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First of all,

welcome to the WorkLife Community. If this is the first time you've heard of us, we all about having fun at work. We set up the community three weeks ago and formally launched it last week. So far we've been overwhelmed by the support and the number of subscribers to the community... 71 as we write and counting. Let's see if we can get our century subscriber very soon.

The WorkLife Community is a place to share your work related stories, relax, enjoy and have fun. You can read more about our WorkLife Community Introduction and Guidelines as well as the Community Rules on the community front page. It will give you a better idea about who we are, our purpose and objectives on Hive, how we manage our community and what we expect from you as a content creator in the WorkLife Community. Please make sure you read them so we can support you better.


Working Wednesday Writeup (wWw)

Ok, let's get down to work!!!

Each week WorkLife will host a wWw with suggested work related topics for you to write. We just figured with Wednesday being the middle'ish of the week, it would be nice to take a step back from work and share some of your work stories with everyone on Hive. This week's wWw are as follows:

We all have our dream job but we may or may not have achieved it. Tell us what yours is and why. If you're one of the lucky ones to land on your dream job already, how did that happen and is it what you expected it to be like? If you're still dreaming, are you on your way to achieving your dream job or is it always going to be a dream 🚀

We've all been impacted in one way or other by Covid in the past couple of years. Some more than others. How did Covid affect your WorkLife? If you continued to work, was it busier than before? Or did you have to stop working and how did that impact your family life? Were there any changes in the way you did things at work, or where you work and how you interacted with customers and colleagues? Now that Covid is more of less over, have you reverted back to working like you did pre Covid, or is there a new way of working?

These are just some suggested topics, you can write either one or both, or none. It's not mandatory to write about these topics and you don't have to write on a Wednesday. You can write about any work related topic on any day of the week you want. Just make sure you post from the WorkLife Community and follow our posting guidelines and community rules. Some of them are listed below.

Posting Guidelines

We want WorkLife to be a fun place where we share work related stories, inspire and learn from each other. It's not work, so we want to keep rules to a minimum, but we need some to make sure our community is run efficiently and users have the best experience here.

  • We welcome personal WorkLife related stories, not lifestyle posts.
  • Bilingual OK! All content and comments still must have English to promote engagement.
  • Be creative with your content, no low effort post.
  • Original content only, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism and abuse.
  • Respect company confidentiality, don't disclose sensitive or proprietary information

As always, please check the community rules first before you post.

We also want to encourage engagement in the community, don't just drop your post and run. Please make an effort to read other people's WorkLife posts and engage with them.

Have a great WorkLife today.

This Weeks Work Meme is :


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Great event! I'm looking forward to participating in this. I think I'll answer the first question. Set Da Tone!

Thanks! Your first thought is always the right answer too. hehehehe. Set da tone!!!!!! lolz.

Set da tone homie!!!! Dream job is for sure the more uplifting question and the covid is more realistic stuff. Can't wait to see what your dream job is~ heheheh. cheers!

This community will be a niche community soonest... I'll love to write on the first topic (DREAM JOB) and I hope I carve out more time to engage and follow up with other activities

Great stuff!! We look forward to reading your dream job.

We would love to hear from you as well on your dream job. :) We are doing our best to find how to create lots of engagement activities and soon also rewards. Its amazing how fast this community is growing. we are putting our all in this. Thanks!!!!

Yay! Finally, someplace to talk about work.

Honestly, I have a job. I love it so much. It's one that fulfills my passion. Although, I don't earn as much as I'd love to but still, I love it.

It's lovely to see this community set up here, I think I'd be active here, In a way talking about work can be a personal thing so I hope to connect to new people.

We'd never earn as much as we'd love, but having a job that you love and fulfills your passion is just as important. We look forward to reading some of your WorkLife stories very soon.

You having a job you love is absolutely a gift. From statistical standpoint you are already in the top 15% of the very few who loves what they do. And here is the article to show you. :)

This is so cool, I'm definitely going to be active here as well. I can't wait to read the entries for these questions, interesting.

Thanks @hopestylist for the notification, I appreciate.

Well done to the creator and supporter of this new community, I hope to see it grow 🙂

By the way, I love the name and the motto "Work to live" or isn't it the motto? 😅 Pardon me.

Upvoted and reblogged for more views on it 😊

@hopestylist thank you so much on bringing on board your friends to our community. :)

Thanks for the encouragement~ we are literally working our butts off to find new and different ways of engagement for the community and everyone who is involved will be recognized for thier efforts.

Yes, indeed that is our main slogan. Work to live, not live to work. and boom~ WorkLife was born. hahahaha. :)

Hope to get to know you and your friends better through this community and welcome.

Yeah sure, you will
Thanks for your kind reply

You're welcome dear, it's my pleasure ❤️.

I learned about this community through Incubus' recent post about his dream job. It's great to have a place to talk about work and everything in between. Is there a Discord server yet? I'd like to join in.

We don't have a Discord server at the moment, we want to focus on engagement on the Hive blockchain as that helps everyone to grow their account more easily.

sweet! I couldn't agree more🥂

Wow that was interesting topics to write in Wednesday. Can't wait to joining in next Wednesday.👍

You can still join this weeks wWw, you don't have to make your post on a Wednesday, check the post guidelines again.

Ohh, realy...?
I'll check this out, and i'll prepare for the topic then.
Thanks for the information Chief...👍
One more think, do we have a discord channel Chief...?

Wow...this is a nice community and I am glad to find it.
Thanks to the brain 🧠 behind this awesome community and congratulations 👏🎉 to them 👍

You're welcome, we so glad so many people thinks it's such an awesome idea

My first time to hear about this community.. Gonna check it 😊

Please do, we look forward to reading about your WorkLife stories

The first topic is a good one! HAHA
But I have a question about it 😂, can I join even I dont work? (Well im still a student) lol

Thats why we have the topic question what is your "dream" Job~ not what is your current job. Yes ofcourse! Thanks for asking. :)

Just signed up for the Community! Good job for the creation of it!

This is a nice initiative even for those who don't have ideas what to write about!

Maybe I'm reading this late but I will do my best to write a post about one of the topics this week and try to bring more value to the community :)

All the best!


Okay,I guess there is no specific tags to use in the contest?
I have been looking for that in the contest rules...

As for now since we are new you can use "worklife" all one word. :) thanks

Ohhh yeah already used it in my Post thank you sir

Shmart shmart~~~ :) Thanks

I hope to bring as much engagement possible~

Aye aye we will do our best

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shweeet it worked. :)

Wow! wWw will be fun.Topics suggested here will help people to get an idea about what they should write. Let's make the very first event sucessful.

Yea!!~ I will make a post too so we can help others get an idea and encourage to join~ thanks alot. :)

At some point I thought this community was not for me but now I totally know I can be a part of it. I really do hope to be part of this especially since bits the first since the community was created.

Engagement!! Oh, it's surely going to be my masterpiece here and I do hope to contribute my quota to letting the community grow faster by telling others about it, hehehe.

If you don't mind I will love to shout out to some of my friends @merit.ahama, @princessbusayo, @ksam, @nkemakonam89, @balikis95, @quduus1, @prechidi, @jane1239, @omosefe, @otuyanancy, @amberkashif, @deraaa and @olujay you guys should check this out.

Interesting, please do tell what to do.

This will be our very first event for the community to play in. I am pretty excited to hand out good upvotes for participants who can make thier post fun and enjoyable for everyone.

If you read our wWw "working wednesday writeup" above you will see two set of questions for you to answer 'dream job' and 'pandemic reality' choose what you like and make sure to post it in our workilfe community.
You can ask any questions if you have.

I'm really so happy you stopped by, thank you 🥰.

Wow!~ thanks. We are trying to make the environment fun for everyone where part time, full time, internships... anything that has to do with work. I would say its not the same as doing a favor. hehehehe. Welcome on board the Worklife community!

I really do hope to make many more know of the community. It will be really fun growing the community as a team. I so much love what I'm reading in the community, I hope to read more, hehehe.

You're welcome by the way, it's a pleasure 🥰🙏.

Thanks so much babe for the tag
I love the community 👏👍❤️♥️🥰

That's great, I'm happy you do. Now I can't wait to read all your interesting and fun entries, hehehe.

Smiles 😊
I hope to meet up with your expectations my dear 🤗😂

I'm not expecting too much, anytime you post I just want to see it, hehehe.

That's my Darling 💖🥳👍

Smiles, that's my mama 🤗❤️.

I have been seenin really interesting articles particular to this community. I must say, it's a brilliant idea; bringing stories about work into limelight.

Thanks for the shout out, dear.
How have you been?

Yes and I'm very sure this will get you to be more creative as well. I really do hope to read your first entry soon 😊.

I'm doing well and you?

Wow a new community
Really don't understand tho how it works

You just go and read the community rules and come back to read this post, I'm sure by then you will have an idea of what is expected of you.

I like what you just did~ :)

Thank you for the compliment 🙏.

Ok mummy

Yes my darling, but please I'm not your mummy oo 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.

You are o

Please oo, don't go and confuse my future husband oo 🤣🤣. The hive naija engagement is on but I can't find you there 🙄🙄.

Wow, thanks @hopestylist for the mention, I am so going to engage in this topic So so much, I am dropping by tonight lol 🤣🤣🤣

That's good to know, I trust you will do really well with the topic, all the best Foxy.

That is why I don't joke with you 🥰🥰🥰, I guess there is no specific tag to be used, I just need to draft them down and post later because of unstable power supply in my location ❤️

Aww... That's so sweet of you to say Foxy. Well you better hurry or you can just leave it for tomorrow. The main tag is worklife I guess.

Yeah true, go to what'sapp, I left you a message there ✌️

Yeah, I've seen it 🥰.

Main tag is worklife. Exactly

I thought as much, thank you for the clarification 🙏.

Seems like the both of you are buddies. :) If you guys work in the same place it would actually be even more hilarious. Thats an interesting one.
Thanks for joining in~.

Hehehe 🤣🤣 she is my Buddy 😂😂, I just finished the contest 🤣 and had to drop it in the community Because my power is not stable so I have done today and tomorrow's post today😂😂🤣

its good to have close friends and buddy's along side with you. i also have a very close friend here and he was the one who introduced me to Hive. At first i didn't think too much of it.... but now it kinda became a lifestyle. :)

ohhhh yeah same here too, at first it wasnt really working but with time and my dedication i have been making progress and i have gotten more friends and many other things and here am i today

Ohhhhh we are coming in with more friends because they need to check the work-life community out 🤝❤️

Wow my first time hearing about this community 😊😁.

Wow so awesome I can say it boldly that this platform is mainly created because of me I will make sure I share with you guys how hectic my job use to look like.

I am happy to be here.
Welcome the work-life community

Wow after a hectic, stressful or annoying day at work i have where i can tell my stories 😜
Thank you for the invite @hopestylist

Some days we have good and somedays like today we have pretty stressful ones. However we are able to also know how to manage through it as well. It would be good to know and show others how you handle it on a post here. :)

Thank you very much