The New Generation of Crypto People

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Hello Everyone,

I always cherish my childhood full of fun and enjoyment, so does my teenage and college time where we used to have enjoyed everything. We bunks classes, we arranged parties, we made travel and so many things...butbwe never talked about Crypto. It was too old to even anyone think about it. We happen to talk about our job or career.

But what amazes me is that young people of 19 years or 20 years started to talk about #bitcoin or #Crypto. It is good to see the new generation are quite aware about the technological changes, but at thensame time they are ready to make some fortune. I had this instances when I asked my nephew about Crypto and he immediatelly replied digital money?

I was quite surprised as I never expected a college going kid to know about it. But he fully aware. Good to see there our young kids are fully aware of creating wealth. Let see how things goes in coming days.


Namaste @steemflow

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