The Absolute Worst Thing About Tasmania

No, it's not the boredom of endless beautiful forests and beaches, or the fact there's no Aldi, or the shock of the cleanest air in the world or that burn in the summer sunshine you don't expect. It's not the possums waking you up in the middle of the night landing on your car or trying to bust into your trash to steal your leftovers. It's not the glare of the turquoise waters or white sands.



It's way, way worse.

It's something no one mentions yet everyone knows about.

It's something that makes you gag and hate people with unbridled passion, wishing that wombats would bite their bums or the black snakes sink their fangs into their ankles.


It's bloody toilet paper. Everywhere there's a free camp, a walk or view, there is toilet paper. For some reason, people are okay with doing their business and leaving evidence for the next people to pretend they didn't 🙈 see. Don't worry, I'll spare you the sight. I'm sure you can imagine it. Hell, I bet you can even SMELL IT.

I understand people being caught short and, with no toilets around, have to take a dump there and then. But for goodness sake, shouldn't a shovel be part of everyone's travel kit? Or at least find a rock or some twigs and leaves to cover it, or walk a bit deeper into the woods to hide your toilet mess? Do people just think 'meh, it's not me that will have to deal with it, I'm onto the next spot?'.

If you are that person, go jump off a cliff. Seriously. You aren't a good human being. You are a selfish, inconsiderate tosser.

It's not just loo roll, it's cans and bottles, and other detritus. We won't pick up loo roll (gross) but we do pick up other people's trash and put it in our spare tyre rubbish sack with a few swear words and sighs.


Because WE care. Tasmania is such a beautiful environment that it's a real asswipe act (pun intended) to not clean up after yourself.

What's wrong with people, the reviews and forums and Wikicamp entries ask. Why can't they take their rubbish home? I mean I wonder who these people are. Do my friends do it? Do any of my followers? Because I just don't get it.

Granville Harbour Council, on Tassie's west coast, has a neat way of putting it.


Even the locals have taken it upon themselves to suggest subtly that people shouldn't litter.


If you are that person, take a long hard look at yourself and think about the world you would like to live in, and how your shitty habits might impact others.

You are much, much better than that.

With Love,


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I just don't understand either why people do such a thing. My blood boils and can't stop myself from cursing whenever I encounter something like that especially when hiking.

Some people are so disgusting and for sure must know what harm they're doing to the environment!
We have a huge problem here with littering on the beaches, sidewalks, people tossing litter out of their cars wherever they go, it's really bad! We pick up when we go to the beach but avoid the busy ones that are still clean. All that rubble ends up in the ocean, killing off marine life.
Just awful, it's really like fighting a losing battle!

I just don't understand
I really try to be compassionate but I just don't understand why they do it. It's just so so so WRONG! Did you see how Jamie found a fifty buck note cleaning up the beach on new years day?

I missed that one!
It just beats me that people still do this, despite all the awareness campaigns and seeing what happens to our environment!

I. just. don't. get. it.

So the people just leave their poo on the ground or covered with toilet paper?... at least be civilized to dig a hole in the ground, drop it, and cover it back with soil.

Also, I want to applaud you for cleaning someone else trash, great job... everyone should contribute to cleaning our planet because we live in it.

I Love You Neon GIF

Yeah it's a problem in TAS for sure and it got so bad we almost closed the free camping area at Tullah. The amount of rubbish I picked up over the years was getting crazy. It's mostly tourist from other countries and they do other stupid/life-threatening things like stop on a road on a blind corner to take bloody photos 😡. Still see similar stuff on the big island it's not just TAS.

Oh yeah we do too. The Chinese were the worst and I'm not being racist at all. Like stopping in middle of road to read a map??? Facepalm. I wish there was a way to get people to stop. I guess it's our duty to tidy up after others otherwise we will live in a pigsty. You are right it's other countries mostly but when you see broken bottles and beer cans you know it's our own bogans.

Yeah we do have our own bogans for sure stuffing things up.

Not as much as the mainland!

I mean, who raises these dickheads? Such a shame..

Had me going there. Definitely thought you were going to say the worst thing is the tourists. At least I was on the right track.

Oh they are close I tell you .. spraying themselves with perfume and Aeroguard and standing right in your view. Ugh.

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Hey that seems like a really fun trip, enjoy your day and have a good weekend

Tasmanian devils are so cute to me (at least that one from cartoon).

Thanks for sparring my morning, any chances some containers can be installed?
If it's camp, it should exist...

Well, some places aren't practical for containers or bins, and you'd have to pay for a ranger or council employer to come and empty them too. Why should other people be responsible for your trash? It's easy to take it home in a bag after all. A lot of towns have bins and all you need to do is take it to them rather than leave. If we can manage it so can everyone else.

I can't say I don't agree with you.
But, explain that to people.

When I first read it, I laughed because the way you wrote it sounded a bit mocking, but then you explained very well how disgusting it is that people shit in nature and how much it bothers everyone.
It's amazing that other people put up signs about it, it's really fucked up, obviously.
There's no way that it can be caught legally or with cameras or anything like that.
It's a purely disrespectful thing. I mean, it's going on and it will continue because of the lack of culture and disrespect of people and nature in general.

I wonder if it would improve a little bit if there were more toilets nearby and especially if there were guards at the camping sites. Because I am also a camper and I don't have a shovel. But there are toilets near the campsites we go to.

Toilets would make it better I suppose. But still it's nice to go to wild places without signs of man made buildings! And even in the toilet blocks people throw toilet paper on the floor everywhere and leave rubbish .. it's just crazy.

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Oh no, is it that bad again? I always hated it when we went camping. People are disgusting. I have the feeling that its even worse here in Portugal. Sometimes you really have to be careful to not step into a big fat .... 🤢

Oh that's horrible. They sure don't tell you that in the travel blogs do they? Yeah now everyone is travelling again... The wilder places are better but that's coz there's hardly anyone there.

The Van-Life industry is absolutely booming in europe, I guess thats the main reason why it looks like this in countries like portugal. my brother recently was on the cmt, a outdoor and camping fair in germany and it was massive and my guess is its only started

anyway...enjoy your time on beautiful tassie

Oh it makes me laugh. Twenty years ago when you livwd in a vehicle society totally shunned you and thought you were crazy. I suppose we will be joining them when we drive Europe in that T4 VW we did up last time , do you recall? It's still t my mother in law's. Would rather a Defender but cheaper for us this way...

haha true. times changed. now you´re rich if you can afford one of these new vans that easily cost you 6 figures.

Yes, I remember your posts from back then. wasn´t it during peak covid crazyness?

So you planning on doing this still this year? Portugal, Spain, France...? You guys will love it, especially the coast lines and the surf. Try to avoid the summer months in Portugal as it gets least down here at the Algarve.

Yeah planning next year, avoiding summer. Picking up where we left due to lockdowns!!! Iceland, Ipsouane in Morocco, Greece are the 3 must do.. we were going to ship Defender but cheaper if we use the van. In the end Jamie's Mum had bought it for us... It was only about 1500 euros at time but she's paid a lot for MOT, fixing rust etc. It'll do. Can't be fussy when we don't have a lot of cash! I don't want to be classed as a vanlifer but that'll be what we will be I suppose. I'm a bit snobby about that 😂😂 as I hate how everyone has been sold and packaged a dream rather than finding it for themselves like we did back in the day. But that's old person talk I suppose. We will find somewhere to hang out for summer rather than travel.

Sounds like a good plan. Watched a surf documentary yesterday, two aussie guys in morocco...the waves there 🤤

I hate it as well and fully agree but it is like it is. I think the worst are the rental ones, they are everywhere...its the same with surf business, it reaches a point where its not fun anymore.

Greece sounds like a perfect spot to hang out in summer.

Sadly I have come to the conclusion that the majority of humans are selfish pigs, in every respect. Luckily, at least for now, there are exceptions.

Those signs are hilariouis and on point! Love the photo of your landrover 😍

Hahaha how great are the signs!!!! More are needed. Or an instant lazer that comes down and disintegrates people that litter... That'd work too..

Its astounding how stupid people are. We live in a rural area with just a few houses and walk roads that you don't drive down unless you are going to one of the houses on that road. And there are cans and bottles thrown in the ditch 🤦‍♂️ Us and a few neighbors pick up what we see but thats just putting a bandaid on the problem, how do we deal with these people and fix the problem 🤔

Oh that happens everywhere here too. Lazy fuckers!! I have a theory that people who eat Maccas are morons as it's always Maccas rubbish we see on roadside along with cans of Red Bull and the like. I usually am a compassionate person but I do NOT get that at ALL.

Frikken people.. I swear!! “I think I’m just gonna leave this here, right next to a walking path… that seems like a nice place for a stinky turd” Really?!?

I work in remote areas a lot. Whenever someone is spotted wondering off with a shovel… we know. 😂😂

Ha well the shovel walk is at least responsible!!! 😜

It’s a milder form of the wall of shame… 😂

😂 Where do you work/live??

South Eastern Washington State at the base of the Blue Mountains. I build and maintain the high voltage powerlines.

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 2 months ago  

Same here, in my area in Portugal. A nasty habit.

I clean up after myself ( and other people, but not their T.P. brrr!!!! ) and if I have to do a number 2 ( that rhymes ), I will hide it
and not use T.P. but some leaves or water to clean myself with.

It's SO wrong. Worse is wipes as TP at least biodegrades!

 2 months ago  

People are indeed a bunch of shit bags, pun intended as well :D, in a lot of places. Thankfully I haven’t seen a load of shit on the side of a trail but I imagine I will one of these days. I can’t fathom why people would do the things they do and throwing trash on the ground out in the wilderness is pretty significant on my list of asshole fucking things to do.

I’ve been picking up the junk with the little man when we are out on walks or hikes and it’s good to pick it up and get rid of it but it’s sad that it comes to that. I recently saw a mattress on the side of a road in the ditch near where we live and I was so annoyed. I think thankfully someone did pick it up but I was considering figuring out how to haul the thing out and put it in the dumpster where it belongs.

Yeah mattresses are a wierd one. Do you have tip fees? Here they charge extra to get rid of mattresses. It's hard when people are broke!!!!

It's good you are teaching the little guy to be mindful of his environment. I never forgot I once threw the paper from fish and chips off the cliff and Dad made me walk all the way down to get it. It was a long bloody walk I tell you. Lesson learnt!!!

I totally agree with you, it's pretty rank and spoils it for everyone. A shovel isn't a hard thing to pack as a necessity especially when you KNOW that there aren't going to be ablutions everywhere. It's not rocket science.

No it's not hard is it...Makes me think Dad is right... 85 percent of people are stupid.

Your dad was almost right- it's closer to 90%

Hahahaha yes some days it definitely is...

Yeah, I never got that part about people who go to the beautiful places and despoil them...

I've come to believe the thinking part just doesn't work in a lot of people...

I agree!! Dad reckons 85 percent of world is stupid. He used to say 75 ... I think he's right.

Yeah, that's definitely something that has gotten worse as I get older...