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About 6 hours ago, I got a notification that one of my post was re-blogged. And while I was busy, I did not check it further.


I ended up checking my hiveblocks in my non-crypto phone only to see this below


I thought that it probably it's a node issue or something and further investigate that there are only a few users that were affected as I saw from the re-blog attached here.


As you see above,they are from 2021! and got re-blogged just 6 hours ago now. and as you see above, a very recent block was made. So I tried to investigate with my non-crypto phone (just dumb phone) with no attachment to crypto at all and it linked me to non-existent 3speak site.

I tried to look for an answer on twitter but apparently that doesn't seem to be an issue because nobody is re-uploading my video which is true nobody is re-uploading it and that I did not even check 3speak since forever except when curating.

So, why did the hiveblock made that record 5 hours ago saying the video is edited ?

it remains in question because from what I know, when you perform something it will logged in hiveblocks even when you're editing things.

Then, I did what I had to, revoking the posting permission from 3speak and eventually did some extreme measures to avoid the unwanted situation. I am also purging my phone and as usual though it's non-crypto, who knows right??

  • I don't think the issue really bugs anyone except those that re-blogged are only a few and those that has an issue are only a few which doesn't trigger anyone except those affected as you see below,

Like this user @emmilee hiveblocks is also showing like this

and if you expand a little bit more it shows that 5 hours ago the video was "edited"


Despite you see below, the videO is from may 31 2021.


So? what happens here remains in question and maybe you guys have an answer?


Sorry, I can't answer your question. I have no idea. But I have also seen some oddness on the blockchain recently. A few days ago splintertalk reported that I had over a million SPT in my account. "What the..." I thought. I quickly transferred it to my main account (dbooster.spt to this one). Splintertalk showed the transfer in history, and ecency showed it also, but my main account didn't receive anything and peakd did not show anything sent or received. So.... node issue, eh? Or ghost in the machine. Easy come easy go, as they say.

If Hive is ever going to go mainstream, we are going to have to reduce bugs and glitches like this.

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Who knows? maybe someone chimed in here to answer your question. I noticed that with reputation because they show differently too esp when viewed through peakd. Things like that can be scary 😅 and a single mistake could cost a lot. So, I am generally even more very cautious.

I read about this a while ago but I'm struggling to find the post for you. I've seen these quirks a few times. A purepinay video suddenly appeared out of the blue 6 months after being posted, check out her profile, you can't miss it, it's a Xmas video that appeared in July and she hasn't posted in a long time.
I'm thinking the brains on discord might be the place to find answers!

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Thank you Nathen! I tried finding answer on twitter but doesn't get any satisfying answer. Maybe discord it is but sort of glad to know it's happening a while ago as well, so I can rule out hacking attempt or sorts but you know, me being paranoid as fuck, decided to purge everything 😂

You're right to be paranoid. You work so hard for what you have!
Have a great week Mac :-)

I'm not a tech person or anything but this kind of activities especially here on hive is worrisome. Especially for me since I don't know anything when it comes to this and that.
What I do is that I take really serious precaution.
Who knows right. Better to be safe than sorry.
I hope that this kind of thing will have an answer to be published here or to be announce in discords so that everything is clear.

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True! I think I received some explanation today and looks like some technical issues. I don't think it affects many so this kind of bugs is not worrisome? haha. Anyway, stay safe out there!

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I’ve had that rogue stuff happen with 3speak before, not sure why. I’ve also got 2 posts that were scheduled to be published on the chain that weren’t videos but they never got posted so one day in 3 years I bet they will get posted randomly lol

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From the answer I got, seems like small updates were triggering those. And that could be the case, maybe in 3-4 years they'd be posted randomly 🤣 you never know!