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RE: Is anti-viral interferon response a boon to SARS-CoV-2?

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Do share whatever comes to your mind.

In that vain, as a layman in medicine and science and the scientific process and the scientific manual, It is my understanding that we have bacterial infections that are anti bacteria treatment resistant. This was, according to my understand, an over prescribing issue on the part of the Medical Professionals.

has there been any studies done about anti-viral treatment resistance? Is the reason for the increased difficulty treating viral infection due in part to the over use of anti-virus vaccines? I am not sure what the numbers are from the CDC, but every year they issue a new flu shot vaccine, and the majority of the years it is initially the wrong vaccine.

It seems to me that since the introduction of the flu shot, (vaccine), that the percentage of people that contract the flu has an increased death rate compared to 40 years ago. (I have not looked or checked or even know where to find that statistic).

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The mechanism of resistance to antibiotics (the anti bacterial) drugs and to antivirals drugs are quite different. For instance a bacteria may acquire an enzyme capable of degrading the antibiotic. The viruses have a limited genome and I am not aware of them acquiring enzymes to degrade the antiviral drugs. Though, viruses mutate a lot. The antiviral drugs are designed to bind to some key molecule of the virus. However, it may so happen that a mutation in that protein molecule of the virus which happens, such that - its function remain intact, but the structure changes just a tat bit and decreases efficiency of antiviral drug to bind to it. In such a case this resistant strain will be selected for. Though anti viral drugs are not prescribed as much as antibiotics and this problem is not as big. But it might be of concern to patient being treated for chronic viral infections - HIV, Hepatitis, HSV, HPV etc. Strasfeld and Chou in this review describe some of the antiviral drug resistance mechanisms. You can follow up the references for further studies and let me know if you have any further questions on this. I will answer about the flu vaccines in next comment.

Here's what I been looking at some today. I guess from what I am I am not in the medical field, is that interferon and hydroxychloroquine along with the antibiotic are used to break the cellar membrane to allow zine to access the cell. They act as an ionophore. Zinc inside cells stops replications of the virus but you have to have an ionophore to get zinc to be inter-cellar.

I did some looking up what ionophore meant,

ionophore [i´on-o-for″]
any molecule, as of a drug, that increases the permeability of cell membranes to a specific ion.
Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.
i·on·o·phore (ī-on'ō-fōr),
A compound or substance that forms a complex with an ion and transports it across a membrane.
[ion + G. phore, a bearer]
Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012
ionophore (ī-ŏn′ə-fôr)
A compound that facilitates the transport of ions across a cell membrane, either by binding with the ion or by creating a channel through the membrane.

I looked at other articles on ionophores, I ran across words like quercertin and epigallocatechin which are used as natural ways to enhance introduction into a cell. There is some zinc inside cells naturally just not enough to ward off the replicating virus, we gain that zinc through foods we eat and we also naturally consume quercertin through certain foods we eat, quercertin also comes in a tablet form but they don't recommend taking more than 500 to 1000 mg a day, so you could increase your zinc intake and more of it would get into your cells by taking it or eating more foods that have it. Epigallocatechin on the other hand they do not recommend you take any amount in a tablet or power form without a doctors permission but it is found in abundance in green tea.

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The clinical trials are being conducted for these. We have to wait and see the results. I also would not recommend that anyone takes any drug mentioned here without doctors advice. Hydroxychloroquine for instance have side effects including cardiac toxicity. Even in trials patients showing ecg distortions are taken off that drug. Moreover, the results of trials dont look very promising as of now.

O specifically dont want to do a post about these drugs because these desparate times and any false hope or wrong half information is not a great idea. I think lets wait for trials and pop anything only if your doctors tells you to.

However , if you want to have some green tea, sure I will make myself some too. Though I wont OD thinking of it some magic potion. More like who minds couple cups of green tea in a day.

I'll take the trial of a thousand patients in French with a 91 percent cure rate over anything Dr Fauci is peddling, if I am offered a chance to show improvement in four less days over being cured I am going to pick being cured. There another study gearing up in Australia right now, they to are using chloroquine with HIV drugs that show a one hundred percent cure rate. They are actually even calling it the cure all to the corona virus. They are sounding so confident in their finding that they are not even worried about a second wave.

I am like you though, I am not much into taking something that isn't prescribed and I think I would also opt for a good strong cup of green tea.

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Well, the reason for needing a new flu vaccine every year is because of the existence of multiple strains. You don't know which strains are going to hit this year. Based on data on ongoing infections a flu shot for each year is designed. And it's not just the existence of multiple strains, all these strains are also pretty dynamic. They keep mutating and undergo antigenic shift (a mutation that won't allows antibody that recognises previous strain to bind to a new one). So a vaccine that worked last year for a particular strain may turn obsolete if that strain has undergone an antigenic shift.

The idea to avoid or at least minimize such drug resistance or antigenic shift is to design drugs or vaccines against highly conserved viral parts. These are parts that need to interact with host proteins for example. Hence, any changes in the structure via mutation in viral genome will severely distort the functioning of virus itself. At least that is what the aim usually is when picking a drug target or a subunit for vaccine. It's challenging but a sensible approach.

Finally, I am not aware of data on increase in flu deaths correlated to flu shots. Sounds doubtful. Do share a link for that data, I can have a look into it.

Also, thanks for reading my post and asking such interesting questions. Do leave them here if you have more.

I looked through the link, while it was interesting it really did not answer or provide an answer of increased viral immunity to the flu vaccines, in the same respect as bacterial infections become more antibiotic resistant.

I do not believe the flu vaccine can cause an increased risk of contracting covid19, I do think a study needs to be done to determine if Viral infections are beginning to act like bacterial infections and becoming more resistant to the vaccines used to control them. The link mentioned nothing like that.

(hopefully this is not a double reply).

Here's another link on the woman scientist:

There is some interesting links inside this article here, especially the one on reverse manipulation of the virus if that is what this woman scientist really done as it pertains to covid, the big question on everyone's mind is did she develop this virus. Some claim she did then became infected and died, in handling her body not knowing what they were dealing when handling her body it infected others and supposedly she was patient zero. China denies this but no one has seen her since November, China claims she is alive and well but hasn't produced her to claim that is the truth. If it's a lab grown virus the debate over influenza and any influences is rather void.

There are four different classifications of viruses, Alpha and Beta, if I remember right corona viruses are classified as beta. You google what's the difference between influenza virus and corona virus it will run it down for you. Here's another link about vaccine research into corona virus. Don't know if all this helps, I know it sure is confusing to people who have no medical knowledge....that's for sure.