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RE: No Jab No Job, Plus Big Fines! Australian Northern Territory Launches Extreme COVID19 Shot Rules.

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And in this video we learn it was all planned out with a switcheroo with the flu just to force vaccinations or experimental gene therapies on the planet😖 Monsterous😬


yes, i saw that video a couple of weeks ago and didn't get round to posting it - thanks for the reminder!

No worries. I'm not shocked at all, but totally disgusted. I was living some of this fascisme in France. Couldn't take it so I came to Mexico before it was too late. God help us all🙏

I left Australia a few weeks ago when I saw this on the horizon. People attract their own reflection through those in government. We need to take responsibility for our own power now, instead of handing responsibility to others!

Many are forming Freedom Cells from the Freedom Cell Network. Trying to find mine so we can activate together🙏💞

Oh very good, ok, I'm not familiar with that idea.

It was an idea of activist Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance and John Bush from Texas. The idea is to form small cells of 8 who then connect with other cells to form pods. Peaceful resistance and disconnection from fiat currency and main governmental systems through permaculture and other off-grid solutions. It is entirely solution oriented. Here's an interview by DB who's touring the U.S. now with his partner Myriam spreading the word. You can also find info on The Conscience Resistance site as well as We are all on Telegram as well🙏