Gorgeous Eastern Transvaal Market. #marketfriday

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Hey everyone it's been ages since I posted for the luscious Denise and her epic #marketfriday and since I just got back from an incredible get away seeing incredible markets in the lowveld, why not make a sneaky post featuring just that.


These South African style road side markets in the country are prolific all over South Africa and never fail to impress with their vast array of culinary delights and tasty offerings.


Myself and travel buddy sneaky Pete wanted to get something hot in the form of chilli sauce, which are in no short supply on these lovely markets. I purchased 2 bottles which turned out to be really delicious as well as some biltong (beef jerky)


Amongst my two favourite things in the world chilli and honey which are in no short supply here, very pricey but very tasty indeed.



The decorative trinkets and classic old rusted tools, farming equipment tractors etc that are used to decorate these lovely road side stalls never cease to peak my imagination and amaze me, surely steeped in ages old history.



Apricot relish anyone? Or are those pickled peaches? It's a pity that I didn't buy any of these they truly looks delicious upon second glance of these pics.



I trust you have a wonderful weekend.
Love, light and blessings.


They do look yummy, don't they? I would have to say peaches! What do you think? I am a total sucker for this kind of side-of-the-road market! These are more popular in the more rural places in the US, where the roads are smaller and the places to pull off are abundant.

You don't buy honey, do you? Just checking the competition. Was theirs expensive comparatively? I really liked this place. Nice, clean, and abundant supplies.

Now you have to make a #MarketFriday confession... What did you buy? Thanks, Craig! @craigcryptoking It is always good to see you. Just so you know, I think I took your name in vain, over at @buckaroobaby's. Never! That would never happen, right? :)

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Hey my friend thanks a mil. Imwont buy honey I have tons of my own. Bought Chillis sauce biltong dry wors was amazing. Lol I lost where you took my name in vain?? Hehe much love x

And a birthday cake! Not quite what I would've baked but then Craig wisely chose to spend his birthday with his son instead of a farm full of animals!