was abducted by gangsters. XD

She's very silent but sweet. She would only meow when she wants to enter the room or wants to go out but that is still not very often. Most of the time she would just sit and I notice she needs something. Like, if you see her sitting and looking at her food bowl that means she wants food. The same thing she does when she wants to enter the house, just sitting there like a creep. Like maybe say something??? XD


She's pretty much introspective. I would see her stare at the wall often. For whatever reason she just stands there facing the wall lol. We would also find her in a very random spot in the house in fact @acidyo just saw her on top of the fridge the other night. :P


She likes to scratch her scratchboard. There's two in the house but she's the only one using it (at least what I have seen lol). She pretty much owns them.

She also have gotten fat cos she would just chill whenever she's outside. She would sit or lie down or stare at the birds.





Her favorite sleeping spot is on the stairs. She sleeps like she just got murdered. :p




One creepy thing about her is that you would sometimes catch her staring at you. And when she sleeps beside you on the bed, good luck not having a heart attack upon waking up. :D


The sweetest cat of all, doesn't punch you in the face, would meditate daily, would only let out a very tiny mmm when complaining when you pick her up, lets out the loudest purr... She's an overall good girl. :D


Awesome cats you have!
My cat oly wants one thing in this life... to eat. He doesn't care about petting or going outside like a normal cat. Even doesn't give a shit about a squirrel on another side of the window. All he does is eat a ton of food and shit. When I come home, he's at the door like greeting you but all he really wants is to lead me to the kitchen first thing to get fed, at the same time meowing like he has been without food for a week.

That said, he is over 17 years old and actually is really sweet. He loves to be around people and sleep next to you. On a very rare occasion can even make a playful move with a paw when I try to play with him 😅.


What a beautiful cat, I love the color of his eyes.. I've got a huge cat that only seems to want to eat food and get snuggles from us. He is just a pure ball of love.


Your car looks gorgeous too, looks cuddly!
Sometimes I wonder about life from a cat perspective. The only mission is to get fed and sleep, what a simple life😄

Is this Keiichi now? I remember him so small (or was it Rusty?) lol such a cutie!! :D

Oh wow pretty old fella! Hahah he's done with chasing squirrels now with his age. He's enjoying his retirement and is pretty demanding with his pension. :P My fat cat when she sleeps on top of my leg, she pretty much makes my leg sleep easily for how heavy she is. Maybe that's 3x more for your cat. :D

He's very cute. :DD

Lol, yeah my cat does not usually climb onto me but yeah he's heavy, 8.7 kilos if I remember correctly. When I pick up some other cat, I always wonder how light they are😅

Your catt is soo pretty! she loos like the child of my two cats

if those too makes a little baby i think it would be like your keanu cat!!

I really love cats hehehe i really understand what you say about their personalities :p

Hahahah so cute!! Did they not try to bring down that tree? 🤣

Yes they actually have done it many times, it is a cat thing

It looks like the cat my grandparents kept at home when I was a kid. a very cute cat

All 3 cats of different personalities... Do they have multiple personalities as well?

Keanu who was abducted by gangsters. XD

I thought you named after Keanu reeves aka John wick who can do wonders with Pencil.

sometimes catch her staring at you

Ain't Creepy... I can do this all day 🤣🤣

This is the Sweetest thing I'm seeing today. The way you shared this story is Like watching a Film.... Outstanding Pictures!

One is very moody, one second she be purring and force you to scratch her head and one second she be punching you. :P That will be on a different post. :D

Yeah they said Keanu was named after Keanu Reeves and the movie also has quite a similar theme to John Wick but they said it wasn't John Wick inspired. But definitely Keanu Reeves inspired. :D

Lol you should have a staring contest. She will even wink at you slowly. :D

Thank you!

Ah... Girls Mood swings Haha! Looking forward to see that Post.

Keanu reeves inspired that's Nice... He's my favorite celebrity and what a Great personality he Got!

Lol you should have a staring contest. She will even wink at you slowly. :D

Yeah... Why not? That would be Hella Fun!

Welcome. !PIZZA

What a cutie! Chubby uyyy 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘☺️

Haha gani! Hopefully they'll play more so they don't get fatter :< Might not be healthy for them to gain more weight altho it looks cute hahha

I like cats. I can't get a cat because my current home is not available. but I will definitely have a cat in the future. your cat is also very beautiful

Aaww, yeah it's always best to get one when you are ready. :D Thank you!

Awww, what little cuties. We've got five cats in our house and they all have their own personalities. It is a bit weird how different they all are.

Yeah lol. So fun to have pets with completely different personalities. :D

From Ethan's puppy dog eyes to Keanu's menacing stare; however, I still do see the cuteness behind Keanu's intense stare haha.

Hahah yeah and her mouth is so :3

Her nose is the cutest I'd say. 😂


I like to boop them with my nose as well :D

Oh those countless boops are a must, cats and dogs have the most "boop-able" noses haha. 😂

Good girl with bad sleeping habits 😂😂