MSG & Food Sensitivity

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The recent heated topic I came across recently is about the myth of MSG allergy and chinese restaurant syndrome. It appears that these days if you mention you dislike MSG or are not into MSG you are either racist or uncultured for not seasoning your food properly. Some of these people mentioned that those things are there because of racism. I can understand where it's coming from as the name itself is suggesting from that these comes from a certain culture.

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Growing up in a household that used to use these enhancers and everywhere I go for eating most likely has MSG. It has been a bit of a discovery and a journey for me.As ridiculous as it sounds, I actually have sensitivity to MSG. As a child, I already had a few allergies going on, so what I ate was slightly controlled. I rarely had chips, fast food, and soda was forbidden in our house.

I grew up with cooks and she certainly made sure that the food was on the healthier side. My mom also tried her best but her lunch boxes in the past were giving me some headache and brain fog. The only food I ever like is from my paternal grandmother, she did not add any too much MSG and she has a few food restrictions too. However, I noticed the intensity of my msg and food sensitivity even more when I was at uni and stopped having less control over what I eat. After eating food I bought from outside, I would often fall asleep randomly. Then later on, I would find this when I ate chips and anything that is rich in sodium and has MSG. When I eat too much of them, I would lose a day of not being productive. The intensity I experienced was even more, especially after my brain injury. Although I still eat food rich in MSG, I guarantee that I would lose a day and have something like a food coma going on. But there are many times when I don’t have that much control over it. It took a bit of a journey for my mom to understand how MSG is impacting me. In the end though, she understood and now, my mom has removed MSG completely in our cooking. Whenever she buys food outside, I also make sure to not eat it because I did in the past and it ended up making me sick and unproductive.

Sometimes I wonder if I can only eat water 😀 because everything I have cooked so far, behind the scenes, has made me sick. In my day to day life, I just make sure that it’s worth the pain I am feeling especially after cooking and eating food. Everything from Coffee, rice, chocolate, eggs, cheese, flour, beer, pasta, even milk have all actually made me feel sick and in pain. The only time I ever feel great is when I eat a rich protein meal or fish, no carbs, no packet seasoning, and sustain myself with lots of water and vitamins pills. Coffee is fine as long as it doesn’t have milk and sugar in any form. If it contains both, I mostly experience pain in my joints a few hours after. But again, if it’s worth the pain I am experiencing, I certainly will still cook and make them. That’s probably the irony of my life where I am a foodie and love to cook but I have so many things I can’t eat and experience some sort of pain after cooking them. It’s like a drug, you know it has side effects but you’re a fiend and you’d always crave for more.

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Ive never really been sensitive to any foods... Or had problems with msg... However I can tell you that the cover photo of your post looks very delicious 😂

 2 months ago  

Hahaha you're the chosen one! I wish I could be like that and not approach food as some kind of minesweeper game.

Oh, that's really too bad. I'm so sorry for the pain you're feeling, Cemy. But isn't there a cure for it? I mean, it must be bad not to be able to eat certain things for the rest of your life. Or suffer for it.

 2 months ago  

Sadly though, there's no permanent cure that I know of yet. For as long as I remember, most general practitioner I visited just told me to avoid the reason of my sensitivity and allergies. So, you sort of have to live with it but if it gets bad, there's like anti-histamines or similar medication to cure it temporarily as long as you don't trigger those. It's not fun but you sort of live with it and enjoy the fun consequences haha

Fun consequences lol? I hope medicine will be advanced enough to find a solution in the future, Cemy.

I'm sorry that people, even where you live, don't understand the problem of intolerances, they look at you as if you were saying enormous bullshit, it's because they are lucky enough to be able to eat everything.

I tell you this because I too suffer from various intolerances, to flour and eggs. Every time I'm eating out or at someone's house and I say I can't eat that thing because I'm intolerant, they look at me weird and say don't you want some? Every time I am amazed that they don't realize what I just told them...

We hope people evolve in this context, meanwhile have a nice day ;).

 2 months ago  

hey @stea90, sorry that took a bit of time, I am currently down with the flu hehe. I had the same problem in the past and now, to be polite, I just taste it a little bit or eat a little bit xD eventhough I know that would cost me a problem later on. It's just that people with sensitivity is all around us and that sometimes people don't just realize that. It can seem ridiculous where I live esp that almost any food here has MSG but it's actually a real problem to me. I have egg allergy too but I simply just can't live without them 🤣, so a controlled eating is what I do, I have them about a few times/week instead everyday.

Don't worry, I'm also now replying to many late messages, indeed, I hope you're over the flu and you're better! In my opinion you are doing the best thing, a controlled diet, now I too am gradually reintroducing flour and eggs that I hadn't eaten for 5 years, because before that I had had serious problems, but now by controlling I'm able to eat more again those things without feeling bad.

Just think that in Italy there are many culinary traditions in each region and most of them contain flour or eggs, when you are a guest and you don't eat the food of their tradition they get offended, so sometimes I too have tasted the same knowing that then I would have been sick, provided that they didn't take offense at their hospitality...

But I hope people become more sensitive in this aspect. Thanks for the nice reply, I wish you a full recovery from the flu and have a happy day ;).

Hi Mac! remember I was telling you about my discomfort last week? It was just the same, intolerance to multiple foods that are exacerbating my migraine episodes, it's horrible! I can't eat almost anything, everything triggers the pain, I already knew I was lactose and gluten intolerant, but I didn't know about MSG, I should study that too 😓😓.

The point is that what you say is true, the symptoms it generates are such that you even feel depressed because you don't feel like doing anything, you are just tired all day, apart from, in my case, intestinal problems and the headache that doesn't even let me think.

It's a bummer to have allergies and intolerances, but it happens to me the same as you say at the end, I know that some things I should not consume them like pizza for example, but masochism does not let me 😓.

Thank God I have been feeling better these days taking strong medications and dieting, but it was terrible. I hope you get better too @macchiata 💞.

 2 months ago  

🙃 I swear, these food intolerance is getting out of hand. Only today I ended up feeling bit better than previous days!

 2 months ago  

These food sensitivities are very real and important to understand I think. MSG is a horrible ingredient and it’s sad that it’s so pervasive in a lot of food where you live as that’s incredibly unhealthy for everyone who lives there. If you put a cube of MSG on your hand it will eat through your skin! It’s insane!

I’m glad that you had a growing up of attentiveness to your sensitivity to it. I know that I’m trying my best to be aware of my sons sensitivities and it’s not that many thankfully but they are there for sure. I myself used to love peanut butter but it’s so bad for inflammation and joints that I had to stop eating it, as much as I love it so! Lol