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It's market day for me today. As a new mum, I haven't been to the market in a while, worried about taking my child out to the market because I worry a lot about hygiene and safety so I send my hubby or my mother in law help me get the items but it has never been the same, there is always something missing, but I usually just have to manage and be grateful for the help.

For me going to the market myself is important because you never know what you would need till you see it displayed in the market.

There are a few lessons I have learned about local market shopping over time that I had used to get good items in good quantity and affordable. The price of things in Nigeria increases every day so it takes a smart move to be able to work with your budget and buy enough too.

The first tip is
if you are going to the local market simplicity is key, your look determines the price. I have noticed that people who come with cars and look super nice and try to act all big and mighty towards the market sellers are given different prices from the regular market buyers.


I am not saying that anyone should wear rags to shop from the local market but heels, makeup, too many serenren is not needed for this type of shopping

You get the drill

Build a bond with the sellers:
have particular people you get most items from in the market..that’s what we call “ MY CUSTOMER” It helped me a lot today. The last time I went to the market I was heavily pregnant and when I visited today you could see the joy they had when my customers saw me, I got a lot of discounts and extra items for babies.

Always smile and be friendly when pricing your items.. Very important to bargain the prices, I know most people would say if you can afford it why stress to bargain prices just pay. Good for you if that is your case but for me, proper money management must be applied in everything so I price and most time beat down to half the initial price and with a smiling face and friendly smile I get what I want most times.


Finally try going in the morning between 7 am-11 am, this is the best get the best products like fresh vegetables especially. if you go on the real market days, and the weather isn't hot yet so no rush to get everything you need.

The market was good for me today, it has been a while and it was a good feeling to be able to get all I need and more. I got tomatoes, soft chicken, eggs, plantain, beef, yam, potatoes, okra, Banga spices, vegetables, and fruits. When I heard the prices I was shocked even when I know the price had increased I just didn't understand how much increase till today.

$20 which is equivalent to about 10,000naira with some change cannot cook a decent meal for a small family. I had to look for a POS spot to withdraw more money because I underestimated my budget. Times are hard and I worry for the masses with really low Income or no income at all.


Let me go back to making my delicious meal with the items I got from the market

Thanks for reading.

Photos are mine and title image was edited using canva


It looks similar to our market places in Bangladesh.

Ooh that lovely...

Wow, it's a good thing you were able to go market today and feel the horrible cost of things yourself🤩. Your mother in-law and your husband has been doing a great job for you!

Just ensure you send the picture of your meal here after preparing them so I can lick my screen 😄

Ahh, the food didn't even leave the kitchen before I consumed it😂 was too nice to even remember pictures.

Next time...but before then I will be expecting to lick your own from the screen too😀

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