Everyone wants to be like the other whereas the formula to be happy is to be satisfied as we are. Dtube lifetalk

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Hi beautiful world!
Happy Thursday to all..
There can be many factors of suffering in life, but the biggest reason is ourselves. It is absolutely false to imagine life without suffering. If some things are taken care of, then half of the problems can be solved by ourselves. The creature in the form in which it is sent here has a definite purpose behind it. Then what about the life that we are living? If you still do not understand, then put a little emphasis on your mind, everything will become clear in front of you. Actually, we are not satisfied with the form, dress, lifestyle, food, way of living in that actual form, but we try to be like others. This is the biggest reason why we are neither able to be satisfied mentally nor are we able to get away from sorrows. Most of the time we destroy ourselves in comparing ourselves to others. Try to reach like others. Competition is a good thing but it should be according to ability. The day we understand this, half of our sorrows will be automatically resolved.
Have a great day.

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