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RE: How bats carry viruses without getting sick. Journal club

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Hi @scienceblocks,
I read this blog a couple of times with great interest. The balance between inflammation and infection is one that has interested me for some time. Some years ago I began a protocol of daily, low-dose prednisone (3 mgs). I was very aware that it was kind of a devil's bargain, but sometimes that's the only bargain in town.
I'm familiar with the 'cytokine storm' that, paradoxically, is treated in severe flu with immune suppressive drugs--which also suppress inflammation. When I 'catch something' often my doctor will use a double-pronged approach: up the dose of prednisone and back it up with an antibiotic to fight secondary infection.
After reading your response to @gentleshaid I did some poking around to get COVID-relevant information on the tension between inflammation and infection. The article is 'old' (anything published before yesterday is old in this environment), published on March 25, 2020. However I do think the authors treat the inflammation/infection paradox well, in relation to COVID. Bottom line, I think: every patient is unique and medicine is an art. There are few fast rules. The smartest course for a patient is to pick a clever doctor who cares. And then, roll the dice :))
Here's the article

As usual, I am impressed with your knowledge, your ability to share it, and most of the sense of humanity that infuses everything you write.

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Very well articulated. And it is very important for letting the doctors choose if and when the anti inflammatory drugs should be given. And a good doctor who cares and can make that choice is very crucial.

There are two regions of the coronavirus orf3a which is known to activate NLRP3 response and orf9b which inhibits anti-viral interferon response. I think drugs against those might come handy to more specifically tune the immune response. Lets see what comes out with time.

Thank you for that gracious response. I'm going to read up on orf3a, NLRP3, and orf9b. It's likely I'll find the material challenging, but I am curious to see what sense I might make of it.

Good health to you and your family