AFRI-TUNES WEEK #47 || Someone's Knocking at the door by Nathaniel Bassey | Cover by @angiesings

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Hi friends on Afritunes,

Im so excited to be sharing a cover once again this week. I just realised i won the competition for week 46. Thank you for selecting my song as the cover of the week. You can check it out through this link

Lets concentrate on this week theme. Today, I want to share again with you a beautiful and inspiring song by Nathaniel Bassey called "Someone Knocking at the Door." As a big fan of Nathaniel Bassey, I find it an honor to be writing about one of his works.

The song is a reminder that even in our darkest moments, when we feel lost or hopeless, God is always there, knocking at the door of our hearts, waiting for us to let Him in. It’s a reminder that we can always trust in God’s promises and believe in His love for us.

This song features simple yet impactful lyrics that serve as a reminder that God is in charge of all things and is always there for us, no matter the circumstances. The melody of the song is breathtaking and it gains momentum as the song progresses, conveying the intensity and emotion behind the message.

In my rendition of the song, I aimed to embody the essence of the original and bring it to life through my own lens. I hope that my version will encourage others to seek a deeper connection with God and to remember that He is always available, waiting for us to invite Him into our lives.
I want to thank Nathaniel Bassey for creating such a beautiful and meaningful song, and I am honored to be able to share my version of it with the world.

Thank you for listening, and I hope that this song will bring comfort and inspiration to your life.

I lost the main video footage and this was a back up. I hope it wasnt too bad. It was meant to be for behind the scenes.

Here are the complete lyrics to "Someone Knocking at the Door":

Someone Knocking at the Door"

Someone's knocking at the door
Someone's knocking at the door

Can you hear Him knocking
Can you hear Him knocking

He's been knocking very long
He's been knocking for so long

Can you hear Him knocking
Can you hear Him knocking

Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door
Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door

Someone's calling out your name
Calling time and time again

Can you hear Him calling
Can you hear Him calling

He's been calling very long
He's been calling for so long

Can you hear Him calling
He's been calling you

It's Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door
It's Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door

Don't let him walk away
He's so patient but, don't take a chance
All you need to do is open the door
Let Him take his rightful place
So He can change your world

Open up the door... [x18]

Source of lyrics

Enjoy the original song through this link.

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 2 months ago  

Indeed we can feel the originality of this song from your end, you made an awesome cover and we applaud you for a job weldon.
The voices were so much in order and your video setting was a wonderful one..
Thank You For Sharing This Master Piece With Us @angiesings


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Thank you ovey10. So glad you liked it🤗

 2 months ago  

My pleasure🙏

You've got a glorious vooce sister.
I play and sing this song so often because of the message it relays.

It's such a touching song that reminds Christians that Jesus is the author and finisher of their faith and to sinners, He's always at their doorstep waiting to get in if allow.


Thank you very much…the same reason why I love the song too.God bless you

You're most welcome 🙏

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O how I love this song. One of my best in gospels. Its heart lifting with full meaning of love and care. Jesus is the way; always @ our door knocking to be in.

Let him innnnnn!

Weldon for presenting this @angiesings

Thank you wizj🥰🥰

I remember I made a presentation of this song at a party ceremony but it was never as perfect as this one. No wonder u dey win for here well well. You too much @angiesings
Your voice and your following of the music is just wonderful.
Congrats on your winnings. More wins for u dear

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We need to open our hearts, keep our bodies holy and also be ready to hear God calling us so we don't miss it with him.
Awesome presentation sis. He is a God That cares about us his Children.

Thanks Jessi. I’m grateful

God is the only one who comes thru for us even in our darkest moments he's there. Wow!! I love Your voice what a beautiful presentation

Thank you so much sis for the encouragement. I’m grateful

You're welcome