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Hi all 👋🏻

For my next post in our lovely #community this Friday for the #MarketFriday by @dswigle - Denise.
I will show you our new internet connection.


Some have noticed and know that I had lately no internet or even a mobile reception in the last 2 places we stayed in during our road trip and after we moved into our rental in our new country of residence.
We were and still are a bit #REMOTE 😉

Our only solution to get “PROPER INTERNET” was “STARLINK” from #ELON MUSK.
It arrived last Tuesday 🥳😎📡 and I will write today about #unboxing it and the set up. I will also show you some speed tests since then 🤓 how it is #performing.

So basically a small review what my experiences are so far 🤔

A photo from this morning… of Starlink’s surroundings:

hidden on the left, you just see 📡

The photographs and screenshots in this post are taken with my iPhone 😎 between 31 January and 3 February 2023 📱

‼️If you want to know more about #MarketFriday’s have a look at this post about it: “Market Friday goes to St. Kitts“ from @dswigle where you find also the rules what to post if you want to join us.

Funny Denise that you mention Starlink too in your post and that you had no internet lately… same as me 😎

Let’s start:

As a little tech geek 🤓 I soooo loved the unboxing bit hahaha 😜

The box arrived.

Such a great design and the well known logo is very visible…

After opening the lid we see the packaging material.

I removed it and see the STARLINK well protected.

It is easy to get everything out of the box one by one. So I remove the biggest 2 parts of the system.
We see the router and some cables remain.

I take out the router and put it next to me to see what remains in the box.

Just the cables are left.

Some thought has been put into the packaging, nothing too much, just simple all the products and the protection of the packaging.

We set up the Starlink on the “balcony” as we have no other place to put it up. As the house is a rental, we are not allowed to put it on the roof…. But that’s ok as we are moving out in the next year to 1,5 years anyway 😉 ( yep… we know this already hehehe )

We downloaded the APP from Elon: Starlink and through it we found the best location for the set up.

One can scan the sky 🌌 with it and the screen lets you know if there are many obstructions, so you can try a few locations around your home to find the best one for the setup.
This house is located on the side of a mountain, in the back it goes more than 45 degrees up and the sides too, with many trees surrounded around the house. So we chose the balcony on the front.

During the set up, you plug one of the cables in the router that comes out of the Starlink and the other cable goes from the router into your power socket.

It will orientate itself horizontally as shown in the above photo and starts scanning the sky 🌌 📡

Look at that #SEXY router 🤩

While it is doing that you go on your phone to the wifi and click the Starlink #Wi-Fi network.
You choose now the #Network name you want to give your network and create a #PASSWORD for it.


After a little while it did orientate itself towards the south. As you can see in the above photograph.

The Starlink isn’t that big… and in the shop, via the Starlink APP one could order an extension pole to raise it higher up. ( as the balustrade is an obstruction) For now we leave it as is. We also didn’t drill screws into the wooden floor planks of the balcony, we will see how it goes in the next weeks with the ever changing weather.

Let me show you the APP:

First screen one sees:

The button on the left showed us the VISIBILITY of the Starlink and that it is still collecting data about obstructions during 6 hours (I found out it keeps doing that and advises you afterwards)

Next under SETTINGS we find some cool 😎 features I didn’t know it had:

It can heat up and melt snow ❄️ ❄️ ❄️ perfect for the remote area we live in now.

Next we can give it also a sleep schedule.
Or even put it into the STOW STARLINK function when you need to transport it.

The second button : RANGE lets you walk around the house and shows you the range of the connection.
I started this feature and saw…

It followed along and shows you different colours. So let’s walk a bit around all the rooms. First room is the lounge and dining room then the kitchen. (Yep still boxes everywhere… for the observant viewer)

Now you see a large red area… this is the wall behind the router and the hallway, bedroom and office for work.

It looks like the wall is either too thick or there is metal in it. When I click on the info ℹ️ it gives me the following information.

I think it is pretty good when you look at how large the floorspace is.

So of course I do now a speed test. To see what speed we are getting.
I downloaded the Ookla speedtest in the AppStore.
The first result:

That’s even more than we were expecting. We have the standard kit btw 😎

I see there is a details button so after pressing it we see:

Yep, definitely happy with that after no internet and mobile reception 🤓🥳

So… let’s test in the office and bedroom that were RED on the RANGE: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

It still gives us 40+ mbps download and an upload of 21 mbps… I will soooo not complain. 😁

The following day 1 February 2023, I did another speed test via the App from Ookla again:

And on the STARLINK APP it has also a speedtest and an ADVANCED SPEED TEST it gives me the following speeds from my iPhone 11 Pro to the router etc.

Very interesting, what is even more interesting… the weather conditions are bad the last days. Heavy rains… when you look outside you even see the rain going VERTICAL 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️ this happened for 2 days.

We had a few videocalls in the evening during a thunderstorm 🌩️ 🌩️🌩️⚡️⚡️⚡️ that was heavy and very close by. About 3 km away the weather app said. And truly we didn’t notice anything… the video was fine. 📡
Our (on-line) work started this week too and many on-line meetings are held. It works perfect.

We have at the moment 7 devices connected to our NETWORK:

(I wasn’t close to the router… but if I am in the lounge, the orange circle goes green)
All of them have great connections and we can do what we need to do for work and private.

Let me show you the next day: 2 February… this was yesterday.

Again, heavy rains…

The speedtest from this morning:

What I have noticed it does fluctuate in the morning and evening there are differences… but being on-line you do not notice this. 😎 which is cool and works well for us.

This mornings statistics from the Starlink App during the last 12 hours… maybe I should have done one in the evening 🤔

Now when I went into the VISIBILITY part of the app one can see the following:

You see Starlink is orientated to the south 📡 and we don’t have a clear view of the sky 🌌

Turning the orientation with my finger on my iPhones screen…

You see, obstructions are present in Starlink location… and it still gives us a good speed 😁😎
Let’s hope we do find a little house to buy, renovate and put it up on the roof so it doesn’t have any obstructions in the coming year 😊

So far we are happy with Starlink and it’s worth every penny when you are remote and can’t have decent internet any other way.

If you don’t know what STARLINK is see the following website: Starlink.com for further information

After some research I found the following website: Wikipedia Starlink page with more information.

This Wikipedia page states:

”Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access coverage to 47 countries. It also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023. SpaceX started launching Starlink satellites in 2019. As of December 2022, Starlink consists of over 3,300 mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), which communicate with designated ground transceivers. In total, nearly 12,000 satellites are planned to be deployed, with a possible later extension to 42,000. SpaceX announced reaching more than one million subscribers in December 2022.”

Here a world map with what countries are covered:

Screenshot from Source!

”Starlink Satellites pass overhead near Carson National Forest, New Mexico, photographed soon after launch.”
Credit photo: M. Lewinsky/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Just stunning to see 📡🌌✨

When you are looking for a #solution when you are remote, do look into Starlink from Elon.
There is now also a solution for #RV users… people constantly on the #road as you could read on the Wikipedia page listed above. Starlink’s website has all the info about it.
For your convenience:

Wikipedia states:
”On 23 May 2022, SpaceX rolled out Starlink For RVs, a service that lets customers pay more to skip waitlists to connect to its broadband satellites without a fixed address, although connection speeds for other users will be prioritised. On 7 July 2022 SpaceX announced Starlink Maritime, to help support users, and companies, on the ocean. Only working on the water, unable to work on land, the advertised speed for the service is set up to 350 Mbps. However it comes at the one time price of $10,000 for the two user terminals, and $5,000 monthly price.”

Our standard setup has cost us the following, for global ease I converted it into USD $
Starlink kit: $ 490
Shipping & Handling: $ 42
VAT: $ 106

Total +/-: $ 640,- (conversion from today)

After this initial cost we will pay a monthly cost of around $ 95,- USD

Yep, still rainy days here and mist in the distance… 😉

And with this last photo…
… I say; that’s all for today’s #MarketFriday post. Hope you enjoyed reading about my “LINK TO THE STARS”
Until the next one! 👋🏻😎 are you joining me again soon? 😉💃🏻

Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

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Have a great #MarketFriday all 😎
Grtz Jackie

As requested here you go… Starlink:
@anttn, @wrestlingdesires, @joetunex and @nickydee 🤓


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Wooouupwoooup and finally our beloved @littlebee4 is baaaaack. Thanks to starlink in this case. Niiice. Also good fo know how the kit works and all that. Wowowow. A professional instruction. Rehived surely. What great infos and details.

But know you can use it everywhere right? Its not limited for one spot i think?

Have a beautiful evening my dear friend. Hugs to yaaaaa. 🤗💕✨🙏🏼✨Enjoy the cozy weather wigh a warm chocolate drink and Indy at your side. Huuugs

Wooohhhooooo I am back! 🥳🥳😎
The kit is so far really amazing and it does what it should do. Even the speeds are more than what we were expecting.
Thanks a lot, happy I could share this and write about my experience with it so far.

This one is the home one and linked to your address, so you can’t take it along and plug in somewhere else easily. Yes, when you move… of course, one changes an address.
When you sign up you need to give your address and it will be located there. If you are further away from that location it won’t work well, as far as I have understood it. The RV one is mobile… so you can travel in your camper van.

Thank you soooooo much @akida 👋🏻😊 I will and sipping a warm drink with this weather is just perfect with Indy by my side 😉😎
Biggg huggssss enjoy your evening 🤗🤗🤗

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And now you have regular internet service!!!

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Indeed… YAY I am so happy 🥳🥳💃🏻💃🏻
Can’t wait to share my travels and adventures and art…
I want to set up my art studio here 😉
But first unboxing everything else.

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I can remember watching the rockets launching in 2020 and the string of glistening satellites entering from its cargo hold. All from our old garden. Lockdown was great for that. @virtualastro on Twitter was the guy to follow with his updates. “Great view of startlink, just after 10pm tonight”, he’d say and out we went with a coffee and we’d scour the skies.

Oh that’s pretty cool you could observe that. Wow… I missed that.
Yep lockdown was good for a few things, hahaha 🤣

Cheers! 😎 enjoy your weekend.

I knew by name but never saw the product. Really interesting when you are in a place cut off from the world (like you 😀). Enjoy your weekend.

Yep, it works so well. Even in an area with no mobile reception or decent other internet options.
I was happy it was shipped so quickly and the installation went fast. And voila… I’m on-line again 😊
Thanks a lot, you too @heroldius 👋🏻😊

This is great piece of tech from a great person, but it’s a bit too costly for now. If you don’t have other alternative for internet connection, this will work amazingly well. I now pay like $8 for internet per month and the connection is great. If I was living high in the mountains, then starlink would be the only option.

Enjoy your purchase!

Thank you kindly @mdosev it is costly indeed. But the only option for us.
Wow… that’s in my eyes not a lot for internet. But I know other countries are so different.
Our last plan, when we stilled lived in Spain was 600mb for about $52 USD a month.

Thanks, I will enjoy it and I am so glad to be connected again so I can share my stories, photographs and art.
Have a wonderful day further and enjoy the new week!

Wonderful review @littlebee4! StarLink is very much on my radar as something that could work for me too! Our present jungle internet is not bad, but it's also not great, and it fluctuates a lot! This was super helpful Jackie! Thank you! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Thank you so much Tydyn 😊😎 I thought it was something that could work in your jungle…
Check it out further, who knows it can be of help.
Have a wonderful morning 👋🏻☀️

Absolutely! Yes, I think it would work great here, as we are within the service area, and I have a wide open view of the sky! I just have to be able to pay for the initial hardware and monthly fees, which I can almost do! Soon! Thank you! I'm getting all my Hive stuff done before my session at 1PM. Have a gorgeous night! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

That’s even better, service area and a wide open view.
Even with the obstructions I have, the speed is still great 😎🤓
Yep, I understand. The initial cost are a bit steep and the monthly fee too. But I think that will go down… one day.
Great you can manage before your session from 1PM, enjoy it and have fun 🤩
Thank you kindly… time to go 😴😴😴 soon.
Have a great day ☀️🌺

That's what I'm thinking! It'll likely be blazing fast here! Thank you! The session went great! She left super grateful! Certainly! Sleep wonderfully @littlebee4! My day was beautiful! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

Would be cool to test it.
That’s wonderful to hear 😁🤩 that’s what you do it for… happy and grateful people.
Thanks a lot. I did, kinda hehehe 🤭
Great to hear. Have an awesome Monday! ☀️☀️🌺🌺🐝 enjoy it all.

Yes, I'd love to be able to test it! Yes, indeed, very true! Kinda, huh? Thank you Jackie! It's a busy, beautiful Monday! I hope that you sleep deeply and long tonight! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

I'd love to have Strarlink though it didn't launch here in the Philippines yet. Waiting because the deal is already done. It's quite expensive though.

Aww that’s a shame it didn’t launch yet @shula14
Hope it will be soon, especially as the deal has be done.
It is indeed expensive, but if it is the only option. I’m happy to pay it. We will have to save on other things 🤓
Have a lovely week further!

Thanks for the info! I was Wondering how this worked.. Seems good! 👍🏼
Glad You are up and running,
Happy Positive Sunday to You!

You are welcome @lesmann happy to share my finds so far.
It’s doing so well… time to catch up on all.
Even with bad weather it is still good.
Hope people find it helpful 🤓
Have a lovely Sunday today! Hope it was a great weekend.
Thank you so much my friend 😁☀️🌺

And Thanks Again @littlebee4 !
I am one of the ones who could maybe use the info! 👀

I was thinking... If this moves around on its own (Starlink)... It might be cool as a *.gif moving around!
A thought!
You have an Amazing Tuesday!
I am going to lay back down (the cold was the first time I didn't answer replies, and why I am a day behind..., Sorry).

You take Care and have a Very Amazing Positive Energy Week!
Be🐝 Happy!

You are so welcome @lesmann happy to hear that 🤓

Hahaha not sure if it does correct its position. The moving around on it’s own was with the first set up… but I keep an eye on it. It could be cool indeed.

Do not worry, get yourself better, rest a lot and take care dear friend. I am wayyyyy further behind on replying to your long messages. They are still open in a tap and when I have time to sit down I will reply 😉🤓
No need to say sorry!

Hope you will feel better soon 🤞🏻🍀✨
Thank you sooooo much, you to have a wonderful positive energy week filled with healing thoughts.
Take care and stay safe!
Bee 🐝 happy.

Well Thanks Again Anyways!
Yeah, I was thinking...
(Just thinking...)..
If you could like move it way off track if it would find it's way back.. (actually it must because winds (here) would move it around..
Tie like X-Mas ornaments in it then let it find it's way back!
It would look like a robot dog shaking!

Well I am chipping at it, and You also - not to worry! Whenever You have time, is OK. I "know" You have a lot going on right now. I am starting to get to that point myself... Tomorrow I have to go over to retirement and straighten out my "too much health insurance" issue - finally, and have other appointments almost everyday - so I do get it.

Actually I am getting better, Thank You so Much!

Wishing You a Very Amazing Thursday!
"You" @littlebee4 Stay Blessed and Happy,
And Make it Magical!
Let's Do This!

Till we meet again...😎

You are welcome 👋🏻😊
Hahaha what a thoughts… !LOL
And add Xmas ornaments too. Who knows.

Thank you kindly, yep… still working on paperwork, utilities… etc. it isn’t easy to move countries. It will take some weeks to have all in order again.
You will have the same soon too. Lots to handle. But you will get there. Bit by bit. 😊✨🍀🤞🏻🌺
Good you are catching up. Hope you managed.

Good luck with your appointments, hope you get it sorted out too 🍀🍀🍀🍀 crossing my fingers for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Good news indeed, keep improving my friend!
Thank you so much @lesmann will do my best.
Let’s make it happen and make it magical.
Positive energy Thursday! It will be wonderful.
Enjoy your day.
Take care and stay safe my friend 👋🏻☀️🐝✨


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He puts on another coat

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Why am I excited about this especially when I saw those numbers? lol! I have to check if we have this available here and see if I can afford to purchase this as back up internet.

I know… I was so excited. It’s so much better than I thought.
Happy to be on-line again… as without internet or mobile reception… nope not for us.
Hope there is something available where you are 🤞🏻🤞🏻
Enjoy your week my friend 👋🏻☀️🌺

That is very sexy!!! Beats my dull grey Virgin media thing.

I love Elton Musk, he is an alien

It is sexy indeed. Hahaha it will beat a lot of things I guess.

He could well be, he sees things others don’t.
Have an awesome new week @grindle 👋🏻😊

cheers you too ,I am currently on the road in El Salvador ( it will be months before I get round to uploading lol)

Thanks a lot, that’s amazing @grindle 🤩 have fun…
Looking forward to posts, no matter when 😉

Really fantastic to see your link to the stars there Jackie, and great to hear that it works so well too, even in red areas lol, enjoy your internet and stay !ALIVE

Thanks so much Erik 👋🏻😊 so happy with the internet.
No struggles anymore.
Yes, even in the red areas it gives me enough to work.
Thank you, I will enjoy it.
Have a wonderful weekend 😎

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Thank you kindly!

Really interesting and, considering that I have to solve some connection problems, I think I could really consider it.
Thanks for the valuable suggestion!

That’s great I posted in time, do look into it especially when you have to solve connection issues.
Happy this post was informative @p1k4ppa10 🤓
Happy weekend!

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I was always waiting for an article like that. I must admit I was always too lazy to investigate more on it more. If I were to move to more countryside I would totally consider that. Thank you for sharing all that!

Thanks a lot @gunnarheilmann 👋🏻😊 happy it helped.
When one is remote and the other options are not available or just the worse ever, this is definitely a solution.
I know we will stay reasonable remote also when we look for a house to buy, and testing it now. It will work for us. So we can continue to work remotely. And enjoy some raw nature around us.
Have a wonderful weekend!

I would totally love to live in the countryside. If work ever allows for I am all for it.

Maybe it will one day 😊

Great review. Thanks for sharing your experience. So far I´ve only heard good things. The numbers are amazing and even in the red zones more than enough to work with.

Costs seem to be fair although a bit pricy. Is it a contract or can you cancel it any time?

The RV thing sounds absolutely ridiculously expensive, or maybe I got something wrong here.

Thanks a lot @betterthanhome 👋🏻🤓
The numbers are great, even in the red parts. So we don’t have to move the office into the livingroom. It can stay separate.

It’s a bit pricey to start but if you have no options, see it as an investment. The subscription you can cancel when you want (one month notice) and restart too. I think when you get it first you can check it out for 30 days and when it’s not good for you you get a full refund. You have no contract btw. No hidden fees when you cancel too.

The cost under the RV part is for the Maritime connection. More for cruise lines 🛳️🚢 /big companies on the sea.
I do know it is more than the fixed location set. But if you travel definitely worth checking out.

Sounds great, especially the cancellation part. Yes, just read about the RV and its just a little more than the home version. Maritime is crazy but I know a guy who uses it and he has reception everywhere. Definitely good to know. Who knows where we end up one day and if we have a connection there :)

It sure is… and I know many people can now connect to the internet with a set up like this.
And the remote workers/ digital nomads, they can go anywhere. (Ok… not anywhere, but more satellites go up so more and more area will be covered in years to come)

It is crazy, but if you “need” to have internet… sometimes it’s worth it.

More options to live are in reach now. And we love to have this option. So we can check it out before we buy a house in the nearby future.
For you too… moving around as much as we do 😉

This is awesome! And those speeds are increcible! As you say...much better that what you expected!

Congratulations on your purchase, @littlebee4🙏👍!

I hope you get a nice home to purchase where you can install STARLINK on the roof with no obstructions whatsoever!

Thanks for sharing this information with us!

I know… love it so far. It works so well.
Truly I am happy that we went ahead with it. As it is a game changer for sure.

Thank you so much @jacoalberts 👋🏻😊

That would be wonderful… once we settled a bit we go and explore to find the perfect area 😉

Happy I could share this information with you.
Have a lovely day 👋🏻

So your next adventure is about t start shortly...finding the property of your choice in an area that is perfect for you! Enjoy the adventure and I wish you great success in finding the perfect place where you can settle and be truly happy for many years!

Enjoy your evening, @littlebee4👍!


Yep… we set about 1 year to 1,5 years for finding it. So we have the time… to truly find the place / area that would work.
Because we moved so much, we know by now what we are searching for. And we know it is out here as we saw some already hahaha just don’t know the location yet. We have time to explore and get a feel for it. So all good.
Thank you so much @jacoalberts 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!

Will do, you too!

Enjoy the process of finding it🙏👍!

Will do, every second of it. 😊👋🏻
Thanks 🙏🏻

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Thank you for the token! I do appreciate it!

Amazing! Such useful information too. Perhaps in the future I will have use for this connection. Wish it would be affordable here. It sure would be fantastic to be able to try Starlink. Enjoy your weekend and your speedy connection! :)

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Thank you so much @iamraincrystal 👋🏻😊 sooo happy with it.
Glad I could share it with you and it was useful information. Hope you can try it one day and that it gets more affordable. It will in the future… when more satellites are up in the sky and more people are connected.
Have an awesome weekend 👋🏻😊

I'm dreaming of my own personal StarLink up here at the Flow House, connected directly to my super router! That wound be lovely indeed! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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- @tydynrain - Comment Moderator

Indeed… it would be amazing if you could get one too. Maybe one day Tydyn 🤞🏻🤞🏻😁
Let’s think positive.

Yes, I'm actually getting excited about it! I can feel and even see the future probability, which means to me that it is close. I'm very close to being able to do it financially, so maybe soon! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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That made me happy… great… I have the same. Once one can “feel and see” it will happen.
Wonderful, I’m sending some positive energy towards it! 👋🏻☀️🌺😁

Yay! Exactly! Thank you so much Jackie! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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Thanks a lot 😎🎉

I am very impressed with the performance of the Starlink Jackie, it comes very easily for self-installation. It is similar to Repeater or Cell Booster installation which I get paid to do at times for clients that are working from home but having challenges with the internet or phone calls.

The Router sure looks sexy lol, I don't know about Starlink, I will read up on it more, thanks for sharing this. The speed test result looks great, and by just having it on the balcony you are getting a good result, I can imagine when it is installed above the roof which isn't necessary now considering the result you are getting. You might have to consider windy days, is it strong enough to withstand the wind on the balcony?

Am very impressed with this Jackie, great stuff.

Me too Joe, it performs even better than I would have expected. So cool 😎🤓
The installation is super easy. You just plug it in after finding a good spot, and it does do the rest.

It so does… the black ugly box I had in Spain… urgh… this router is sexy period hahaha 😂
Yes, read a bit more up on it. I think it does have potential as it is spreading to where it can be used.
Even with obstructions in the surroundings and a thick wall. It’s still good in the red areas.

As it is a rental… and the balcony does work good enough for now we leave it there. I will strap it down on the boards for the wind in the next days. Was planning that. So far it did stay up and doesn’t move a mm with windy days.
When we move after having found a little house to buy and renovate we will put it on the roof.

Thanks Joe, happy I could share it with you 👋🏻😎

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the black ugly box I had in Spain… urgh… this router is sexy period hahaha

Some box can be ugly and some with some sexiness 😃

Great stuff Jackie and glad you are connected now.

Hahaha… yep like everything 😉😁


Thanks so much Joe, hope you have rested a bit more.
Have a lovely evening and enjoy the last bits of the weekend! 👋🏻

Mom are we pyromaniacs?
Yes we arson.

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It was a restful weekend for me Jackie, I feel refreshed. Thanks

That’s great to hear Joe, good you also feel refreshed!
You are welcome.
Enjoy the new week 👋🏻😎

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Many thanks, Jackie, wishing you a great week ahead.

Thanks for that and what an awesome review. I've read a lot of sailors who've tried the standard non-maritime version and not been very impressed even when they stayed close to the coast but it looks amazing for remote land lubbers!

Glad you're in and settled down for now and wishing you both a great weekend.

You do realise that your husband only dragged you into the wilderness so there is nothing to photograph ;-)

You are welcome @nathen007 👋🏻😊 happy I could share it with you and that it can be useful to others 🤓😎
I’m truly impressed by it so far and it is even better than I had expected. So I’m really happy. Especially that I am on-line again and can catch up now 😊

Thanks a lot, much appreciated. (For now… we are… until we find a place to grow roots… a small cottage to fix up… is all we are looking for, with some land for veggies)

Hahaha, funny funny… you do realise here in the wilderness, the raw nature… I have so much more to photograph 😇🤩 the wild life alone, the scenery… the change of weather, light etc etc etc 😁
All good. 😎

Have an awesome weekend, enjoy it!

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Hello there! We've had Starlink for over a year now and still very happy with it vs. the limited DSL options we have here. The obstructions will definitely reduce bandwidth, interrupt downloads, and become very irritating with brief (or extended) drops during video calls (which I spend most of my day on). We got MUCH better performance and reliability when we moved it to the roof. You may consider looking into their Ridgeline or Peak non-penetrating roof mount. It's just a folding hinge that holds the dishy without having to drill any screws or holes in the roof. All it takes is hauling a few bricks up to weigh it down. It's rated for high winds, and actually stayed solid even when we had the 70mph winds that took off part of our roofing just 15 feet away from it a few weeks ago.
Here's a link and pics I did of ours.
Double thumbs up on the mount. Enjoy your new connectivity!

That’s great to hear @ksteem 👋🏻😊 thanks for sharing that with me.
I just checked the shop and here it’s not available in the shop.
But we will get the longer pole, so we can raise it higher up. So it should have less obstructions.
As we move within the next year to a place of our own, we will put it there on the roof to have better coverage.
I glanced over your post and will read through it in the morning, too late here now… and I want to really take the time for it. I will comment there then.

Thanks a lot for all the useful info, much appreciated.
Have a wonderful weekend further 👋🏻😊

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This is so interesting and I love that it let's you have internet in places that have shoddy internet. In some ways, it's kind of nice, as I know there are studies on the general quality of things when good internet exists, sometimes it can have affect on health, so to NOT have that worry but jsut have starlink sounds pretty good.

I SO Miss the UK and since covid have not been back. My usual haunts were the south east of UK but we talk about having a bolt hole up north in Scotland, just more and more as the world seems going in odd directions. I'd happily spend the Winters/Spring there and then back home to the New England Sea in Summer /Autumn...if only US citizens could get visas more easily ah well...

Really interesting @littlebee4

It surprised me totally, it is so much better than hoped. And you are right @donnadavisart there can be health problems. And this will be a solution to that for sure.

That’s a shame, I hope you can travel to the UK one day soon again.
Scotland is truly beautiful. Think I fell in love with it too.
The views, the peaceful raw nature around there. One can walk Km and see nobody…
Sounds like the perfect combination. Wished we could do that too.
We visited Massachusetts late last year as we were planning to move there. But due to take overs of the company, redundancy… those plans didn’t go ahead. We were planning it for a year. And had to change it all in October and choose a new country to move too. Next week ( in a few days) I will reveal where we ended up 😊😎
Have a lovely weekend, happy I could share this part of Scotland with you and you could see the photos!

Wow, that's one quality analysis and indebt guide you have shared. Seems you had fun testing this out and am glad that with this it is a goodbye to poor network or no network coverage areas.

This is really a good one.
I may want to check out the price and other details online too
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much @monica-ene 👋🏻😊 I had fun testing it indeed. And I’m soooo happy to be on-line again 🥳🥳
Happy I could share it with you. Do check their website it has lots of info 🤓
Enjoy your weekend!

Wow I've heard it was slow but it looks like you're getting some decent speeds.

I think what I get out of it at the moment, during bad weather isn’t bad 😉 even with half the speed it would still work to “work” from home.
So happy with it. Especially that I am on-line again.

Thanks for checking it out.
How are you @sketch.and.jam? Hope all well… and the little one?
Have a great weekend 👋🏻😊

Now that I know it works time to get a big RV and go cross country while working from "home" lol.

The baby is gaining weight fast already nearing 12 lbs not even two months old and she's in the 96th percentile (larger than 96 percent of babies her age lol). I wonder if I'm raising a basketball or volleyball star...

Yep, sounds like a plan hehehe 🤭

That’s great to hear she is gaining weight fast and growing well.
You never know 😉
Have a nice weekend!

Oh, yeah!!! So it means you are again connected to the world, I mean to the stars :)))))

That's indeed a sexy router hahaha

Wow, how nicely said: our rental in our new country of residence.

So, it is still a mystery... though I might read something in one of the comments from dandays... khm, could be that the country of your new residence?

ok,ok, I am waiting :D

I’m back 🥳🥳 wooohhhoooo connected through the stars ✨
I’m happy with it and it does a great job, even with thunderstorms and bad rain.

I know, the router design is indeed sexy hehehe 🤭 much better than those black ugly boxes.

It is… just a little bit longer. I will try to post the last part of the journey early next week. Still going through the photos. Have to reduce a selection so it is still a nice post 😉 made over 400 photos from that day 😂

Hahaha he did mention something not long ago, but who knows if it is right 🤓😎 a few countries were mentioned… over the last weeks.

I promise soon 😊
Have a nice evening @mipiano

made over 400 photos from that day 😂

😱 😂

I wouldn't even expect less :)))

Hahaha 🤣😂


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Thats an interesting post on Starlink. And whats intriguing me more is the pics of your new surroundings, which may suggest where you have now settled - I'm really wondering - there are a few tell tale signs I can see there !!! I wont make a suggestion, but I have my suspicions ! Either way - I hope you are enjoying your new location and that all has gone well with the move, and also your new internet service !

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Thanks a lot 😊👋🏻

Thanks a lot @hoosie 👋🏻😊
Hahaha I thought it would.
I was very careful with what I showed today and what surroundings I posted 😉 I didn’t want to give it away yet 😎
Thanks a lot, I am enjoying it… sooooo much. Love my new surroundings, truly epic and I love the raw nature.

We had some breakages with unpacking the boxes after our belongings were delivered as some boxes were squished. But it did arrive… all of it… after having not seen our belongings for over 1 month.
Now unpacking and sorting out the rest.
Luckily internet is sorted out now, so everything goes faster. And I can catch up on all.
Time to explore the new surroundings and this new country a bit 🤩
Will post the last part early next week. Going through the photos, as have to reduce the selection, captured over 400 from the last journey hahaha 🤣 a bit to much.
And I will show much more in coming posts. 😎

Have an awesome evening 👋🏻😊

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! this is so cool! I was fascinated with your demo hehehe

we also live rurually but thankfully we can use our satellite agency here - we did think of starlink too - but the set up cost was 3 times more expensive than the satellite internet we have now.

but one thing that you have that we don't.... hehehe your dish will heat up and melt the snow!!! wowwwwwww

when we get tons of snow - we can pretty much be assured that we will have to wait until it clears (or is manually cleared) to have connection again

thankfully we also have another connection here - hahaha we need 2 - or else we won't have reliable connection enough of the month! lol

cuz one goes out - and the other is on...

sometimes both go out - ughhhh LOL

this was a really interesting post - that app has a lot of neat features!!!!

Thank you kindly @dreemsteem 👋🏻😎

So far truly loving it. We are on-line again whooohhhoooo 🤩

If you have other options then those will be for sure cheaper, especially the initial costs.
We looked around and this was really our only option on this mountain. So happy we did go for Starlink.

Hahaha I didn’t know it had a snowmelt function, and we sure need it here too. So it’s such a nice extra.
I can imagine you have to clear it… and when the weather is bad they both go down. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen much.

We had some pretty bad weather and high winds lately with 95km/h gusts
It is still standing on the balcony. Surprisingly. Tomorrow I tie it down when the rain stops.

The app has so many extra features… really neat. Elon thought about it.
Thanks for checking it out.

I did post yesterday the location where we moved to. The big reveal. If you look, you know why we have Starlink 😉 hahaha 🤣 winter wonderland. All melted right now btw.
Have an awesome Friday today! Do enjoy your weekend too 🤗🤗

@tipu curate

Thanks a lot @mad-runner much appreciated!
Have a great weekend. 👋🏻😎

Those are amazing speeds :) Does the satellite move by itself, or do you have to go out and do it? What an incredible technology! What to do of there's no cell service in your area though, so the mobile app isn't an option?


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Thanks 😊

What do you get after the animal dinner party?
Stuffed animals.

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They surely are…
The satellite moves around on its own. It resets to the best position. It’s rather clever.
We don’t have mobile reception. So the app is through the wifi from Starlink.
Everything works perfectly fine for us.
Not many people use normal cell reception anymore. Even phone calls are more and more through WhatsApp, video calls etc. all via the internet… wifi in our case through Starlink.


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I guess one day all communication will be via the Internet :) ...


Yes it sure looks like that…