Update, Things are not always going as planned ~ “Market Friday in Stamford UK” we are still in transit of moving countries 📦🚛✈️

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Hi all 👋🏻

With this post in our lovely #community this Friday for the #MarketFriday by @dswigle - Denise. I will show you what I have done this morning in Stamford England 🇬🇧 and our walk around in the rain 🌧

‼️If you want to know more about #MarketFriday’s have a look at this post about it: “From the Streets of Charleston: Market Friday“ from @dswigle where you find also the rules what to post if you want to join us.

These 25 photographs are all taken with my #iPhone 🤓 today Friday 30 December 2022 📱

Some of you already know what I was doing during the last weeks… if you don’t know yet;
We are moving and are still in transit of our country move. (This will be probably the case until mid January…)
We left Spain 🇪🇸 see this post: ✈️ Our flight out of Spain 🇪🇸 ~ “Market Friday” we are in transit of moving countries 📦🚛✈️ and at the moment we are still visiting family (the in-laws) and friends in England 🇬🇧 Perfect for this holiday season 🎄😉 also until I find a rental in our country of destination 🏡 and we start traveling further ✈️

So most know I have been posting less lately… but this week my engagement has been wayyyyyyyy less than I would have liked, sorry for that.
Also I wanted to do things I have not been able to do yet as plans changed.
I fell ill 🤒 Saturday evening and have been going downhill every day… Tuesday and Wednesday I even reached a 39 degrees fever 🤒 so it completely knocked me out.
A bad flu… nothing like I had in August /September though, when I had covid for 4 weeks. That was worse… as my immune system is weakened I always react different to things. So I will rest this time well.
🍀🍀 I feel I am recovering now and hope after the weekend to be up and running again 🍀🍀😊😎 (so to speak 😉)

Especially as we want to start traveling further very soon 😉🤓 I should hear more about rentals after January the 4th 🤞🏻🤞🏻

So please bear with me… when I’m not that active.
Don’t worry, I will still show up everyday, engage a little, support and do my community comment moderating… as how can I not be buzzy🐝🐝🐝 around here.
But let’s not divert too far 😉

Let me take you along today for a walk and update you on some achievements 😉🤓

You must think; “What is that?”

Let me tell you… 😇 without revealing the country yet hehehe 🤭
Even though I was sick, I had to try and finish a 75 page long form and had to include proof/ documents with it and send it to our new country of residence to apply for residency asap… before the end of the year asap 🤓 so I struggled, but I managed to finish it last night… packaged it all this morning and had to go to the post office 🏤 to post it. So that it had a postage stamp from this year on it. 🤓

After driving for a while we arrived in this lovely market town: STAMFORD

We walked past this church 🤓

Straight towards the post office 🏤

Once inside… I had to place the letter with paperwork on the scale and it reached : 1,521 kg…. WOW…. That’s a lot of A4 pages 😳

The lady on the other side put some stickers on my letter (that could be a package 📦 on it’s on) so it can be tracked going on a journey far away 😉

We paid for it and left the post office. Let’s hope for the best… so it gets approved quickly 🍀🍀😊

Let’s walk around a little in this cute market town now, are you coming along 😎

Walking through the church yard towards the centre of the town.

Have a look at the architecture of these buildings, the different styles and Christmas decorations 🎄
It’s picture book perfect almost, even with the rain 😎

We walk by this corner building…

Cute Christmas decorations outside of a restaurant.

Looking into this courtyard… so cute, don’t you think?

Wandering further we are climbing up some steeper streets. One door was open and it’s portal is rather interesting. 😎

Look at how old everything is… the worn steps…

Mint green front door…

Christmas wreath with some furry ness… could it be alive? 🤣

A large mansion… now in private hands, before it was a hospital.

Closer look:

Looking back down the hill…

Crossing the street for a better “down the hill” shot 📸

Somehow… I really don’t mind that it rains 🌧🌧🌧 and the temperature is cold. The air is so fresh and crisp… 🥰nothing like we had in Spain. Dry, humid and hot.

Walking further I see this building. And it stopped me in my tracks… rather interesting.
Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

We see a Tudor Gothic style building.

The entrance.

The sign tells us it is ”The Hospital of Thomas Truesdale”

The inside… on the sides now private residences… so we stay quiet 🤫 not to disturb them 😉 and we don’t walk further.

View through the arch walking back out looking back in.

A detail of an angel next to the entrance… a dried leaf 🍁 was blown up and caught by the hands… it looks like the angel 👼 is holding it now.

The rain got worse… so we decided to go back to the car 🚗 back to where we are staying.

Soon more updates and new adventures… so stay tuned UNTIL WE TRAVEL FURTHER 😉🤓

And that’s all for today’s #MarketFriday post. Hope you enjoyed seeing this little update… that is part of our new adventures of moving countries 🗺

Huggss 🤗🤗

Until my next Post! 👋🏻😎 are you joining me again soon? 😉💃🏻
Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Gif by @irisworld

Have a great #MarketFriday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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get well soon @littlebee4 , we will still be here reading when you are well enough to blog. I know where Stamford is but have never visited, it looks quaint.......and very wet lol.
Happy New Year

Thanks a lot @grindle 🙏🏻😉 will do my best 😊
Stamford is cute and has a lot going for it.

Thanks a lot! Happy New Year to you and yours too 🎉🥳🎉🥳🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂

cat massaging GIF

What a beautiful update @littlebee4! I hope that everything goes well with your residency application! I also hope that your health rebounds in full very soon! Stamford is a lovely town indeed, and I enjoyed your adventure there! Thank you for sharing, and Happy New Year again! 😁🙏💚✨🤙

Thank you so much @tydyn 👋🏻😎
Let’s hope all will go well 🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻

Stamford is a cute town. I wouldn’t mind if I lived there… but end of the week we travel further 🤓😉
Happy you came along, and that I could share this with you.
Happy New Year… soon it is on your side too 🥂🍾🎉🥳🥂🍾🎉🥳
New Year Ny GIF by Sky

Most definitely, and yes, indeed! Stamford is a really cute town! I'm happy that I got to see it and come along for a post of your journey! Thank you, yes, just a few more hours here! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Thanks a lot my friend 👋🏻😉😊
Hope your New Year’s Day started great… 🥳🥳🎉🎉

Certainly, and thank you! It has! It's a beautiful Sunday morning here! I hope yours is going exquisitely well too! 🍾🥂🥳🎈🎉🪅😁🙏💚✨🤙

That’s great Tydyn, my Monday was ok.
Took it easy and I’m still resting 😉
Hope you are sleeping well 😴

I'm happy that you relaxed and rested on your Monday! Yay! I'm still knee-deep in my Hive tasks on mine...😂! Yes, I slept wonderfully well last night again! Woot! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙


That’s a nice spin on Market Friday! Hope you’re feeling better now. I felt like I’ve been coming down with something a few days before NYE, but I killed it with vitamin C, fasting and alcohol 😂😂😂
Have a great 2023, wherever you are 💙

Thanks @fantagira 😊 not there yet… but let’s say 70% better.
My immune system is almost none existing so when I’m sick I’m always longer sick then others… and worse… but I will be there soon 🤞🏻🍀

Happy to hear you didn’t get sick sick 🤒

Thank you so much, have a great 2023 too… still in transit 😉
Thursday we start a longgggg journey, hope we arrive the 16th 😎 I will take you along.
Have a great evening!

Thank you! I didn’t get a cold/flu in the festive period, but being back to my freezing place of work, I’m not sure how long I’ll stay healthy 😂

All the best for the journey 💙

You are welcome @fantagira 👋🏻😊 good to hear.
You know what I had under my desk. One of electric heaters… even if it only warms your legs it will help for the periods you might sit.

Thanks a lot… getting more excited as the day comes closer.
Have a lovely day further!

That’s actually not a bad idea, I might give this a go 💙

Great, let me know if it helps 😎😊
Have a wonderful mid-week!

Today it wasn’t necessary at all. Everything warmed up nicely and I was sweating in my thick jumper 😂

Cool pictures despite the rain... hope you are better now, and ready to celebrate the 31st. And what a suspense for your future destination 😀

Thank you so much @heroldius I love moody days. Makes for interesting captures 😎🤓
Thanks, not fully yet but getting there. Think I will be fine after the weekend. So I won’t be partying.
But will enjoy nice company and good food.
Hehehe if all goes well we start on our final journey end of the week 😉 will take you all along 🤩
Have an awesome evening and a good day tomorrow.

Happy New Year my friend 🎉🍾🥂 soon…

Oh wow these buildings are something special. I remember my time there. We also walked in the streets like that when it rained. Some of my best memories ever! I still feel the cold rainy weather when I smell coffee, because we also scouted the coffee shops! My glasses always fogged up because of the warm inside.

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is never nice.

I know… the old buildings, cute streets and rain. It is something special.
The atmosphere becomes ancient very fast. Very cool 😎
Great you still remember 😊
Hahaha mine too when I don’t have my contacts in. All foggy hahaha 🤣 🤓

Thank you so much, getting there slowly. Not recovered yet but will be this week 🤞🏻🍀
Have an awesome evening!

It can inspire you to become poetic and artistic! I left my camera at home when I went to the UK, to "relax" a little, but I left so many creative "things" out there because of that. All I have now are the memories that burnt themselves into my memory. Are we as humans not but memories?

It can indeed inspire you so much, and you said it. We as humans are memories!
Good to just be sometimes, and remember… via memories.
It’s more special and a stronger feeling will be attached to those memories. I think…

I think as well! And we have these vast memory banks full of photographs and we rarely go back to them. Its like a friend of mine said sometime, we feel like we are losing a part of us when we delete even the oddest photographs. Its such a human thing I think.

Yep… just like that.
I do tend to look through old captures though. But I do use them for artworks. And for hive…
We sure don’t like losing them or erasing. We are so attached to them. Good and bad in many ways.
Have a great new week 👋🏻😊

Oh you are awesome for doing that! I struggle to go back. It is like a nightmare. I should though, there are so many nice memories captured forever, but they just lay there like books gathering dust.

Have a splendid new week!

I hope you get well soon Jackie, and also that your applications goes through without issues, and thanks a lot for sharing these fantastic pictures, enjoy the new year ahead and stay !ALIVE

Thank you so much Erik 😊👋🏻 Much appreciated. Let’s hope for all of that 🤞🏻🍀
Happy New Year 👋🏻🍾🥂🎉🥳 And all the best wishes for you and yours!

New Year Feliz Ano Nuevo GIF by Francisco Negrello

Take care Jackie, and Happy New Year 2023.


Thanks Erik 👋🏻😊
Happy New Year 🍾🥂🥳🎉

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We live in it now.


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Happy New Year and I hope you are feeling 100% really soon! Bravo for getting that paperwork completed even when you are feeling horrible. Stamford looks lovely, even in the rain! And that little angel holding her bouquet is a priceless photo!

Thank you kindly @melinda010100 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!
Let’s hope I will be fit soon.
The paperwork was a real struggle, luckily I managed in time.

Stamford is a cute place. I am lucky my in-laws live close by and when we visit we can wander around the town.
That leaf blowing up and just landing there was gold 😉

Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year 👋🏻🍾🥂🎉🥳 to you and yours, all the best wishes 🍀🍾🥂
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Thank you so much @pinmapple 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!

Sorry about the Flu Jackie, I am sure you will recover soon 😉
Stanford looks beautiful and quiet out there. Were you anywhere close to Stamford Bridge perhaps?

Thank you so much Joe 😊 didn’t expect to get sick 🤒 as I need to do a lot, but it maybe has slowed me down for a purpose, to rest well before our next journey starts. I rest well.

It’s such a cute and beautiful town. If you mean Stamford Bridge York… that’s 2,15 hour drive away north. If you mean the stadium it’s 2,5 hour drive away south.

Have a wonderful evening further Joe… it’s weekend… and soon New Year’s Eve 😉🎉🍾🥂
Happy days!


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Yeah do get some rest in between your activities.
I meant the stadium, I am a Chelsea fan and always wish to visit Stamford Bridge someday.

Happy New Year in advance 🙂

Will do my best 😉 Joe.

Thought you would 🤓😎 let’s hope you can visit it one day 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Thanks a lot!
Happy New Year 🎉🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂😁

New Year Cheers GIF by Bells and Wishes

Lol nice New Year GIF there
Thank you Jackie 🤗

Thought it was a nice one 😉
You are welcome Joe!

No way, it's raining in England, that's weird.

A 75 page memoir for a residency application, wth? Are you where I think you are? I was never asked that. They must like Frenchies even less than Yankees. Wink.

Hahaha yep… rain in England, who would have thought hehehe 🤭
One can dress for it though 😉

Maybe that’s it… the Frenchy part 🤓 let’s wait and see their reply. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I tell you all about it later @dandays when I reveal to others the country too. You would not have been asked to fill this form in. It’s a loophole I found and does apply to me (and UK hubby), but they make you “work” (filling in a form of 75 pages as an EU citizen plus attaching original documents to it, I think there were over 300 pages in the letter) for it.
Have a lovely weekend 👋🏻 Keep warm! I saw your temperatures ❄️☃️❄️☃️🥶

Stamford looks pretty nice - I've never been there. And good luck with the residency application - I've no idea where it might be, but will guess the uk ?
Either way, best of luck, and I hope you enjoy the celebrations tonight !!!!

It’s a great town 😎🤓 hope you visit it one day @hoosie
Thank you so much, let’s hope it goes well the application 🤞🏻🍀
Hehehe you will have to follow further along to see where we will travel to. We start the next journey the 5th 🤓
Happy New Year 🥳 🎉🥂🍾 and all the best wishes for you and yours 🥂🍾🎉
Cat Nia GIF by Poncho

I love hearing from you @littlebee4 friend! ... And I'm glad you've overcome that flu already!... I hope your immune system will be greatly strengthened in 2023!... I recommend drinking parsley, beetroot and spinach juices!... (Always without sugars )... At least that's what my mother taught us to drink as children!... (Tastes horrible by the way) ha ha haaaaa haaaa haaaa! :)))

A 75 page form!...Are you moving to Mars?... haaaa haaa haaa :))...

Well, I hope you are very well and I send you my best wishes for this new year 2023... I have enjoyed your post immensely thanks to your charming lines and always exquisite photos... A big hug!...

!discovery 40


Happy I could share an update again with you my friend @jlinaresp 👋🏻😊 luckily I’m getting better.
Thank you so much, let’s hope 🤞🏻🍀
I will give it a try and can already imagine the taste. Hahaha 🤣 but they say things good for you don’t always taste nice…

It certainly looks like that hahaha it was truly sooooo much and took me days to get through 🤓
Let’s hope they accept 🤞🏻

Thank you kindly my friend for the wishes. Let me send you also the best wishes for the New Year to you and yours 🎉🍾🥂🎉🍾🥂 Happy New Year (soon)

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy it fully 👋🏻😊☀️


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Thank you so much @discovery-it team 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!
Happy Friday ☀️

Oh, my dear, what a pity that you are ill. I'm glad you're already feeling better. Get well! honestly, the weather on the day of your walk was not very pleasant

Thank you kindly @tali72 😊🙏🏻 Will do my best to recover fully.
The weather hasn’t been dry all the time. But it’s ok.
Happy New Year 🎉🎉🥳🥳🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾🥂🍾
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Thank you so much @choogirl 👋🏻😊much appreciated!
Have a great end of the year day 🎉🎉

Happy New Year to you and yours 🎉🥳🍾🥂🍾🥂


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