Aww it's like early Christmas for Gigi :)

She is very happy, Santa came to her early...

Lovely video and great gifts. Gigi's face made me laugh!

Gigi sometimes does silly face and acts like she is innocent and doesn't know anything Hahaha...

Don't worry I wasn't fooled. 😁

Gigi got Christmas early 🙌 I'm really happy for her, you two enjoy the toys :)

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She is very happy with her new toys and always stay busy with them especially with the worm one :D

I think you are having fun with them too 🙌


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An active pad to hide food in and play how cool ! She must love that
And how is she doing she Looks good

That active pad keeps her busy and motivates her to play with it. She likes the green worm a lot because I hide treats there too. She is recovering and her health is doing great because I have changed her diet plan. The new diet seems working perfectly for her...

Cool now the only thing maybe needed is a Grooming

Ya, I will look into that this month, and hopefully, I will get an early appointment for her grooming...

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