#MarketFriday: drink young coconut

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Today is a special Friday, because you met me @asklanbudi at the #Fridaymarket.
A few days ago I went shopping for young coconuts, in one of the areas in my city, namely the city of lhokseumawe.
In the past few days where the weather is very hot where I am, so I went to buy young coconuts, because young coconuts are very good for increasing body ions, in this area there are known places to sell young coconuts, almost all roads in this area sell young coconuts. I bought young coconuts here for IDR 5000 or about half a dollar (0.5$) or so. Pretty cheap.






After I finished buying young coconuts, then I, stopped at a rice shop, which is not far from where I was shopping for young coconuts, I bought rice and other kitchen necessities. The rice at my place sells one sack for around Rp. 160,000 or around 12$.
After I finished shopping I went straight back to my house.

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Thank you all friends who have visited my account, hopefully we can share market culture around the world.
Greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏