How We Act Old To Millennials - Part 1

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How We Act Old To Millennials?!? This is Part 1. This is a list of things that Millennials see making us look or act old. Some I agree with, some are kind of bogus. This is where the list came from.

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Young people always think older folks are Cra-Cra for what they do and think. They forget we've already been there, done that & learned better. LOLOLOL

Here's another, most of us (I think) don't think their Snap Chat photo with cat ears and wiskers is appropriate as the photo on their WORK email ! OMG !!!!

Hey @rocky1 thank you so much for the support!!!

Tik Tok !! The millenials can have it! I can hardly wait till their children see then lip synching and dancing. When the system goes down from time to time, they are rendered useless. I can still write with a pen.

And add!

Just saying.

Vaping is very popular with the kids today. The Gateway to cigarettes! Those tobakky companies ain't dumb! 😱😂👍