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It's definitely a place to be, great infrastructure and Beautiful exterior design of their building.

Yes, I really love to see soviet and neo-classical architecture, they are holding the history of ancient Kharkiv...

Karkhiv is a pretty city.
In the few years I have lived here (going on four years!) and considering the small town I live in, a lot is still to be learned about it.
You have the right idea, walking the streets is best if you want to know about a city.

Ya, walking helps a lot to understand the road map and infrastructure. I don't think I will be able to see the entire city in life, I personally think this city is huge considering Raion/Oblast/Province, so somehow it's impossible to explore the whole province...

Hey @priyanarc what an interesting video. I found it super interesting specially the graffiti on the street walls. it's such a culturally rich and beautiful city.
Just subscribed to your YT channel, goodluck pal :D

Just subscribed to your YT channel, goodluck pal :D

That's so sweet of you, really appreciate that. I don't concentrate much on my youtube, basically, I don't get time to build my own community there.

Kharkiv, itself is a historical city and there is so much to see if anyone really wants to otherwise this city is kinda boring to live in, to be honest...

Apu puro poribesh ta dekhtey kije valo lage. Ami apnar Ukraine er protiti jaiga onek onek pochondo kori. Ar dekhe mone hoi kono movie jaiga. Kivabe borof pore jome ace. Onek dhonnobad apo.

Thank you apu, borof soon aro porbe r january te onk thanda o porbe... Thanks once again apu for watching, always appreciate your feedback...