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RE: Life in covid19 testing lab and virology research during the times of pandemic - the crazy year.

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Dang, I don't even get a hood in the BSL3 room.

 4 months ago  

Oh we have to book the hood a week in advance too. Plus you have to either do it during office hours or else have a buddy with you. Do you have that buddy thing too?

Oh lol I was referring to the head covering not the safety hood.

My work is 24/7. I work for the micro department. The only covid tests we do are the rapid ones using the samples from the emergency room.

The rest are done by the molecular department.

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Oh haha, my bad. I assumed you were talking about crowding for biosafety cabinets. Well we do have those reusable head hoods for that, which can be used with a breathing unit. But unless I have work for long hours (3+) in one go, I prefer N95 and face shield over breathing unit.

Yeah, I’m well-acquainted with working 3+ hours under the hood. I feel for ya.

was it dangerous?

working there and on top of that without hood didn't you get infected

Everything is done under the biosafety hood.

ok got it